Best CB Radio to buy in 2018 : ssb radio reviewed

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2018)

Introduction to CB radios Reviews

Communication they say solves a lot of problems, and that is actually why the use of community based car radios is very necessary. There is always the need for travelers, truck drivers, artisans on the move, and radio lovers to communicate with others in a clear and understandable manner. That brought about the use of the small and affordable community based radios. There are several types of community based radios in the market today, but just as it is with all the products in the market, not all of these community based radios will give you the clear quality of communication you desire at the time you desire such. However, there are radios from brands that you can trust, and you need to go for these whenever you need to pick a CB radio for your truck, car, trailer, etc. that is why we are making a review of the 10 best CB radio reviews for all who would be buying one in the nearest future.

Best CB Radio to buy in 2018

 ProductsRatingsWeightSizeProduct DetailsPrice
Galaxy-DX-949 40 Channel AM/SSB Mobile CB RadioGalaxy-DX-949 40 Channel AM/SSB Mobile CB Radio4.04.4 pounds9.2 x 7.9 x 2.4 inchesLarge, easy-to-read meter with scales for power output, modulation
Uniden BEARCAT CB Radio with Sideband and WeatherBand (980SSB)Uniden BEARCAT CB Radio4.34.5 pounds3.5 x 15 x 8.5 inchesFeatures Weatherband with Alert, AM/SSB Sideband capability
Cobra 29LTD 40-Channel CB RadioCobra 29LTD 40-Channel CB Radio4.45 pounds2 x 2 x 2 inchesSWR allows for antenna calibration
Cobra 75WXST 40-Channel CB RadioCobra 75WXST 40-Channel CB Radio4.31.4 pounds2.8 x 1.6 x 4 inchesClearer transmissions and less-noisy reception
Cobra 29NW Classic CB Radio with Nightwatch Illuminated Front PanelCobra 29NW Classic CB Radio4.45.4 pounds2.2 x 7.2 x 9.2 inchesFull channel coverage with 40 CB channels
Midland 1001LWX 40 Channel Mobile CB with ANL, RF Gain, PA, and Weather ScanMidland 1001LWX 40 Channel Mobile CB4.03 pounds9.8 x 9.2 x 2.5 inchesAdjustable Rf Gain Control To Adjust Sensitivity Range
Midland 5001Z 40-Channel Mobile CB with Switchable Noise FilterMidland 5001Z 40-Channel Mobile CB3.84.9 pounds4 x 4 x 1 inchesRF Gain Control-Adjusts reception sensitivity (range) for clear reception
HYS TC-300 HF Transceiver HF Power Amplifier For Handheld Amateur CB RadioHYS TC-300 HF Transceiver HF Power Amplifier4.82 pounds10.9 x 6.3 x 1.9 inchesOperate voltage 13.8Vcc.Input current/POWER:14-20 A
Stryker Sr-655hp 10 Meter Amateur RadioStryker Sr-655hp 10 Meter Amateur Radio4.06.1 pounds16.7 x 8.9 x 2.3 inchesHigh power: The SR-655HPC uses four FQP13N10 MOSFET transistors
AnyTone AT-5555N CB Mobile Radio/Transceiver 10 Meter Radio wth SSB/FM/ AM /PA mode, Frequency 28-29.7MHZ 40 CH,Power Output 12W AM,30W FM,30W SSBAnyTone AT-5555N CB Mobile Radio4.23.3 pounds11 x 2.4 x 9.8 inchesBig LCD displays frequency and all kinds of information FM
  1. Galaxy-DX-949 40 Channel AM/SSB Mobile CB Radio

Galaxy-DX-949 40 Channel AM/SSB Mobile CB Radio

The best CB radio from Galaxy is classic. It has a meter that is very large in size, and which could be easily read by anyone. It also comes with modulation, power output, incoming and SWR signal scales. Some other features of this user-friendly radio include variable talkback circuit and variable power output control. There is also an SWR alert LED, Automatic SWR circuit and a Variable dimmer control that comes with a switch that allows you to turn off the display digits and meter lamp. The Galaxy Noise Filter is one of its best attributes as it helps it reduce noise and pick up weak signals. The knobs and switches are clearly built and indicated in a way that new users will not find it difficult locating and operating them, and so that drivers can operate them even when they are concentrating on the road.  However, amidst all these wonderful attributes, it does not come with an echo, but only a talk back.


  • Well laid out radio functions
  • User friendly design
  • Noise filter function


  • No echo, just a talkback
  • The night backlight is deficient
  1. Uniden BEARCAT CB Radio

Uniden BEARCAT CB Radio with Sideband and WeatherBand (980SSB)

People looking for the best way to stay connected on the road should do it with this best cb radio  from Uniden. This one is designed with a Weatherband with Alert, and an AM/SSB Sideband function. Another amazing thing about it is that the display has up to 7 colors, and you are allowed to select the one you prefer. There is also the noise cancelling microphone that allows further clarity whenever you are radioing someone. It comes with a power cord and a mounting bracket. There is also an SWR and signal meter that is built into it, and the frequency is fully displayed on the radio. Other functions to enjoy here are the PA function, the Mic & RF Gain controls, and the noise blanker. It is so ergonomic that operating it and holding the 4-position control microphone feels so good, and you will enjoy the entire 40 channels without any of them giving you troubles.  Channels can be accessed instantly in cases of emergency and there is also a Squelch control that makes the signals clearer. There is nothing better than this when one is on a highway. The night will not deter you from using this effectively because it comes with a bright backlight for proper night viewing. The mic cord is very long for convenience, and you will also enjoy a memory scan. However, this has a very small size that people with big hands may find difficult to handle.


  • Ergonomic in terms of the mic
  • Long mic cord for convenience
  • Noise cancelling effects
  • Instant access in emergency cases
  • Excellent backlight for night viewing


  • No WX function
  • Too compact for people with huge fingers
  • The LED display is difficult to see during the day time
  1. Cobra 29LTD 40-Channel CB Radio

Cobra 29LTD 40-Channel CB Radio

Have you ever desired a cb radio that will allow for antenna calibration? If that is the case, then this piece from Cobra is the ideal one for you. It comes with the Cobra 40CH CB RF gain & SWR control, and an RF power output of 4 watts.  The microphone connector is the front panel type and the cord is up to 9′, making it convenient to use even when you are a bit far from the radio. There are also tactile controls and a warning indicator for the antenna. With this tool, you will enjoy a very sleek device that combines the ability to access the entire 40 channels even with its classic and retro design. The strength of incoming signals is shown on the meter and channel number in a very clear and easy to read LED lighting system. There is a noise blanker that could be tuned on anytime. There is also a mic boost fine-tune that you can use to ensure that your message is clear to the listening party. While emergency channels could be connected instantly, there is also a function that allows you to use your Cobra mobile cb radio as a public address system if you fix a Public Address speaker on it. However, this amazing radio has a mic that many people will not like to handle because of its fragility.


  • Possibility of using this as a public address system
  • Noise canceller on both ends
  • Classic and efficient design
  • Runs the entire 40 channels


  • It has a plastic junk in form of mic
  • The key switch is mushy
  • The position of the jack is so bad that griping the essential knobs is a problem.
  1. Cobra 75WXST 40-Channel CB Radio

Cobra 75WXST 40-Channel CB Radio

For those in need of a cb mobile radio, this is another masterpiece from Cobra. This 75 watts radio that comes with the complete 40 channels working will give you the chance to enjoy reduced noise and clearer transmissions no matter the distance. It is designed in a way that you will enjoy gripping it with your hands. It fits so well in the hands. The entire 40 channels are working, and it also comes with about 10 NOAA Weather Channels, with a workable channel scan feature that allows you monitor every incoming signal. It is one of those that could be described as super compact because of its design. Channels 9 and 19 could be accessed directly and instantly, and it comes with a dual-watch. However, this is not too good for real life use.


  • The LCD display is very bright and therefore offers clear view both during the day and at night
  • Availability of weather and emergency radio
  • Instant channels 9 and 19
  • Sound tracker reduces noise


  • It does not have a PA switch
  • While good for convoys, it’s not good for real life use
  1. Cobra 29NW Classic CB Radio

Cobra 29NW Classic CB Radio with Nightwatch Illuminated Front Panel

The cobra 29NW classic is designed to offer the entire 40 cb channels just like others. There is also the opportunity for you to calibrate the antenna as you wish so as to enhance performance through the SWR calibration. Such radios are loved by users. You don’t need to be guessing whether to check the antenna or not because the antenna led indicator will let you know whether this should be done or not. You can also connect to channels 9 and 19 directly whenever you wish. This is the cb radio that is properly enhanced for the convenience and safety of all professional drivers. This is done through the backlight that can easily be viewed at night without affecting the eyes. The entire controls on the front panel could easily be seen at night through the LED lighting. This could also be adjusted as you wish.


  • Very bright and clear panel illumination
  • Controllable and adjustable illumination level


  • No NOAA weather channels
  • No noise cancelling functions
  1. Midland 1001LWX 40 Channel Mobile CB

Midland 1001LWX 40 Channel Mobile CB with ANL, RF Gain, PA, and Weather Scan

This is one mobile cb radio that comes from Midland which people could trust so much. This is because it weighs just 2.97 pounds and has a size of 9.8 inches length, 9.2 inches width, and 2.5 inches height, making it a very compact and fashionable piece. When it comes to output, you will enjoy the inbuilt weather scan, which is very essential for your journey because it picks any nearby local weather channel. The sensitivity range could easily be adjusted with the adjustable Rf. When the signal is weak, the automatic noise limiter handles things to give you a better input and output. But this comes with a very annoyingly substandard microphone that will leave you needing a power mic if you want an excellent output.


  • The NOAA weather channel is a great one
  • Comes with a very loud and clear speaker
  • Noise limiter makes talking fun and effective
  • The backlight is great both in the day and at night


  • There is no noise limiter on the NOAA band
  • The microphone is nothing to ride home about
  • No mic gain switch
  1. Midland 5001Z 40-Channel Mobile CB

Midland 5001Z 40-Channel Mobile CB with Switchable Noise Filter

This is another cb radio review from Midland. This is recommended because of the level of communication range that the 4-watt power delivers. It could only be described as maximum. It comes with 40 channels that work efficiently, and you will enjoy more clarity of voice through the Xtra Talk Mic Gain that handles the transmission of the audio sensitivity. Another thing is that the reception sensitivity is also made clearer through the adjustable RF Gain Control. It comes with the front panel microphone connector that makes the mic and its cable easier and more convenient to maneuver. There is also a PA function and the power meter is analog. It comes with a dimmer switch and there is an instant channel access to channel 9. You will also enjoy the noise blanker feature, which is also complimented by the automatic noise limiter when you use this cb radio. It comes with the feature that allows you to connect external speaker to it.  The power cord is the fused DC type, while the mic coil cord is 9ft long, making it possible for you to use it even when you are far away from the car or the radio. However, this radio does not come with a cigarette source for cigarette adapter.


  • Noise blanker and noise limiter features
  • 9ft long coil cord
  • External speaker connector
  • PA function


  • No NOAA weather channel
  • No power source for cigarette adapter
  • The audio of the mic is not great
  1. HYS TC-300 HF Transceiver HF Power Amplifier

HYS TC-300 HF Transceiver HF Power Amplifier For Handheld Amateur CB Radio

When you need an amazing frequency range, then the HYS TC-300 mobile cb radio fills in the gap.  This is because it comes with a Frequency range of up to 20-30mhz, and this makes it to work on 10 meter, 12 meter and 15 meter as well. This runs under 13.8Vcc and the amplifier is the compact high power all mode that comes with automatic TX/Rx switch, coupled with an off and on switch. This is one multi-purpose piece for you because it can also serve as the amplifier for your normal radio set at home or in your car. It comes with an automatic receive and transmit switch. For the protection of the device, there is an electrode reversal and it gives an output of 125 -130 watts PEP on the average.


  • Can work as an amplifier for your radio
  • Gives an amazing output


  • Complicated to handle
  • No NOAA weather channel feature
  • The FCC prohibits using this type of amplifier for your cb radios
  1. Stryker Sr-655hp 10 Meter Amateur Radio

Stryker Sr-655hp 10 Meter Amateur Radio

Searching for transistors that will give you up to 70+ watts PEP? Then you need to buy this piece from Stryker. With the FQP13N10 MOSFET which it uses, you are sure to have the effect you have been longing for. The backlit has up to 7 LED colors that are so brilliant that anyone you choose will still look amazing. In fact, it will be difficult for you to select one. You can either choose by pushing a button, or allow the controller to run through the colors so that you can see all of them and pick one. The best CB radio also comes with a dimmer control with up to 32 positions. The power control is variable, and the talkback control varies too. You can program this with your pc and there is a VFO and an advanced clarifier. It comes with a unique attribute, which is a digital echo, and there is a double control system mounted on the front. This device comes with something called the Up-Armored receiver, and that is to say that even in the most troublesome conditions, with many radios scrambling for signals and channels, yours will prevail. The filtering for receiver blocks away adjacent channels like no other.


  • Up-Armored receiver makes radio excellent in harsh conditions
  • Receiver filtering gives you what you need and removes what you don’t
  • Backlit is excellent


  • No side band for the 655
  • No NOAA weather channel
  • Non workable movie channel selector channels
  1. AnyTone AT-5555N CB Mobile Radio/Transceiver

AnyTone AT-5555N CB Mobile Radio/Transceiver 10 Meter Radio wth SSB/FM/ AM /PA mode, Frequency 28-29.7MHZ 40 CH,Power Output 12W AM,30W FM,30W SSB

With a programmable frequency range of up to 28.000-29.700MHz, the AnyTone AT-5555N is the best CB radio. The 40 channels are working, and there is a Locked-Loop Synthesizer. With this radio, you will enjoy a push to talk microphone with a coiled cord. It runs on a voltage of 13.8 only and weighs about 1.5kg. The information you will ever need about this radio is shown on the front panel through the LCD display. It could be programmed with the PC and it also has a flexible men function. There is an echo feature, an ASQ Function, RF PWR Adjustment, RF GAIN Adjustment, SCAN Function, DW DUAL-WATCH Function, BEEP Voice Prompt, Key-Lock Function, SWR Protection, TOT function, EMG Channel Function, Power Supply Voltage Protection, Key-Lock Function, and a six Groups Memory Channel.

With this, you will enjoy an Adjacent-Channel Selectivity, Image Rejection, Automatic Gain Control, adjustable Squelch, and a built in speaker. However, there is no interface cable and programming software.


  • Adjacent-Channel Selectivity for AM and FM bands
  • Scan function
  • Built in speaker
  • Echo feature


  • No NOAA weather feature
  • No interface cable
  • No programming software
  • No CW
  • Mediocre AM performance

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