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A scanner is a result of the innovativeness in the world of automobile technology. It is a tiny device that lets you scan your automobile or your car and displays you the problem or what is wrong with your vehicle. An obd2 code reader is a handy tool that comes very useful if you ever think that your vehicle is not performing how it should be.

The scanner comes with lots of features and when used in an automobile it diagnoses for all the problems that you need to solve in order to gain the performance back. A scanner can be plugged into the OBD-I or OBD-II socket and after that it reads out all the troubles via sensors and gives you the results on screen.

Different Types Of Scanners

The scanner is one name, but for the types, there are three scanners available in the market that you can buy as per your requirements.

Basic Code Readers

If you want the most basic and inexpensive scanner, then basic code scanner is your choice. The scanner as its name only scans for the problem and shows you the related code. Now, you need to that what does this code means and in which part the problem exists.

DIY Scanners

It is more like Do It Yourself. This is more advanced and better than basic ones. If you do not have any knowledge about recognizing the codes, then this scanner comes handy because it shows you the meaning of codes as well and gives you some recommendation too on the repair.

Professional Scanners

A The most advanced version of scanners are the professional ones. As these are professionals so they come expensive for the price. These are used in workshops or factories of automobiles.

Portable Air Compressor

An air compressor works just like its name, it takes the air from the environment and uses it at a high pressure to fill the tires of your vehicles in no time. So an air compressor is used to inflate anything that uses the air to function properly such as the tires, football, rubber bathtub, etc.

Now, portable means the easiness or an air compressor that is easy to handle and carry anywhere. Because these days no one uses those traditional air compressors but portable air pumps have made a move. These are quick to use and inflate the things with minimum hassle or not at all.

Who Can Use Or Own A Portable Air Compressor?

It is a good device for any vehicle owner, anyone who wants to perform it as a DIY can own an air compressor. For professionals, it is a must-have device because of the portability and easy to work.

How To Buy An Air Pump?

There are some points that you can consider before purchasing the air compressor so you won’t regret it later:

  • Start with choosing the right size; it should be a handy device for you that you can move easily here and there while working.
  • The pressure of the air compressor amount is the next important thing you should consider. Also, it depends on the usage or the purpose you are buying it for. Decide if it is for the small applications or larger ones and decide the CFM accordingly.
  • Decide between the motors, you can find the air compressors having electric or a gasoline engine. For small scales, an electric motor is okay, and for large ones, you can have a gasoline engine.
  • The size of the compressor tank is another factor and the level of usage can help you determine whether you want a small or large one.

Fuel Injector

For those who want an improved gas performance in their automobiles, fuel injectors are the answer. The main functioning of a fuel injector is to maintain the utmost quality of gas mileage while managing the maximum horsepower. Those who are in the racing fields, fuel injectors are must for a uniform flow of fuel and eventually increased performance.

If you go for an advanced fuel injector then it also offers something called spray holes, these holes prevent the engine from creating any clogs and hence eliminate the need for cleaning. This way, your car receives a fine flow of fuel everytime without putting much load on the engine.

Reasons You Need A Fuel System Cleaner Replacement

If you are already using the fuel system cleaner for years, it may be time to replace them. Here are a few situations that indicate the replacement.

  • If a fuel injector makes even a restriction of 8% it can cause a serious misfire. This situation means the oxygen remain unburned that goes to exhaust and it makes the situation lean out.
  • If your engine is turbocharged, you can experience a major leaning effect while running it under boost with a higher RPM. in this case, if the injectors do not deliver what is required by the engine a serious detonation occurs.
  • When a fuel injector doesn’t work well or leaks it results in longer start time. It is because a failed fuel injector will make the engine to create the pressure in more time than usual.
  • Another reason for fuel injector replacement is the position where the engine starts with too much effort, you experience poor fuel economy and similar issues.
  • There are several other reasons too on replacing the fuel injectors, but these are the common ones that you can easily experience in case your fuel injectors need a replacement.

Car Alarm

If you want to keep any theft at bay car alarm is the device for you. Every car owner should own one car alarm to keep it secure from unwanted hands. Presently, car alarms discourage many attempts of theft. A car alarm system works by producing a high-pitched sound so the thief gets a warning plus the owner notices it too and makes an attempt to protect the car.

This sound produced can be of various types such as any recorded warning, car’s own horn, an alarm, etc. some alarms also cause the headlights to flash when someone tries to make theft or meet the condition that is necessary to alarm the car.

How To Buy A Perfect Car Alarm?

An alarm is not enough when your car is not in your reach or you can’t hear the alarm. In this situation, a car alarm should include some factors for a better security.

  • Shock Sensor: First, check out for the features that what type of features the alarm offer. It can be a shock sensor that instantly gives you the message or the notification in the app when something goes wrong. The shock sensor detects the shock and works by warning you.
  • Carjack Protection: This is an extra layer of protection you can buy with the alarm. The carjack protection works by switching on the lights, alarms, and ignition kill switches.
  • Two-Way Remote : With two-way remote, you can get to know if someone tries to break into your car. It works more than just locking and unlocking the car.
  • Encrypted Transmission: A smart thief will never use any crowbar like things to break into your car. He knows how to fool the signals and unlock the car. That is why you need to buy a smart alarm that comes with the encryption technology so you can keep hackers at bay.

Air filter

Maybe you have not heard it but air filter is also an automobile’s device. It is a vital part of every car and without it, the engine just cannot work properly or not at all.

As the engine requires a constant flow of air to work in order and to drive the vehicle, air filter works by purifying this air. In other words, air filter filters the air so any dust or debris do not come in the contact of the cylinders and this way it gives the engine a clean air. To understand it easily, you can compare it with the human’s respiratory system where the nose works like an air filter and keep the air clean for your lungs.

This way, the car air filter allows the engine to run clean and clear with the fuel and air without creating any obstacles. Sometimes, if you see the decreased performance while driving it is because of the air filter that is old enough and needs to be replaced.

Advantages Of Replacing An Air Filter

  • Engine Works With Better Efficiency
  • A new air filter allows to engine to work more efficiently as it easily improves the air quality and so engine feels it easy to operate.
  • Engine Lives More
  • Replacing an air filter is a wise step to prolong the life of your engine. The dust and debris that the air filter stops from getting to the internal parts of the engine allow the engine to function for longer.
  • It Is Not An Expensive Choice To Make
  • An air filter charges you just $10 or so and this is not an expensive choice to make. At least, it is far better than replacing your engine or its parts.

Electric Pressure Washer

New technologies born every day and the same goes for your car or any vehicle. No matter how grimmy your car is, it is possible to take out every single particle of dust and dirt from it. Electric Pressure washer is the magic wand that cleans the dirt, dust, mud, and any bad layering from your car in no matter of time.

Electric Power washer works by using a very high pressure of water on the surface through the nozzle that helps any paint and grime to loosen and fall off on the ground. The amount of this pressure is measured in gallons or litres per minute and a machine that uses 750 to 30,000 psi can be purchased to wash off your car deeply.

So If you have tried everything like soaps, washers, scrubbing and still unhappy with the cleaning results, then this is the device for you.

There are several things that you can consider before buying an Electric Pressure washer:

You can start by comparing the PSI ability or the ability to lose the dirt in the minimum amount of time. For example, if it uses 1,200 to 1,900 psi, you can clean up to 40 square feet in 10 minutes. So, determine the PSI as per your needs.

The second thing is the spray nozzle, make sure you can attach different nozzles in the hose. Also, check for the add-ons that come along and if they fit your needs. Weight should also be considered before purchasing because every electric pressure washer is different in weight. Buy the one that you can handle properly and easily while washing your car.

Catalytic Converter

Those days are no more when we used to open our windows and see nature all around, feel that fresh breeze in the aura. Now, it is all about the automobiles that move very fast and help us to reach the destination on time. As we all know pollution also takes birth with the moving and so there is a lot of smog and other harmful things like acid rains.

Well, every problem has a solution, and for pollution reduction, there is a device called catalytic converter has been manufactured to use in the automobiles with the engine.

What Is A Catalytic Converter?

It works like a converter that converts the three deadly gases into nothing and hence it helps the environment to be pollution free or at least pollution less.

All these work like a poison for any living thing and crate issues like smog and acid rain.
This gadget fails the production of these gases by simply making the process ultra-fast. When the process is ultra-fast, the engine doesn’t get time to produce these gases plus it works efficiently too. This way, the catalytic changer works by commanding the engine to work faster.

How Does A Catalytic Converter Look Like?

It is more like a metal box with two pipes that gets attached to your car. The first pipe works by bringing the harmful gases and the second pipe that is attached to tailpipe exhausts the system. Here the conversion takes place that covers these harmful gases to something less harmful that can be released into the air.

Those who are planning to use a catalytic converter can use it with diesel and gasoline engines. With diesel, it works less efficiently whereas it works fine with the gasoline engines.

Bluetooth Fm Transmitter

What can be more soothing than listening to your favorite, music or podcast while driving for miles? Bluetooth FM transmitter is the device that is going to make this experience even easier and enjoyable. No matter which station is your favorite you can tune to it in just a small span.

The device FM transmitter can be easily plugged into your lighter socket and then you can connect it your smartphone or any device. This way you can use the FM radio signals from your device.

There is no doubt that there are other Bluetooth devices too but none of them works as fantastically as a Bluetooth FM transmitter. It never lets you face any issue like songs repeating, lagging or music that you do not want. Plus, this device comes so easy to use with a crystal clear sound with all the needed functionalities.

Bluetooth receiver catches the FM signal and it amplifies the audio so you can listen to it using your car’s speakers. So whenever it is time to listen to your favorite station, just grab an FM transmitter and let it blow your mind.

How To Choose An FM Transmitter?

  • Frequency is the first thing you should consider. Make sure it comes with a 7.5 to 108.0 MHz of frequency and take care of the stable Frequency feature.
  • Noise cancellation technology should be there in this Bluetooth Transmitter.
  • A transmitter always comes handy it shows the info or has a display so you can easily catch up with the info.
  • Buy a transmitter that is compatible with many devices not just with your phone.
  • USB compatibility and Hands-free are two other features you can also consider in addition.
  • At last, it is about the design. It should be good in looks especially if you are conscious of the appearance of the devices you use.

Best Power Inverter

You may be thinking what a power inverter is? Is it something that inverts the power, and if yes, then in which form? Well, to understand it very easily you need to get one fact first. All the appliances in your home work on AC or Alternating Current whereas your vehicle or the batteries work on DC or Direct Current.

In order to use the power of batteries to run the home appliances, you need an invert that uses the power of the car’s battery and makes it the AC to run home appliances. This is a power inverter and it works by inverting the power from DC into AC.

Power inverters can be very useful at times when you crave for any home appliances to run in your vehicle. By using a power inverter running any home appliances works like a charm and can save you greatly.

Do You Need A Power Inverter?

Well, yes, anyone can own a power inverter or those who spend most of the time driving. People who love road trips or travellers who often travel long distances can have a power inverter. You can charge and run your appliances such as your laptop, mini-fridge, power bank, cooking equipment like induction and this way it is perfect for people who love camping or those who are nomads.

Any device that needs an AC power to run can use the power inverter even if it is a game system, TV, DVD player, etc.

Which Type Of Power Inverter Should You Buy?

In the market, there are two major forms available: Modified sine wave and Pure sine wave. Let’s read about these a bit and decide for yourself. For those who are looking for a cost-friendly option can buy these modified sine wave inverters. The modified sine wave works perfectly fine for most of the appliances. Pure sine wave inverter charges you more as they produce a pure wave that works almost like AC. Some devices like UPS need a pure sine wave inverter to work fine.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is a vital part of having in your vehicle if you want it to perform finely. Wheel alignment supports the handling and steering work while driving the vehicle. The system by which the wheels connect with the suspension is not the only part that is responsible for proper steering but to do it in the fine manner a proper wheel alignment is necessary too.

Do You Need A Wheel Alignment?

Sometimes your car behaves strangely or suddenly the steering doesn’t seem so well. It can be the problem of alignment more than the tires so you can try setting a proper tire alignment before you take your car too expensive tyres replacement. When you adjust the alignment, you change the way the tires make contact with the path.

Things You Can Try Yourself

To make the alignment better there are some things you can give a try to make the alignment right, and it will charge you no dollars at all.

  • Try to find the junk in the body or near the wheels and remove it. You can also spray some rust-proof agent on the parts that are prone to junk.
  • Check for the parts that are not needed creating an unnecessary weight on the alignment and throw them off.
  • Make sure you always maintain the required amount of air pressure in your tires.
  • Always drive your vehicle in a conservative manner that means drive calmly without showing any aggressive actions.
  • Make sure to check the adjustments of caster, camber and the toe thing.

After trying out these things, you may feel a better performance while driving. This will keep you from spending those $500 or more on all your four wheels.