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Interstate 4 from east of 19th Street to 50th Street (resurfacing, completed August 2000)

Project Description

Financial Project # 258664
Project Length: 2.5 miles
Construction Cost: $2 million
Contractor: J.W. Conner and Sons, Inc.
Start Date: March 4, 2000
Completed: August 2000

About this Project
This project involved resurfacing I-4 from east of 19th Street to 50th Street in Tampa. Resurfacing was also done on Columbus Drive and 50th Street as follows: Columbus Drive- from westbound I-4 entrance ramp to 50th Street. 50th Street- from Columbus Drive to Melbourne Boulevard. Melbourne Boulevard- connection to 50th Street. I-4 ramps-all ramps at the 40th Street interchange, as welll as the eastbound exit ramp to 50th Street and the rmap from Columbus Drive to westbound I-4.

Improvement highlights included resurfacing the roads as described above to allow the road surfaces to be functional until the reconstruction project began in that area in 2004. Some curbs and sidewalks were also repaired. Several traffic signal systems were updated to improve traffic flow off the interstate.