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(Last Updated On: October 29, 2018)

General Motors is a very well known car brand, all over the world. And under that car brand only, the sub-brand Chevrolet started its journey. Chevrolet is responsible for bringing out various cutting-edge cars in the past, and one of them was the Chevrolet Traverse.

Chevy transverse issues
Most Common Chevy Transverse problems and their solutions

The Chevrolet Traverse was first built by General Motors and was released and debuted in the year 2009. This car was the successor to the Chevrolet Trailblazer and the Chevrolet Uplander too. The car was a very much a utility vehicle, and the performance was very smooth on the roads as well. It can be seen that it was the most preferred car among customers since 2009, and the sales of the car grew slowly and slowly, reaching the highest peak possible.

Even though the sales were very high, the model also received various amounts of complaints and criticisms from the users and customers as well. These problems were subsequently checked, modified and corrected in the later and subsequent versions. Various amount of changes were also implemented in negating these issues as well. Still, let’s see at some of the most common problems faced by the users of this car, and also know the various details the relevant fixes for those problems as well.

Types Of Chevrolet Traverse Problems And Their Solutions

The following problems were detected in the 2016 model of the Chevrolet Traverse. We will not only help you to go through the problems but also help in knowing how to fix those issues straight away too.

1. Issues Related To The Seats Of The Chevrolet Traverse

The 2016 Chevrolet Traverse model, which were built during the time, ranging from 6th November 2015 and 12th November 2015, were subjected to various problems with the seats. Customers complained about various welding issues, which were improper, and there was an obvious misalignment of the seat that was present in the lower left side of the third row. General Motors themselves reported these issues.

What Are The Consequences?
The consequences of this manufacturing defect could be severe, to say the least. It is said that in any case, the car crashes in an accident, then the person sitting on that lower left, of the third-row seat, will inflict severe damages and will have higher chances of getting injured. Therefore, this issues clearly needed to be sorted out.

What Are The Solutions?
Knowing the severity of this issue, General Motors has initiated a recall of all their vehicles, which were manufactured during this time frame. The company has notified their dealers and to the respective owners of the cars as well, who have bought the car. The experienced technicians will inspect the lower left seat of the third row, and will then change it – if it’s subjected to any misalignment due to a welding job that has been improper.

2. Faults Related To The Transmission Of The Chevrolet Traverse

This is also one of the most coveted problems that the Chevrolet Traverse faced. It is said that the models which were having 6-speed automatic transmission in them, were said to have something broken inside the transmission. On enquiring, it was found out that the 35R clutch wave plate was broken, and thus it created a lot of problems for transmission of the vehicle.

What Are The Consequences?
There were various problems that resulted due to this problem. The first one was having various kinds of difficulty in applying the gear in reverse order. This is done during a reverse gear shift. There was also an illumination of something important, i.e. the Check Engine Light or commonly known as CEL, which easily showed that there was something fault with the transmission of the vehicle.

What Are The Solutions?
The main way to negate this issue would be the removing the previously said, 35R clutch. Removing that 35R clutch from the transmission would very much solve this problem. Apart from just removing the clutch plate, the debris of the 35R clutch plate should also be very well cleaned and removed in the right. This is very much recommended because that would stop any kind of similar future happenings of the event.