How much does a car depreciate after an accident?

Ordinarily, the value of any item or appliance reduces with use. However, certain unforeseen circumstances could speed up the rate of depreciation. It is on the back of this that we ask and hopes address the question: how much does a car depreciate after an accident?

The query above will be particularly pertinent to anyone who is pondering on obtaining a claim – on the bill of his/her insurance company – or selling of a car that was involved in the accident.

Generally, it is a given that every brand new automobile loses about 20% of its original value once driven out of the car dealership shop by its new owner. So, let’s say you took ownership of a 30,000-dollars Chevy Silverado – straight out of the car dealership – immediately, its value is $6,000 less as you take your first ride in it.

And, after using the car for one year, 40% – that is $12,000 less as it concerns the example above – of its original value will be off. In the instance of an accident, the diminished value could be 20-25% greater – or even worse in some situations

How much does a car depreciate after an accident?

However, let me quickly state here that revaluing a car that has had an accident is not as straightforward as you might be thinking. There are specific factors you will have to consider when attempting to determine the extent to which your car has depreciated after being involved in an accident; some of these factors include:

  • Pre-accident Condition

The state of the car before the accident should be brought into perspective when evaluating the worth of an accident car. In this wise, you want to look at the mileage it has covered thus far, as well as, the condition of the automobile‘s parts. Has any part developed any fault that was left unattended or unfixed before the accident? Was the car purchased as a brand new one or used one? Was the performance of the car [before the accident] at the optimum range? Providing sincere responses to these questions will form the basis for a credible evaluation. Before you wave these questions aside, you should be mindful of the fact that you may be legally obliged to give an honest report of your car’s status when it comes to getting your claim.

  • Car Model/Make

As you already know; not all cars are the same. They vary in terms of design, components, and performance, and this could play a part in determining the rate of depreciation after an accident. You will not rate the damage done to the side view mirror of a Lamborghini Huracán the same way you would do for a Ford F-150. The thing is that in the instance of an accident, cars in the class of the former tend to depreciate at a costlier rate once a major part gets damaged.

  • Level of damage

Accidents result in varying degrees of damage, and this is something that cannot be swept aside when determining the worth of an accident vehicle. While a car that has been completely wrecked may be nothing more than scraps – completely useless or valueless – one having a dent to its dashboard or any other body part may well remain useful for a few trips.

But if you will not be the type to use such (accident) auto then you will have factored in the degree of damage that has been done on the car before setting a (resale) price-tag on it. It should not go without emphasizing that the greater the severity of the accident, the higher the diminished value of the car.

You must have come this far for a reason: it is either that you desire to get a fair price for your accident car or you probably do not want to get cheated on your claim – or you wish to gain some knowledge. Whatever the case may be, you can seek the assistance of an expert car valuer anytime you find it difficult to determine the true value of your accident car. Better still, there are a couple of calculators that can be used for determining the worth of an accident car, and this calculation is done using parameters such as the severity of the damage, base loss of value, and mileage covered. You can look up some of these calculators on the internet.

Catalytic Converter Cost and Replacement Guide to Save $1000 ! | Carhq

It is a general idea in the minds of many car owners that catalytic converter Replacement cost a hell lot of money. It is very frustrating to have to pay all the huge bills especially when you know that this part is not such a major portion or not- so- important part of it. With car servicing labor charges alone soaring so high, you can never get to imagine what it may be for the entire Catalytic Converter Replacement to be done. So before it takes too long and you sense you have to get to fix it, you have to observe the signs of a dying out catalytic converter. They do not go out or expire all by themselves. Factors like the oxygen sensors are the main causes of putting out the life of the catalytic converter.

In this short guide you get to know all you need to know about various cost including catalytic converter prices, Replacements, catalytic converter repair work, how to repair & how to replace this tiny part in your car. Most importantly, you get to know what is this small part, it’s importance and how to locate it underneath your car.

Make sure that you find your car an excellent car mechanic or otherwise a reputed service center. This is because it also highly depends on skills and labor expertise. So, before your bills go soaring, it would be advisable that you take a trusted mechanic who takes you like you know something and talks to you well. Time is one more factor that you need to be mindful of. It is because the more and more you delay, there are more chances that the catalytic converter repair cost would go higher and higher. Not just that, it gets more difficult to find a mechanic who will do a good job for your dear car.

Getting back to the topic the issue which is, why in the first place, your car would require a catalytic converter repair to be done? This does not come as a rocket science discovery. It is mainly due to the oxygen sensors. This is one of the biggest culprits that make your car’s converter to start dysfunction. It is good to get a thorough examination of your car done immediately. One of the most eminent signals that it is required to do a thorough catalytic converter repair is when the red light that shows ‘check engine’ starts to shine. This is high time to get it checked so that you do not have to pay an exorbitant catalytic converter repair cost.

Once the respective car driver or car owner decides to ignore the issue for some reason or the other, believe me it is going to get even worse. You may have to go in for an entire catalytic converter Replacement which costs way too high. It is very necessary that you do not start thinking that ‘my car do not require a minor repair, it is good to go for a complete makeover’. You may wonder why this part of the car costs so high? Well, the actual reason is that there are precious and expensive metals in your car’s converters. Metals like platinum, palladium, gold & rhodium are no joke! When these precious metals come into contact with the exhaust system’s exhaust fumes, it develops into (CO2)Carbon Dioxide &Water (H2O), and in turn rusts on this part of your vehicle.

What is a Catalytic Converter ?

At the time when the car servicing center or the mechanic examines your car engine and tells you it is about this part of the exhaust system, it gets you thinking – What exactly could this be? This small mysterious piece of precious metals lying by your car’s exhaust system is to reduce or completely remove emissions. It is the duty of the Catalytic Converter to keep working constantly without letting you know about it. It takes a whole lot of experience, knowledge, and skill to know exactly when it is going wrong. This means that if the driver of the car is inexperienced with the car, then he may not be able to spot the difference in the car’s performance.

Information about installaling new catalytic converter

This is the main device which is necessary in filtering the harmful gases. It disburses all the emissions and  greenhouse gases also. This is one of the main reasons as to why all the car servicing centers or the auto mechanics give a high estimate when it comes to catalytic converter Replacement cost. It is not surprising if the car owners feel that they are being overcharged in some way due to this component. Well, you must be thinking hard on why this part of the exhaust system of your car is actually costing so high? It is explained below in simple and straight manner so that it does not confuse you anymore.

How much does a Catalytic Converter cost?

Although there are a number of catalytic converter’s that are not so high in their price, it is a common thought among several car drivers that this part of the car costs too high. Several product variations are available if you scroll through. The process is made simple here so that you do not have to locate it or search a lot for it. Prices range based on the product, durability, usage and type. From our review of 10 most common converters, the average cost of a catalytic converter is between $300 to $1700. Here there are some figures mentioning catalytic converter replacement costs:

Car  Converter Cost Labor Cost Total
2009 Honda Civic $230 $800 $1,030
2016 Toyota Sienna $170 $215 $385
2010 BMW 328i xDrive $225 $890 $1,115
2004 Volkswagen Golf $225 $445 $670
2009 GMC Acadia $170 $550 $720
2007 Suzuki SX4 $170 $556 $726
2007 Chevrolet Cobalt $170 $420 $590
2005 BMW X3 $170 $320 $490
2004 Lexus LX470 $170 $750 $920
2010 Buick Enclave $615 $550 $1,165

The Honda civic catalytic converter has been specially designed so that the harmful gases and components in the exhaust system get destroyed. How this works is because the civic catalytic converter changes these harmful components into neutral gases. These are safer when emitted and they do not spoil the quality of the air.

Pollutants cause a build up on your exhaust and this, over time, results in low -fuel efficiency. When this happens there are more harmful gas emissions. So, it is time to reduce the Honda accord catalytic converter for your vehicle to keep in line with local laws.

The overall usage of motor oil and antifreeze causes spoil to the required chemicals that are important in order to do the conversion process for exhaust gases. Due to excessive heat and meltdown, it causes exhaust back to pipes. This could either result in your exhaust system breaking down or even stalling of your auto engine. Hence, the Toyota Camry Catalytic Converter is a cost – friendly way to keep you free from worrying about letting out carbon emissions or harmful pollutants.

At times, your vehicle may stall especially when increasing speeds, it is time to take control of your car and get rid of emission issues. All you need is the Nissan Altima Catalytic Converter to get back your vehicle into the right shape. Once again, it helps in optimizing your vehicle’s performance and also keep a tab on atmospheric pollutants in the air.

When to REPLACE Catalytic Converters?

In order to comply with environment requirement and local laws too, it is necessary to check regularly that your car’s exhaust system is in good working condition so that it performs its duties properly. However, in specific, the auto’s CC must be replaced as and when required. It generally takes 10 years or so. In some cases, you may need to replace it more frequently. The best way to find out when to replace your auto catalytic converter is to check these signs out.

3 Signs to Change Catalytic Converter

  • Car’s inability to accelerate
  • Weird smell arising from the exhaust
  • Overheat under the car

As the catalytic converter is one of the parts of the emission system of your vehicle, these 3 main signs may sometimes also be due to other parts. Hence, it would be advisable to get an inspection done by a skilled mechanic.

How Long Does A Catalytic Converter Last ?

Another factor that strongly decides the lifespan of your vehicle’s catalytic converter is definitely the mileage. In between running your car from over 60,000 miles to 100,000 miles, it is a sign to check for a new catalytic converter.

In addition to this, the way you use the car also highly impacts the life span of your car catalytic converter. This means if you use it only for short and straight distance, which does not allow for the right temperature while running, could shorten the life span of this part of your car.

These ‘cats’ (short for catalytic converter) tend to get clogged due to cleaning up the emissions and bad gases from the combustion engine. At times it is also contaminated due to engine coolants & car oils. Moreover, this results in physical damage and excessive heating up. In other words, this part of the car is a ‘consumable’. It means it cannot stay on your car permanently. So during the life of your car it is a catalytic converter Replacement cost will be required. One day it would certainly wear out and you have to REPLACE this specific part of your car’s exhaust system. Of course, there is a way to prolong the life of the part by ensuring proper maintenance of the converter.

It is good to take good care of your car individual parts in order to cut down on the expense.which can be avoided. One of the best ways to do so is when you can clean the part of your car thoroughly. You can even get rid or clear a clogged catalytic converter for that matter.

How To Clean Catalytic Converter?

Here is a step -by- step easy guide that makes it simple and easy to remove grime and build up on top of the converter. Simply empty the contents of the cleaner into your gas tank. In order to make sure that all the contents are used up, run the car until all of the product has been emptied. Here are the basic steps on how to easily use this cleaning solution to clear off build up on the catalytic converter.

Step- by -Step Process To Clean Catalytic Converter:

  • Empty contents into the tank
  • Drive till all the contents used up
  • Clear all present OBDII error codes
  • Fill up the gas tank
  • Drive on streets and highways for 50 miles to re-calibrate OBDII
  • Clear the emissions easily!

Cleaning is part of the car maintenance which is one of the best ways to keep catalytic converter problems at bay. Make sure to take time to purchase the best catalytic converter cleaner for a thorough cleaning experience.

How to change Catalytic Converters?

It is always better to consult an expert. But if you are an experienced driver, with the help of the user manual, you can do it yourself. These are a simple step- by- step guide to change your catalytic converter by yourself. You may require a few tools to do it.

Step 1 – Raise the Car

Use a car jack to elevate the car in the air so that you can check underneath easily. To find it out this small part is situated in between the exhaust and the muffler below your car. You need sufficient space to unscrew /loosen the bolts and remove/ re-fix it. Hence, make use of jack or ramps to elevate your car.

Step 2 – Read User Manual thoroughly

Quickly go through the manual about specific parts of your car. Check the given diagrams of tiny parts and bolts tightening the unit, the surrounding pipes, etc. Then start the job. Do wear a pair of gloves while doing so as it contains build up.

Step 3 – Loosen the Bolts

The converter is held tight with the help of bolts and nuts. So slowly but completely remove these bolds that hold it in place. Keep them in count and safe as you will have to REPLACE them. This is a time-consuming process. Hence, you need to have a lot of patience for this. It may also require tools in few instances especially if there is too much of corrosion.

Step 4 – Buy A New Catalytic Converter

It is good to invest some time in selecting a part that is suitable to the make of your car. So go to a car servicing center or an auto parts center and inquire about a new converter. There are affordable as well as highly expensive converters in the market. Go in for one that suits your auto depending on the brand and make of your vehicle.

Step 5 – Separate the Oxygen Sensor

Use a suitable wrench to carefully remove the oxygen sensor and the pipe connecting it with the catalytic converter. This depends on the make of your car as some also require more than one pipe to be removed. Then loosen the CC where it is linked with the muffler. Keep checking the car manual for instructions and diagrams every now and then.

(It may cause the surface or floor to spoil. Place an old cardboard/ wooden plank/ sheet underneath the unscrewed catalytic converter.)

Step 6 – Fix up the New Converter

Finally, the last step in replacing the car CC is to put the new one in place properly. Fix back the pipe for exhaust & oxygen sensor. Put all the bolts& nuts back correctly (refer user manual). This is the best time to check if any other surrounding pipes have rusted. If so, this is the best time and place to REPLACE them.

Catalytic Converters Repair and Costs

If there is no need to REPLACE the catalytic converter if you feel that the catalytic converter prices are too high, then you may want to try to repair it yourself. It requires loads of patience, skills &expertise. With a basic knowledge of how it works and simple guide is given below to repair catalytic converter, it would be a learning experience for you.

How To Fix Catalytic Converter Without Replacing

Instead of going in for a reinstatement there are some catalytic converter problems that a car owner can fix on his own. However, you have to make sure that you have the time so that you can fully focus on the car catalytic converter repair work.

Step 1: First and foremost, if your car is under warranty or within the warranty period you have to take it to the manufacturer. If you try to fix things underneath your car while in the warranty period then it may be an issue with the warranty. However, if it is out of the warranty period then you may want to go ahead and fix it by yourself.

Step 2: The second step to fix it is to check if there is a build up. Check thoroughly and clean the converter of any clogging. In case it gets hard to unscrew, then spray with lubricant and leave for an hour prior to unfastening the catalytic converter. Once loose, clean it and the pipes. You may also find that the air passages are covered with soot. If so, clean those too.

Step 3: The next step is to check if there is damage to be fixed on the converter. Look inside as the inner parts are made of softer materials than the outer metal. Due to bouncing, the insulation mat inside may wear off. This causes it to block the passage. This cannot be glued together, so if damaged, it is best to REPLACE the mat inside.

Step 4: The last step is to fix back the cleaned and repaired catalytic converter in place. Do it step -by step as when you removed it, including the bolts and nuts.

The above steps are fine with experienced or knowledgeable car owners. It requires skill so in case you feel ‘I cannot fix it’ then check out catalytic converter repair near me to do the repair work. If you are not comfortable doing it, take the help of a car mechanic to do a proper job.

How Much To replace Catalytic Converter?

This is a common question that many car owners think about. The fact is that even though the catalytic converter prices are too high there are cheaper ones that are available in the market. You need to spend time searching, checking if it is compatible with the make of your vehicle, and then search the best deal that suits you.

Car owners think of various ways to reduce the overall cost to replace the catalytic converter. This includes selecting one because it is cheaper, like an aftermarket product. But what if it does not suit your car/ automobile? Do make sure that the affordable car part that you purchase must have a satisfactory life span. Even though it is affordable, make sure you go in for a high-end part so it lasts longer. However, do not be surprised if the catalytic converter repair shop mechanic may say that an aftermarket catalytic converter is in some way inferior to a part by the OEM manufacturer.

There is another great way to save up on your Replacement expenses when you do the Replacement work on your own. This is because you can keep the old part (catalytic converter) and sell it as scrap. You get to receive some of the money back for all your hard work and money you invested. With all the precious metals present the scrap catalytic converter prices are a good bargain. Even if you do not put back the same part back on your car, give the part a thorough cleaning job.

This should give you a basic idea on how much to replace catalytic converter as it depends on the car service center and the overall Replacement. Skill and experience is required so that you get your car back in time. Also, the performance of your car should be satisfactory and the CC must last a long time. So, invest some of your time searching for and finding the best catalytic converter repair shop for good reinstatement job.

Exclusive Tricks to Cut Wheel Alignment Cost in Half!


Ever wondered the importance of wheel alignment for your car? Then our article would surely understand why you need to regularly visit your service station. Let’s proceed.

Imagine you are driving on a blacktop road and find your car sliding sideways! Wondering why is this happening? Before some quack tells you otherwise, let it be very clear that there is some serious problem with your car wheel alignment. And yeah, you can’t evade this issue unless you get it fixed from a professional.

For a safe and smooth drive, it is necessary to keep all the safety factors in check. These safety measures include:

  • The Anti-lock brakes.
  • Airbags.
  • The Traction Control System.

In addition to this, another critical safety factor for your car or automobile is the wheel and tire alignment.

Wheel performance becomes essential especially when increasing speed, making turns & reversing or stopping the vehicle safely when brakes are applied. Most importantly, it helps you to drive in a straight line.

For a vehicle to perform at its best under different scenarios, it is essential that there is a proper wheel or tire alignment done. Wheel alignment has to be done correctly by the car service centre. Otherwise, this could result in anything unsafe on the roads.

Here, we are about to unravel some really useful knowledge which will guide you through the whole process of wheel alignment. Additionally, you will learn several tricks which will help you in reducing the overall wheel alignment cost.

Facts About Tire Alignment Cost:

Tire alignment
How Wheel alignment costs be reduced?

It’s essential for a vehicle owner to know that there are a lot of factors involved which determine the tire alignment cost. The reason behind this is pretty obvious. Around half a dozen procedures are involved when you take your car to the service center. These steps include verifying suspension, hanging gauges, and then focusing a laser beam on illuminating it. These processes are all done to measure or gauge the alignment of the wheels as well as their true vertical. In addition to it, a mechanic assistant keeps on running several checks to find out an optimal position for your steering.

Wheel alignment costs an average of $60 for front wheels, and the cost is almost doubled up to $125 for the four-wheel alignment. It is important to note here that tire alignment costs a bit much than the regular maintenance charges. This disparity is because of the involvement of various kinds of jobs while checking the wheel alignment such as:

  • The workforce involved.
  • Usage of cutting edge technology.
  • Conducting several on-ground tests and so much more.

So, this is all to give you an idea of how or why the wheel alignment weighs heavy on your wallet.

No need to worry since we have already sorted out several ways to cut down the cost for you which we will be mentioned in a moment!

Before we startle you with those tricks, let’s talk about the four wheel alignment first. The four wheels alignment includes flashing multiple beams, as mentioned earlier, to be able to assess all four of them. A common thing to do while ensuring your drive is safe and straight is to do this job for your car when required.

Remember, that not all service centers will be able to do the job for all four wheels of your car. This limitation is because it involves a lot of other things like a High Definition (HD) camera to check the alignment of all four wheels, etc.

Later in the guide, you will also read on several car companies that offer the tire alignment services. Sometimes the make of the car plays a huge role while you are getting the wheel alignment done. The manufacturers have set certain specifications that can be calculated accordingly and configured as per requirement.

These days, as more and more car drivers or automobile drivers are understanding the importance of safe driving, they are all going in for getting their wheels in axle correctly. With the increase in demand, you can see wheel alignment services being offered at local service stores as well. Don’t ever trust any local service when it comes to wheel alignment of your vehicle. The question here arises, as to how you can find a trusted car maintenance center in your area?

Criteria for Selecting Wheel Alignment Centre for Your Car:

Since we cannot point you in the wrong direction, we have jotted down a certain criterion for selecting your next car maintenance center. Indeed, checking around for the best prices without compromising on the quality of the job is an essential thing to do. Here is the checklist which you must cross out before taking a leap of faith:

  • Inquire a little bit about the service center from the surroundings.
  • Call them and observe how they treat their customers on phone.
  • Ask them about the rates and cross check with the market.
  • Most importantly, inquire about their previous clients, their regular clients along with the testimonials.
  • Ask them if they have an authorized mechanic and a team which can adjust your wheel alignment.

What is tire alignmentOnce the alignment job is done at the service center, you must take out your car for a thorough test drive. Drive on all terrains to check and see that the services are entirely satisfactory. In case you may spot any sort of issue or noise, etc. then you can once again immediately report the problem to them. The car mechanics or staff at the car or auto servicing center will make a few adjustments that are necessary. If the issue is repetitive, then your vehicle may need something bigger, like a tire replacement or so. So in that case or any other case where the problem is a big issue, then service will cost much higher than an average alignment cost.

Imagine you are driving on a blacktop road and find your car sliding sideways! Wondering why is this happening? Before some quack tells you otherwise, let it be very clear that there is some serious problem with your car wheel alignment. And yeah, you can’t evade this issue unless you get it fixed from a professional.

For a safe and smooth drive, it is necessary to keep all the safety factors in check. These safety measures include:

What Exactly is Wheel Alignment?

Before we get into the details, we will first see what exactly is “Wheel Alignment”. The answer is not that difficult to understand. Whenever you steer your car or want to go in a particular direction, it is the car wheel that decides it, more than the car itself. So, in other words, the wheels are linked to your vehicle via an advanced suspension system that enables a safe driving experience. However, due to constant use over a period of time, wheels become misaligned. The main contributors to the system going out of alignment are bad roads, potholes, and rough terrains. Misalignment also happens when taking sharp turns or curves on the way without slowing down the speed of the car.

Know about the top brake pads brands for your car that could help you slow down on curves.

Types of Wheel Alignment:

These are two types of wheel alignments so far:

  • Front-wheel alignment.
  • Four-wheel alignment.

In the former one, as the name suggests, the job is done on the two front wheels of the automobile/ car. However, in the latter one, alignment is done on all of the car’s wheels. It is advisable to go in for the four-wheel alignment although in several cases, this is the more expensive job on your automobile.

Benefits of a Wheel Alignment Job:

  • Smooth and efficient driving.
  • Better tire performance.
  • Saves a lot of time due to smooth drive.
  • Extends the life of your tires.
  • It also increases the automobile’s fuel efficiency.

The Best Time To Get A Wheel Alignment Job Done On Your Car:

We understand the importance of Wheel Alignment, so now the question is about when to get this done on your car to extend the tire life & performance. The answer is that it highly depends on the roads and terrain that you take your car out. If you live in a city with smooth roads, it may be necessary to get the job done every 10,000 miles of driving. But if you live in a countryside or town and have to drive through rough terrain, then it definitely has to be done every 5000 miles. Moreover, in case you drive on potholes and bad, rough roads, then still you will need to get the wheel alignment done every 5000 miles.

When you take sharp turns at high speed, it’s a killer for your tires. The horizontal force application during the turn drags the wheel in an outward direction. Additionally, when you take a turn on a dry surface and if your wheels produce a noise, it needs an alignment now more than ever. However, apart from the above, the following signs will show you that your car is in dire need a proper wheel alignment:

  • Noise while turning.
  • Tires wear unevenly.
  • Difficulty in steering at high speed.
  • Vibration on movement or side-to-side shake, also known as “bubbling”.

As this is also an important car maintenance factors that involve the safety of your driving, it is advisable to check for the above signs in order to keep your car in check. If your car pulls over to either side of the pathway then it is time to do this part for your car. Once you do a test drive it helps to get the issue fixed in case there are some adjustments to be made. So, it is good to take your car for a test drive to check out on all these points.

How Is Wheel Alignment Done?

Have you ever seen an alignment procedure or taken your car for an alignment session? If not, then reading through the following few paras is definitely going to help you. At least, you will get a basic idea about how to go about it or what exactly you can expect from the trip to the car mechanic.

Firstly, the mechanic will start analyzing all the angles and then will examine the axle, etc. Usually, there are three checkpoints:

  • Caster.
  • Camber.
  • Toe.

Caster: In between the upper joints and lower joints of the car’s steering system, lies the angle that is referred to as ‘Caster’. The angle creates such an effect on the car’s steering mechanism that decides it’s height as well as sturdiness while increasing speeds during driving.

Camber: The angle that lies in between the car tire and the road or surface is known as Camber. This is the angle that determines the extent of the tire frictions against the road when in use. It is the deciding factor on how the tires start to wear off. An important thing to note here is that if this angle is not set correctly, it enhances the chances of tires slipping. This is indeed a dangerous issue.

Toe: This is the angle between the tires when pointing towards the front. The wheelsets must be set parallel so that all goes smoothly for a drive. The manufacturer of the car stipulates these settings. At the time of alignment, the angle is checked as per the maker’s specifications. It matters if it is the front set or rear wheels set.

The make and model of the car matter especially when the alignment angles are set against the specifications provided by the car manufacturer. The specialized car service center uses laser beams and computer-based sensors to check such details.

In addition to this, it is very necessary to check the rim to the tire so that there is an equal distribution of the car’s weight on the tire. Another most important aspect is the suspension system that is like the controller of the steering system. Once a thorough check is done, all the angles are carefully calculated so as to provide long-term safe results. This is done by fine-tuning the alignment of the wheels by utilizing expert tools.

This job must be done by expert professionals. There are many car centres who offer discounts tire alignment price for the service. You must make sure that the services that you utilize will provide you with the best and long lasting results. Make sure that the place where you get the job done must have the professional expertise labor at work. In addition to this, there must be a state of the art tools to get the angles right. Moreover, the car servicing center must be adequately equipped with all of the necessary things to make sure it is done properly.

Top Wheel Alignment Service Centres & Their Discounts:

While keeping all the above points in mind, it is very necessary that you select a well known and trusted tire alignment shop. Going for a branded car service will definitely get you thinking about the price. There are also several of them that actually provide discounts and offers too. You may want to check out those that offer you tire alignment coupons on your first trip there or so.

While it is very important not to compromise on the quality of the services offered by car servicing centers, it is also necessary to keep the price in check. So, here is a basic tire comparison chart that includes many of the well-known companies that offer the alignment services.

The cost price differs from one company to another and also from time to time. It also matters about the automobile service center.

Here are the prices for the services as per the type of alignment, time of warranty, the average cost of alignment, and maximum miles.

Mr. Tire

  Warranty Period Maximum Miles Average Cost
One Time n/a n/a $50


  Warranty Period Maximum Miles Average Cost
Single Service 6 Months 6,000 $100

Pep Boys

  Warranty Period Maximum Miles Average Cost
One Time 3 Months 4000 $85
One Year 1 Year 12000 $110


  Warranty Period Maximum Miles Average Cost
Since Service 6 Months 6000 $90
One Year Service 1 Year Unlimited $120
Three Year Service 3 Years Unlimited $170


CAR Warranty Period Maximum Miles Average Cost
One Time n/a n/a $95
One Year 6 Months Unlimited $130
Three Year Unlimited Unlimited $185
One Time n/a n/a $100
One Year 6 Months 6000 $135
Three Year Unlimited Unlimited $240

Tire Alignment Walmart Cost:

  Warranty Period Maximum Miles Average Cost
Front n/a n/a $55
4 Wheel n/a n/a $80

Wheel Alignment At Walmart:

Everybody would not be fully equipped to do the wheel alignment servicing as it requires specialized tools. It also requires skill and expertise. So, get it done by professionals where they could save you time and effort as they use the latest tools for the job.

There are several wheel alignment stands and kits available on Walmart ranging from over $50.00 for bikes. However, it would be good to get the job done by professionals. Generally, they first take out the car for a test drive session. Then they check on what sort of alignment is required. Based on that, they will process the necessary changes in alignment. The car manufacturers generally set certain specifications regarding the alignment of the wheels. This could be either front two wheels or all four wheels alignment of the car.

Soon after the necessary angles are set, Walmart staff would take out the vehicle that they worked on. Once they find it requires further alignment they would do the changes and that will determine how long does a tyre alignment take. This helps in knowing if it requires any other special procedure.

Tire Alignment In Firestone

  Warranty Period Maximum Miles Average Cost
One Time 1 Year 12000 $85
Lifetime Unlimited Unlimited $175

 How To Cut Tyre Alignment Costs?

Here comes the best part of this wheel alignment guide! Many car owners often seem to think about the money which a certain car service center is demanding. Keep the very first lesson in mind, don’t just nod along when keep on uttering technical vocabulary.

There are ways to check and see how to get this cost down so it is as reasonable as possible for you to afford the alignment. It is good to know how much does tire alignment cost so that your car and your wallet is safe!

However, wheel alignment cost differs from one car service centre to another. There are several factors that include the type of tire balance and alignment done, the warranty of the services done, and others. The primal factors that determine the costs are:

  • Make and model of the car.
  • The type of wheel alignment needed for your car.
  • The labor force.
  • Any replacement if needed.

The price for the car alignment varies from $50.00 to $150 (or more) depending on the type of the service.

There are several local mechanics as well as many automobile service centres which offer these services at a reasonable price. Many car owners don’t bother about wheel alignment which later on costs them a lot. You must not commit the same mistake and you should take the life of your automobile tires seriously.

There are various plans available based on the auto service centre that you go to. The most common plans for this service are:

  • One-Time Service.
  • Contract type varying from one year to three years.
  • Full-time or unlimited plan for tire alignment services.

It is very necessary to also compare the prices when it comes to the budgeting part or wheel alignment cost that will help you plan ahead.

Difference Between Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balancing:

Wheel alignment and wheel balancing are often regarded as the same processes. Both the procedures are two entirely different from each other yet important for the overall maintenance. When a wheel is out of alignment, it causes excessive tyre wear and problems in steering whereas when the wheel is out of balance, it causes vibration in the steering wheels and/or seat.

  • Wheel alignment

The adjustment of wheel angles perpendicular to the ground and to make them parallel to each other is called wheel alignment. If the wheels are aligned to the optimum position, it maximizes the life of the tyre. It also makes the vehicle to always stay on the track. Wheels become misaligned due to the poor road condition like a pothole, curb, speed bump, etc. Whenever you find that the car is drifting apart from a straight line, you can be sure that the vehicle is out of alignment. The wheels alignment should be checked every year to save expenditure on tyres and also for saving fuel cost.

  • Wheel balancing

Wheel balancing means balancing tires and wheels in such a way that the vehicular weight is distributed evenly on the wheels. It minimizes bounce in tires and resulting in a  smoother ride. Moreover, it also helps in improving traction and steering control that maximizes the tire life. When the tire is imbalanced, one part of it becomes heavier than the other part and wheels develop a cupped wear pattern. Wheels if not properly balanced create issues like the premature wearing of tires and problems in suspension and steering components.

If you want the best ride comfort, your car needs to go through both procedures at a time. Your wheels should be balanced as well as aligned to keep the tires in good health.

Time Required During Wheel Alignment:

In most cases of the front and rear wheel alignment, the time taken is thirty minutes to one hour. In the service center, the engineering jargons like castor, camber, and toe are used for wheel alignment, but it is actually a very straightforward operation. There is a computer in the service center to assess the rotation and the orientation of the wheels. The computer tests the tires by spinning them and the specifications of the car are checked electronically. Then required adjustments are made to the wheel until they match up accurately. You have to test drive before and after the alignment.
Imagine you are driving on a blacktop road and find your car sliding sideways! Wondering why is this happening? Before some quack tells you otherwise, let it be very clear that there is some serious problem with your car wheel alignment. And yeah, you can’t evade this issue unless you get it fixed from a professional.

For a safe and smooth drive, it is necessary to keep all the safety factors in check. These safety measures include:


Always bear in mind that nothing is better than a life! This resourceful guide was meant to give you a detailed insight into the whole wheel alignment procedure. Performing a proper alignment is part of the car maintenance as the alignment of the wheels and tires are very important while driving at higher speeds. So, don’t forget to have your vehicle’s wheels tested before it becomes a major problem for you at the road. Always keep a track of the time after which your car needs some maintenance and enjoy the smooth drive!