14 Best Roll up Truck Bed Tonneau Covers

Your automobile is as good as what you make out of it. Beyond painting it to your taste and ensuring that necessary maintenance works are carried out on it, incorporating some adds-on within or outside it could yet give its appearance a great lift. And talking about adds-on, roll up truck bed tonneau cover has proved to be a wonderful addition to have on the pick-up truck.

Roll-up truck bed tonneau covers make you appreciate this automobile accouterment better as some people may overlook its significance, pondering on the reasons you need the cover. First and foremost, the tonneau cover serves a protective function as it helps keep things in your truck bed like your luggage, camping utilities, golf accessories, etc.

More so, with the retractable tonneau cover affixed, the area being covered will not be subjected to harsh weather conditions that may cause it to rust or wear out quickly and easily. Even more importantly, these retractable truck bed cover helps you save some cost on gas as it is known to contribute to the reduction of aerodynamic drag which comes to the fore when an automobile is moving against the wind. And not to forget, a tonneau cover also adds beauty to your pick-up truck; the truck looks nicer and grander with a truck bed cover on it.

So, now that you have been intimated/reminded about how beneficial this accessory can be, wouldn’t you love to have one installed on your truck? But before you hit the road to go to the store, I urge you to read on to see what we have for you here as we present a review on truck bed tonneau covers you may come across [and probably pick from] at the accessory store.

14 Best Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Covers in the market

1. Gator ETX Roll-up Truck bed Tonneau Cover:

It is only ideal that we start this review with one of the very best and this is why we are bringing on the Gator ETX roll-up truck bed tonneau cover which is made of tear-proof vinyl material that impresses a great level of durability.

It is finely textured and pretty stylish, and it is made to fit unto a truck bed measuring 1.7 meters; the cover itself has a dimension of 203 X 16 X 15cm.

Integrated into this roll-up tonneau cover are some features that promote its functionality. It has an adjustable tension control which ensures that it is neatly fastened irrespective of the prevailing (weather) condition, particularly when in motion, and there is also a heavy-duty latching which keeps it securely in place.

Plus, the design of the Gator ETX roll-up tonneau cover allows you to install it on the inside of the bed-rail thus creating some other spaces where you can stock in a few items.

The two words, ‘tested and trusted‘ can best describe the submission of the majority of customers that have used the Gator ETX roll-up tonneau cover. That said, they are often seen/heard talking glowingly about the quality ingrained into this product, as well as, how durable it has been standing the test of time without giving way to pressure from unpleasant weather conditions. Furthermore, the ease of installation and affordability of the Gator ETX roll-up tonneau cover is also widely acknowledged.


  • Top-notch durability
  • Easy to install
  • Great value for money
  • Sleek design
  • Light-weight


  • The clamps do fail to hold sometimes

2. Tygger Auto Roll-up Tonneau Cover:

The Tygger Auto roll-up tonneau cover is specifically designed for Ford F-150 (models 2015 – 2019) with a truck bed size of 1.67 meters. The exterior of this tonneau cover is of dual-coated vinyl while its side rails are coated aluminium powder to give them appreciable strength.

This product from Tygger has however got a host of other interesting features: it has a latching system that lets you keep it secure at the tailgate while its Velcro strip fastens to the sides. There is also a tension system to help you keep it laid out neat and tidy when it gets breezy. To further aid in holding the cover in shape, it is equipped with horizontal crossbars.

In terms of placement, the Tygger Auto roll-up tonneau cover can be positioned either on top of the bed-rails or inside of the bed-rails. And, in order to ensure the smooth flow of installation, the manufacturer has included accessories such as mounting clamps, brackets, side rails and weather-strip.

Customers love the Tygger Auto roll-up tonneau cover for many reasons. For one, its quality is unquestionable and a couple of these customers attested to the fact that this product greatly boosts fuel economy – by the way, it is claimed to increase gas mileage by 13%.


  • No drilling is required for installation to take place
  • Sturdy
  • Boosts fuel economy to an appreciable extent
  • Amazing quality
  • Heavy-duty   


  • It is somewhat noisy when the truck moves at a certain speed range which should be normal on the highway

3. TruXedoTruXport Retractable bed cover:

Quality is well reflected all over this tonneau cover which is made from A-grade leather – a feature which enhances its durability – and comes from the stable of one of America’s most renowned tonneau cover manufacturers. This steals a march on the rest in many ways.

This TruXedoTruXport retractable bed cover has a sleek design that makes it so appealing. It features dual paddle latching system that you can use in securing it to its position on the truck; within these latches is a set of tension control features.

Furthermore, this retractable cover is augmented with crossbar bows and includes an instruction guide to assist you in running through the installation without any difficulty. Lest I forget, it measures 203 X 16.5 X 16.5cm in dimension and should be compatible on a truck bed of 1.77 meters.

Customers‘ reviews about the TruXedoTruXport roll-up tonneau cover can be said to be that of ‘sweet melodies‘ as they raved about how it fits nicely and its design is simply exquisite. Plus, some of them did not cease to praise this very tonneau cover for its ability to ‘weather the storm‘ for years.

And despite the price of the this product cover being a bit on the high side compared to others, those that have bought [and now using] it asserted that it is worth every penny.


  • Top-grain leather material
  •  Improves fuel economy greatly
  •  Highly functional
  •  Waterproof
  •  Hassle-free installation


  • None

4. MaxMate Roll-up Tonneau Cover:

Here is another one for Ford F-150 (Models 2015 – 2019) with a bed of 2.4 meters long. It is a soft tonneau cover made with marine-grade vinyl with its side rails being of aircraft-grade aluminium; these, coupled with some other features incorporated into this product, give it an appreciable tensile strength.

The MaxMate roll-up tonneau cover features a highly functional lock system that includes a latching system which is for securing it at the tailgate of the truck, and a Velcro strip which functions to secure it on the side of the rails. Additionally, there is an adjustable tension control system integrated unto it.

More so, no form of drilling is needed for its installation inside of the bed-rail. You will, however, have to drill some holes if an over-the-bedrail installation is your preference.

For all the quality and functionality, the MaxMate roll-up tonneau cover delivers, it remains a very affordable piece. This is something many individuals that have had to use it on their truck can easily relate with. Plus, it is yet another roll-up tonneau cover that will last for a long time and even comes with a 10-year warranty – talk about its manufacturer doing their due diligence in the aspect of quality assurance maybe.


  • Ease of installation
  • Very durable
  • Affordable & economical
  • Impressive functionality


  • The instruction guide is somehow clumsy
  • A bit noisy

5. Syneticusa Roll-up Tonneau Cover:

Even among the best, there is the Syneticusa roll-up tonneau cover which has been intricately made with great technical adeptness. This soft cover is constructed from aluminium slats and finished distinctively with matte black; this finish is valuable in offering the cover a great deal of protection from ultraviolet rays.

The Syneticusa roll-up tonneau cover has a unique locking system that makes it possible to secure it to truck bed in whatever position you may desire – provided it would be appropriate. As it would have been expected, it comes with accessories such as drainage tubes, bolts and mounting brackets for installation purpose. It has to be noted that you will need to drill small holes to fit this unto your truck.

To make it more durable and increase its practicality, the Syneticusa roll-up tonneau cover is equipped with a compact storage canister. This product is designed in a way that enables you to roll it up in a tri-fold orientation, with the incidence of it giving way curtailed. Besides this, however, the tri-fold nature of folding also helps the cover to withstand harassment from the wind. By the way; it has a length of 1.68 meters.

The features, especially the key-lock system and high quality that the Syneticusa roll-up tonneau cover portrays, are the major reasons customers have come to revered it all the more. Some persons have spoken about this product being a steal for the price at which it is being sold. Over and above all, there is no denying that this is a great product that is worth recommending.


  • Top-quality
  • Great value for money
  • Unique lock system
  • Distinct matte finish
  • Wind-proof and waterproof


  • Instruction guide is not so clear
  • Installation comes with slight difficulty

6. OEDRO Roll-up Tonneau Cover:

Looking for a roll-up truck bed tonneau cover for Dodge pick-up truck? We’ve got one for you from OEDRO; it is made for Dodge Ram 1500 (Models 2009 – 2019). That said, it could also be suitable for an automobile with a bed that has a length of 1.68 meters; the cover has a dimension of 190 X 25 X 13cm.

The OEDRO roll-up tonneau cover is made of heavy-duty polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material that is UV-protected, and it possesses a weather strip which functions to ensure protection against rain, snow and wind.

In order to securely fit the tonneau cover to the tailgate and side, the manufacturer has affixed a latch lock system and Velcro strip. Moreover, you will find items such as powder-coated rails, aluminium clamps and instruction guide to help you install it without any difficulty.

Most of those that have utilized the OEDRO roll-up tonneau cover on their automobile expressed excitement about the super-easy manner in which they were able to install [and roll up] this piece. Aside from this, a couple of them have verbalised their satisfaction over the waterproof capability and fit of this roll-up tonneau cover from OEDRO. Furthermore, they are quite impressed by the lifetime (unlimited) warranty that OEDRO has placed on it.


  • Commendably improves gas mileage
  • Secure locking system
  • Perfect fit
  • Super easy installation
  • Reasonably priced
  • Waterproof & Wind-proof


  • None

7. Lund Genesis Elite Roll-up Tonneau Cover:

This is another one for Dodge owners; the Lund Genesis Elite roll-up tonneau cover is specially made for Dodge Ram 1500 (Models 2002 – 2018), Dodge Ram 2500 (Models 2003 – 2018) and Dodge Ram 3500 (2003 – 2018). It is quite different from most of the other ones in this review as it is made from premium quality twill weave fabric, and it is fitting for a truck bed measuring 1.98 meters long.

The Lund made this tonneau cover as a pre-assembled product – needless to say, that it is truly well-made – and equipped it with accessories coming straight off from their factory. Among these (patented) accessories are the inbuilt tension control feature and highly functional latching system.

It also features hook-and-loop fasteners, heavy-duty aluminium rails & bows and adjustable clamps; all included to make its installation smooth and hassle-free.

Customers‘ experience on the Lund Genesis Elite roll-up tonneau cover can be adjudged to be generally pleasant, with a host of them affirming that this cover does its job with aplomb, making it a worthy addition to their trucks. The proof of its quality has further been supported by how it has been able to withstand insults from harsh conditions.


  • Offers UV protection
  • Smooth and hassle-free installation
  • Good fit
  • Waterproof


  • None

8. BAK BAKFlip MX4 Roll-up Tonneau Cover:

Let’s now get back to FORD F-150 bed with the BAK BAKFlip MX4 roll-up tonneau cover, made from aircraft-grade aluminium and has a matte finish – there is however another type of this particular tonneau cover that has a glossy appearance.

Though a hard-folding cover, the BAK BAKFlip MX4 roll-up tonneau cover is light-weight but considerably durable. It features two prop rods, which coupled with the folding style, ensure that you have unobstructed access to your truck bed.

Plus, there are injection-molded latch housing features integrated into it to boost its long-lastingness. It is also good to note that this tonneau cover fits onto the truck bed so assuredly on the bed-rails that you do not have to take it off before opening your truck’s tailgate.

The BAK BAKFlip MX4 roll-up tonneau cover is no doubt a great addition that would protect against ultraviolet rays and other weather conditions. Several persons that have this on their trucks spoke highly about the extent to which it has been functional in keeping rainwater out – even in the event of heavy downpour – with some adding that its build is topnotch. Despite its material make-up, it is very easy to set up.


  • Well-constructed
  • Easy to set up
  • UV-protected
  • Sturdy


  • Pricey

9. Oryx Auto Roll-up Tonneau Cover:

We go the way of Dodge Ram once again as we review the Oryx Auto roll-up tonneau cover which is specifically designed for such type. This tonneau cover is a soft type with a material make-up of dual-coated black vinyl and has its functionality enhanced by a firm form of stitching which imposes some tear-proof propensity.

Still on the performance of the Oryx Auto roll-up tonneau cover, it is designed to not only make maintenance easy but also save cost in a number of ways; first off, you get to save on gas as it is claimed to boost fuel efficiency by 10 – 13%, and then it is quite affordable, and of good quality.

Furtherance to the features mentioned earlier, this tonneau cover is also equipped with a durable Velcro strip and has solid strapping to keep it intact while your truck is set in motion.

If you are looking for more reasons to go for the Oryx Auto roll-up tonneau cover, it surmises to let you know that an ample of Dodge Ram owners see it as a perfect fit and that it does the job for which it was ordered well. In addition to this, it is sturdy and has got huge economical advantages – a good value for money to sum it up.


  • Good fit
  • Economical
  • Sturdy
  • Highly functional


  • Instruction guide is not straightforward

10. Tonno Pro LR-2020 Roll-up Tonneau Cover:

This is one versatile sort of a tonneau cover. It comes in three varieties based on the folding style; as such, we have the Hard fold tri-fold, Tonno fold tri-fold and Lo-Roll Roll-up. They are all made from marine-grade dual-coated vinyl but exhibit certain features that make them distinctive.

The Hard-fold and Tonno fold varieties are both preset, and have epoxy-coated aluminium frame plus patented lock clamp – there are however a couple of features that set them apart from each other. On the flip side, the Lo-Roll variety, which is not completely assembled and its design allows you to gain full access to your truck bed. It also has a latching system and aluminium rails.

Notwithstanding, the three varieties feature crossbars and no drilling is required to install them. Some extras [like tailgate seal, detachable LED bed light, cover cleaner and gloves] are included in the package.

The Tonno Pro LR-2020 roll-up tonneau cover is made for Dodge Ram 1500 (Models 2009 – 2018) and Dodge Ram 2500 & 3500 (Models 2010 – 2018); it has a dimension of 183 X 28 X 13cm and would be perfect for a truck bed of 1.74 meters.

The low-profile design of the Tonno Pro LR-2020 roll-up tonneau cover thrills customers a lot. But that’s not all; its versatility, durability and features are among the factors that have endeared it to the hearts of many persons


  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to install


  • Front corners tend to become loose at highway speed

11. Deebior Roll-up Tonneau Cover:

This roll-up tonneau cover is fitting for a 1.98-meters bed with GMC Sierra 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado (Models 2007 – 2013) being the major automobiles for which it is made. The material used in making this one is also of premium quality and it is generally well-made.

The Deebior roll-up tonneau cover has inbuilt crossbars which permit 100% access to your truck bed; this is even buttressed by the fact that the product can be installed over the bed-rail. It also has a unique latching system and tension control feature which comes straight out of Deebior’s factory.

Added to the features mentioned above, there are also side rails, hex keys, clamps and instruction guide to help you through the installation process; its quick one-finger release design yet makes its usage smooth-flowing.

The Deebior roll-up tonneau cover is currently enjoying rave reviews due to the tremendous quality it exudes. Customers see it as a very reliable product and it is really easy to install and roll back. Its look and price are also said to be very much on point.


  • Stunning quality
  • Sleek design
  • UV protection guaranteed
  • Cut-rate price
  • Durable
  • Easy to set up and roll back
  • 100% access


  • None

12. Tonno Pro LR-1050 Roll-up Tonneau Cover:

Tonno did extend its horizon to produce a roll-up tonneau cover for Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. Like the LR-2020 series discussed earlier, this also comes in three varieties – the hard tri-fold, Tonno fold tri-fold and Lo-Roll Roll-up. The features and design of each of these varieties are similar to the one [from the same manufacturer] previously reviewed for Dodge Ram.

The Tonno Pro LR-1050 roll-up tonneau cover does not require drilling and is made of top-quality materials that ensure sound performance and safety. However, this piece is for a truck bed with a length of 1.77 meters and its dimension is 183 X 28 X 13cm.

Most of the customers that own the Tonno Pro LR-1050 roll-up cover finds it to be a great product that delivers the goods and even at an inexpensive price. Besides this, there have also been comments about how effective it has been in keeping water out and holding forth amidst the weather beatings it had been subjected to.


  • Good value for money
  • Highly functional
  • Set-up and unpacking are without difficulty
  • Watertight
  • Sturdy


  • Latching system malfunction in some instances

13. TruXedoTruXport Roll-up Tonneau Cover:

For the love of Nissan, TruXedo goes into the factory to etch out this 1.83 meters long roll-up tonneau cover. Made from vinyl and additionally adorned with A-grade leather, this tonneau cover offers good protection against weather and its look is explicitly stylish.

This TruXedoTruXport roll-up tonneau cover possesses a preset tension control feature and a dual latching mechanism for ensuring security. There are built-in horizontal crossbar bows and durable Velcro strip that promotes its usability. Also available in the pack are clamp assemblies, side rails, seals and some other relevant accessories required for its installation and operation.

Customers score the TruXedoTruXport roll-up tonneau cover for Nissan Frontier really high especially in the areas of durability, weather protection features and attractiveness. More notably, many of these customers lent their voices to ascertain that its functionality is exceptional.


  • Sleek design
  • Perfect fit
  • Easy installation
  • Exceptional quality
  • Solid construction


  • Does make some squeaky noise

14. Goplus Roll-up Truck bed Tonneau Cover:

We shall be wrapping this review up on a ‘ford-front‘ as we dive into the world of Goplus roll-up tonneau cover. It is made from a combination of iron and Oxford fabric which make certain its durability and waterproof capability.

The Goplus roll-up truck bed tonneau cover comes preset and has integrated into it,a tension control mechanism that ensures that the cover is well-stretched and tightened. Furthermore, it has tough iron rails and does not need any sort of drilling for its installation on the truck bed. Its design allows you to gain full access to the bed of your truck. Moreover, you do not even have to break much sweat to maintain and operate it.

There might have been several reasons customers complain about specific roll-up tonneau covers but such is not the case with the Goplus roll-up tonneau cover. Does this mean that we have a perfect cover in this very one? – Maybe yes.

It would only take going through a few lines on customers‘ review to see why. Customers have time and again shown satisfaction over its water-resistance, usability, price and design; for these reasons, they will eagerly recommend this to other Ford F-150 owners.


  • Guard against weather 
  • Highly secure 
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to install, maintain and operate


  • None                

Best Tires for Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius is amazing in its looks and not just for the looks the car is unique manufacturing for its fuel economy as well. That is the point that most people consider while buying a car. Chances are you have a Toyota Prius because you loved its fuel economy but now you would need quality tires too as tires wear out by time and need replacement. Tires are also responsible for a better fuel economy and the overall drive experience. So if you want your car to perform the same it used to with those tires you bought with the car, you have to choose wisely before handing over your money to the seller.

When you choose a proper pair of a tire or all four tires that are made for your car you get to know it automatically. As a result, you experience silent and smooth driving, easy handling, maximum fuel economy, no skidding, and several other fantastic features. But as you feel, choosing the right tire is not a matter of minutes but it needs proper researching. You may need lots of reviews and opinions of others before concluding.

There is another way of reach to the conclusion and that is this list of ten best tires for Toyota Prius. You just need to read these out, understand the features, pros, and cons and you can make your decision straightforward and get the tires at your doorstep.

Best Tires For Prius This Year

toyata prius tires
best tires for frius

#10 Westlake 24525034 RP18 Touring Radial Tire – 185/65R15 88H

If you want one two three or all the four tires without spending much, then this product can be the one for you. Westlake presents you the cheapest way to own the tires that come under $40 and fits well with your Toyota Prius. A vehicle needs a replacement for the tires if you think these are worn out and the more time you take, the more chance of risks you get. So it is wise to replace those old tires with these new ones by Westlake.

The level of pressure or the PSI for the remains 88 and the maximum load it can carry is 1235 LB that is a pretty good number you get for the price. For the smoothness and hassle-free handling, you should also consider the product and to make a quick buy you can use the purchase link from here. The tires also operate noise-free, but on some surfaces, it may feel somewhat noisy. All in all, this is quite a good deal for the bucks.


  • The tires operate well in almost all the seasons
  • The tread pattern is well designed for summers or dry surfaces
  • These tires are capable of serving Prius for thousands of miles
  • The handling comes as a charm with these tires


  • Best for summers
  • Quality seems good for the price
  • Charges you less


  • May not hold well when wet
  • A bit noisy

#9 Prometer LL821 All-Season Radial Tire – 195/65R15 91H

The all-season Prometer tires is the next deal you would want to consider for the price. Those who expect a speed rating of H at a high price can go for Prometer tires. If you travel on the wet roads mostly and rarely in snow and rain, then the product won’t let you down. They are not very good in the rainy season and they might make you feel slippage in snow but in summer they are amazing. Basically, with these tires, you get your price without any regrets.

For the noise reduction, these tires work better than the above one, but it also depends on the way you drive your Toyota plus the maneuvers you perform if any. A smooth ride will always be your companion after installing these tires and taking those turns will also get easier.


  • The tread wear serves up to 50,000 miles
  • The tire goes well with any passenger cars, sedans, coupes, and small crossovers too
  • The tread is designed to perform in the rain and reduce the risk of issues like hydroplaning
  • The design is wide and flat that promotes stability and easy handling
  • All the elements promote the possibility of an all-season tire


  • Overall quality is good
  • They get turned easily
  • Works fine with noise reduction


  • No great on wet roads
  • May experience leak

#8 Cooper Starfire RS-C 2.0 All-Season Radial Tire – 195/65R15 91H

The next one is from the Starfire Cooper that you can buy as your tires. Those who want the tires to serve longer than the brand offers you the tire that you can drive up to 40,000 miles without losing the trade pattern. Performance wise, it serves you well because there is an excellent amount of traction, smooth handling that allows you for quick turns, and a noise-free ride.

As these are not so expensive so you can’t expect the premium type of features from these tires. As a result, there may be some vibrations while driving but that depends on the environment and surface you drive on. For the dry surface, it works amazing, and for the wet ones, it feels quite good.  The black sidewall is styled to make your car look cool and as an overall rating it promotes comfort and performance.


  • The tread pattern performs amazingly that lets you drive in all seasons
  • The tire is designed to offer pretty good traction and handling
  • A smooth experience even at maximum speed and turning feels secure
  • The Circumferential Grooves ensure you drive well on slippery surfaces
  • The sidewall provides a modern look to the tire and your vehicle


  • Works well even on longer trips
  • Excellent with balancing
  • Drive remains quiet and smooth
  • The tread design serves well


  • May notice some vibration
  • Less promotion of mileage
  • Not so incredible in rain

#7  Ohtsu FP7000 All-Season Radial Tire – 195/65R15 91H

If you are comfortable with taking your expense a bit higher and ready to own a tire that comes under $50, then it is a perfect choice. Ohtsu offers you all season tires that are made for premium like performance and looks. The tread patterns remain non-directional, so your car does not skid on snow and wet surface like in rainy season.

So if your career or hobby binds you to travel in rainy areas sometimes then buying these tires for your Prius would be a great step. The speed rating is H plus it helps your car to maintain the fuel economy that comes originally with the vehicle. The grip strength makes it worthy to buy plus the overall strength and quality are two additional factors that you get with the tires. Toyota Prius like high fuel economy cars need some special type of tires that have certain factors, and you can definitely get that with the Ohtsu all season tires.


  • The non-directional tread lets you ride on dry and snowy area
  • It is responsible for smooth rides and provides lots of traction
  • The thread serves you for longer so you need fewer replacements
  • The tread block design offers you a reduced amount of noise while driving
  • The grooves seem well because of less skidding on wet surface


  • Good balancing and aligning
  • Smooth ride every time
  • Rides well on snow
  • Great deal for the charges


  • A bit noisy

#6 Sumic GT-A All-Season Radial Tire – 195/65R15 91H

Sumic is like another name of excellence and trust that you can do on its tires. For better stability and quality you can have the Sumic GT-A all-season performance tires and install on all four pillars of your Toyota Prius and you will surely get superior ride quality, increased handling, smoothness, design, and all other important factors. Someone who can spend almost $50 on one tire and respectively $200 on all four tires can call this product for the cart.

The construction can be compared to any premium quality tire where the advanced technology tire offers you outstanding feel in every ride until the tread pattern get worn out. Having the speed rating of H the product is ready to blow your mind at a budget-friendly cost. To check the worn out tread you can do the coin testing and determine if your tires need the replacement.


  • The tread pattern is symmetrical having the 4-Rib system that allows for superior stability
  • Its premium tread quality lets you take advantage of all season ride
  • The tread blocks made for the purpose of controlling noise while driving
  • Superior handling and rigid quality


  • Tires work well in the snowy and dry area
  • Good amount of traction
  • The grip is amazing and allows for speed
  • These Prius tires are wonderful for the price


  • The sidewall may get defective
  • Tread does not fit the rainy season

#5 Sumic GT-A All-Season Radial Tire – 215/55R16 93H

Another symmetric tread pattern tire from Sumic that lets you feel that excellence and premium quality while driving. Anyone who wants a good quality of tire under $60 can head to this product. The technology advancement that the brand uses allows you for stability and smoothness.

As a downside, you can experience some low balancing issues if you drive in rough form otherwise the product works well. The drivers who want a sophisticated looking and average performing tires can trust this one. The 4-rib pattern is the biggest blessing that comes along and promises you good traction. There may be some vibration and noise problem that you can experience in heavy weather or when the atmospheric conditions are not so good. Like a warranty, the brand gives you a 45,000-mile of the journey and that is when the tread gets out of the race.


  • The four rib pattern is provided in all Sumic tires, and that is for ride and stability
  • The tread is made in the way that handles your ride on wet surfaces
  • The groove stays responsible for providing water evacuation
  • The block sippin helps in reducing noise and maintain the comfort


  • Low-cost deal
  • Quiet good handling
  • Good traction
  • Nice appearance


  • Vibration issues
  • Low balancing
  • Noise while driving

#4 Milestar MS932 All-Season Radial Tire – 215/45R17 91V

Some people want a superior drive at a cost-effective deal and this seems the solution. It is excellent for dry roads but even if it is a wet or snowy one the tires handle pretty well. So if this is about your car or someone else you can always recommend this one to others. The tread comes as non-directional with the three rib design embossed so you get that fantastic traction, handling, grip, and smoothness.

Another thing that makes these Toyota tires worth to buy is the circumferential grooves that come with an ultra-wide angle and that serves you in moving the water effectively. This way, drivers feel less hydroplaning and hence it works for an increased lifespan while holding that toughness. As the speed rating is V so you can have a maximum of 149 mph.


  • The Toyota Prius tires promotes three-season driving
  • 50,000 miles of warranty comes along with these Prius tires
  • The tread is non-directional with the 3-rib design so the handling feels easy
  • An affordable solution that anyone can by with ease and feel a better performance
  • It can easily be installed with minivans, crossovers, sedans, coupes and of course the Toyota Prius that is a compact itself


  • They are quiet
  • Tires do the job well
  • The steering works well
  • Ride feels smoother


  • The pattern may worn out quicker than mentioned
  • Sidewalls are fragile

#3  Michelin Energy Saver A/S All-Season Radial Tire – 195/65R15 91T

The next one comes as the best tires for Prius from Michelin. The brand itself charges you more or almost double the price than an average tire manufacturer, but when it comes to quality and performance, it is the one any serious buyer should consider. For the expensiveness, you get better fuel economy which is really better, a lower rolling resistance and an all-season driving. So even if you continue to travel or visit town after town your riding will not be compromised because of the miles.

There are good points but everything has two sides and this too has some downsides. As the biggest downside, you may experience some noise while driving and it may be unbearable sometimes but that is a rare case. Plus, you have to handle it carefully as it does not perform like a pro in handling.


  • A premium quality tire that supports you in all the seasons
  • The speed pattern is T that represents a speed of 240 kph
  • The trade wear does not get worn out quickly and so replacement is not a problem anymore
  • Fuel mileage feels really good after installing these tires


  • The ride even on the wet surface is excellent
  • It promotes a ride on the maximum comfort level
  • Tread lifelasts longer


  • May face some handling issues
  • You may hear some noise while driving
  • It may feel less of the quality in winter driving

#2 Michelin Premier A/S Touring Radial Tire – 195/65R15 91H

This one is again from Michelin as the brand has been bringing the premium feel and quality for years, so these are the best tires for Prius and trending too. So if this is your tire for Prius you are going to drive like you are in a different world. The only problem with this brand is some amount of noise that you have to bear but for other amazing factors it is not even noticeable and so you can have it.

Another downside that one can feel is the expensiveness because it charges you under $120. But those who value quality over price will not have a problem with this factor. The handling feels somewhat prompt and the ride remains smooth plus the increased mileage makes it worth buy.


  • The grip remains strong to the road that lets you enjoy your ride
  • Works pretty good in wet conditions and amazing in dry weather
  • The technology noise reduction is implemented as well and it minimizes the noise as much as possible
  • The open grooves maintain traction and keep the quality alive
  • The tread blocks and sipeperform well for snow


  • All-seasons term works quite well
  • Good grip
  • Improved mileage
  • Smooth ride


  • Handling does not feel amazing
  • Does not work well in water
  • It is noisy

#1 Michelin Latitude Tour All-Season Radial Tire – 245/60R18 105T

Our last and the best Toyota Prius tires recommended is here that again from Michelin fortunately and that some people may find over expensive. However, for the utmost quality and driving experience, the price is not an obstruction. The product seems worthy to buy because it has an amazing fuel efficiency, handling power that you need, the comfort that one needs in covering long distances.

The speed rating is T and the all season driving feature is the most amazing one. Now, you can actually drive whether it is rainy or snowy on those tracks the performance never gets compromised.


    • The special groove that takes extra care of your driving experience and makes it hassle free
    • The tread compound is designed to make the rolling resistance reduced
    • It results in an increased engine fuel efficiency


  • Quiet and smooth experience
  • Premium quality
  • Lasts for more miles
  • Great service on wet roads


  • Expensiveness

Best Selling Michelin Tires For Prius

Michelin makes the best brand when it comes to automobile tires. Anyone who seriously wants to save the money on fuel by having a good fuel economy should go for this brand. Above, I mentioned three products from Michelin that charges you double bucks, but the quality can’t be compared to other average products.

Michelin Latitude Tour All-Season Radial Tire – 245/60R18 105T is the best-selling tire from Michelin. The tire itself comes with a warranty of 65,000 miles until the tread gets worn out. The black sidewall looks premium and goes well with your Toyota Prius. The major advantage is the tire is compatible on wet surfaces even when it rains heavily. Similarly, it also goes well with snow and it helps you staying anti-skid.

The extraordinary rubber compound and the wide grooves are responsible for its world-class performance that you can rarely see in other tires. If you want a hike in fuel economy, then this is the best tire from Michelin and saves you gallons of fuel in the long run. Those who always crave for a quiet and comfortable ride must go for this product as the precision in its manufacturing make it so premium and rich of features.

Factors To Consider While Buying Toyota Prius Tires

As you know, Prius is the car for silent driving and best fuel economy among all the cars for the budget. Buying new tires is also the part of owning this car or any car or vehicle. Now, there are some factors that you should understand before making your final decision. Here are these factors you should take care of-

#1 Choose A Tire With Better Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is the most important factor so try to consider this first with other ones like noise reduction, smooth handling, etc. every time you buy a tire make sure to check the fuel economy it claims. Tires that come with a good fuel economy rate cost you less with by charging you less petrol or diesel because a less lasts for long. To get the best fuel economy and other factors, always try to purchase tires from the same brand or version that come originally with your vehicle.

#2 Purchase Tires With A Proper Tread Wear

Treadwear is the design or pattern that comes embossed on a tire. There are three tread patterns, symmetrical, asymmetrical, and directional. To determine what your tread pattern should be you first need to understand your needs on driving. For example, on which surface you mostly drive, if it is a wet one, a snowy one or a dry surface and then choose the tread pattern.

For those who want to drive their cars in tough climates or conditions should always go with directional as the pattern allows for smooth and safe driving even in odd situations.

#3 Always Read Out Vehicle Manufacturer’s Recommendation

The final tip on choosing the best tires is to read out the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation. You can take it as the best tip because when you follow the manufacturer’s advice, you are automatically going to select the best tires for your car. A recommendation always includes the best tire size, tread pattern, sidewall width, and other vital factors. So always follow the label printed on your tire to buy a new one.

Best Carbon Fiber Wrap For Cars

Aside from adding some extraneous components, one exciting way to design your car is by adding colors to the exterior. And when it comes to adding colors, what readily pops up in your mind is to have some painting job done on the car but that does seem to be limiting and costly in some sense; it is with respect to this that carbon fiber wraps have become highly valued and sought-after instead of color painting on the surface of the car or hood.

These carbon fiber vinyl wraps are not only affordable; they also give one the opportunity to have different styling mix to his/her automobile every couple of months. Imagine having a glossy feel or some sort of animal-print on your car while you are going camping. Moreover, the wraps are yet wonderful items for protecting the painting on one’s car; in effect keeping the car from getting scratched.

Carbon fiber wraps come in different dimensions, color and texture/design, and there are quite a good number of brands that are making top quality wraps today – VViViD Vinyls, 3M and TCBunny are just some few brands that appear to have perfected [and yet keep looking for ways of improvement] the act of making these decorative wraps.

10 Best Carbon fiber wraps ( updated 2020)

The best carbon fiber wrap should be one that has been designed in such a way that makes its installation easy; does not create any form of air bubble and of course, makes a great appeal to the sight of its beholder. These qualities are well reflected in most of the products we shall be discussing in this review which takes flight right about now.

1. 3M 1080 M12 Carbon fiber 5ft X 1ft Wrap:

I start this off with a piece that can easily be adjudged as the best car vinyl wrap of the lot, the 3M 1080 M12. It does not come as a dual cast film, and does not require any additional film for the purpose of over-laminating. The ease with which it can be applied to the exterior surface along with the possibility of repositioning it to suit your taste prior to applying firm pressure will ensure that an elegant, clean, bubble-free appearance is created on your car.

The wrap is really flexible and it will blend with curved surfaces without any difficulty. Furthermore, the fact that it can allows dry installation and does not need any form of printing makes it the people’s choice. Again, its dimension is one that enables a ‘seamless’ application unto the surface of your automobile.

If there is however any reason to complain or go for some other wrap brand, it would be connected with the relatively high cost of the M12. But I do believe that there is always a price to be paid for quality, and as such, I am giving this wrap 10 out of 10.


– Ease of installation
– Removable
– Durable
– Can be applied without seam


– Somewhat pricey

2.TCBunny 4D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap

This very one will conform with 10ft X 5ft dimension and stay fitted unto the surface it has been applied – it can be molded over contours with the application of heat probably using a heat gun. Its grid pattern permits one to accurately measure as per the dimension of the surface and cut it to the required size.

It features air channels that help to ensure bubble-free installation, and it does not bring about wrinkles. Due to its workability and the way it conforms to contour [and any kind of shape], this product from TCBunny can serve as a good car interior vinyl wrap – so, you can get to tune up the style on the car inside-out.

When applied, it gives a 4-dimensional feel and has the propensity to resist UV rays. Additionally, it is water-proof and will not take up stain easily. Another benefit of buying this is that the wrap comes at a very reasonable price plus it can last for up to 5 years when used outdoor.

Despite the positive reviews, some users have had cause to be disgruntled owing to the way they wrap easily gets ripped. This does not surely augur well for its quality and for that, I will score this 7.5 out of 10.


– Stretchable
­- UV-Resistant
– Waterproof
– Affordable


– Poor quality
– Falls off easily

 3. VViViD Vinyls XPO Red Carbon Fiber 5ft X 1ft car Wrap

Here is another car vinyl wrap that has been reinforced with carbon fiber to use in protecting your automobile’s exterior and also create a beautiful impression – a feat made more profound by the 4D visual effect it gives off.

In designing this, VViViD Vinyls have employed various advanced technologies [like the VviViD Resist, VviViD Heat Fuse and VviViD Air Release] to ensure that it comes out with good quality, and also get to be easily applied by anyone – this could give a pointer to the reason why a lot of persons settle for the VviViD Vinyl XPO Carbon Fiber to meet their car’s styling needs.

The wrap is quite tough but lightweight, and it can be applied in different ways – either by using solvent-based adhesive or dry installation. Optionally, it can be applied with the aid of the 3M edge sealer and 3M 94 primer.

This, I must say, is a very good vinyl wrap for cars; although one cannot overlook certain criticisms that have been directed towards product’s installation and performance. Some persons have complained about how difficult it was to install it and the claim that it did not work very well – this though could just be exceptions as many users still see it as the perfect; if not the best, carbon fiber wrap that is available in the market.


– Premium quality
– Easily repositionable
– Preserves paintwork
– Economical


– A bit difficult to install

 4. DIYAH 4D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap


This is another UV protected and waterproof vinyl wrap that you can use to complement your automobile to a great appeal. Its flexibility and suppleness make it possible to bend it thus conforming it to contours and/or any complex shape. Though it may wrinkle but it can be brought back to shape by applying heat.

With a thickness of 0.19mm, the wrap is quite thin and its air pocket release backing design will help to prevent bubbles hence leaving a smooth appearance. Nonetheless, should bubble come up; they can be eliminated using heat gun or a squeegee.

Besides the properties stated above, the DIYAH’s 10ft X 5ft vinyl wrap has a glossy appearance and gives a 4-dimensional feel and look. The wrap, however, seems not to do very well when exposed to the sun over long periods as it can come off. Again, there are criticisms over it being too thin and fragile.


– Very economical
– Flexible
– Good quality
– Glossy


– Hard to work with
– May not be able to withstand high heat intensity

 5.PEATOP 3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl (5ft X 1ft) Wrap

Looking out for a workable car interior vinyl wrap? Here, you have one in this 3D carbon fiber vinyl wrap from PEATOP. The wrap is repositionable so you may have to apply heat [and some pressure] to make it stick perfectly.

Like most of the very functional sorts, this also has air release channels that aid in pushing bubbles out of the surface it has been applied. Again, it is waterproof and UV resistant and does not harbor the least amount of stain which is a great feature as not all wraps have this quality.

Furthermore, it can be removed without denting the paintwork on the surface of your car if you wish to change the design of carbon wrap. Though there are some positives to draw from using this wrap but needs to be said that it is far from being a perfect piece – it has been found to be lacking in quality on a number of occasions.


– UV resistant
– Functional
– Easy to install
– Affordable


– It is not self-adhesive; requires the application of heat to stick
– It is not so stretchable

 6. 3M 1080 Gloss Black (5ft X 10ft) Car Wrap Vinyl Film

Just like the CSF12 that opened up this discourse, this is another masterclass [with a gloss] from 3M – the home of quality car products you may say. The G12 is also a dual cast film that has got non-visible air release channels which serve as effective outlets for bubbles and help you realize a clean, glistening installation.

The adhesive on the wrap is pressure activated and it (the wrap) can be installed dry. Additionally, it has been boosted with a coating that makes it UV resistant. Plus it is stretchable and can be applied unto curved surfaces on the car without any wrinkle.

When I consider the natural and/or fine finish this gives off [upon its application on automobile] along with the quality it reflects, I am tempted to say that I have nothing untoward to say about it. Notwithstanding, a number of users have raised concerns over how the wrap creased and about the poor packaging of the wrap – may be just some exceptions I perceive.


– Stretchable
– Rapid air release
– Highly repositionable
– Scratch resistant
– UV resistant


– None

 7.LZLRUN 3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap (1ft X 5ft)

This is a product that you can use to wrap some parts of your car’s interior – from the dashboard to the steering wheel, control panel and so on – as well as some other external parts like the front hood, tire rim, etc. it has been equipped with air channels hence you can be sure of a bubble-free installation.

As a bonus, the package also comes with a knife and hand tool that will be useful when installing the wrap. Furthermore, it is made of premium quality; repositionable and would conform to contours and varying degrees of shapes.

Nevertheless, a couple of users have had reasons to gripe over its fragile nature and it does not stick well enough but that could be the installer’s fault. In as much as I may not be able to defend the manufacturer here, I do believe that with this stylish vinyl wrap, car interior and exterior should not look anything short of attractive. I give it 8 out of 10.


– Good value for money
– Bubble-free installation
– Perfect for car interior design
– Water resistant


– Hard to work with
– It is somewhat too thin

8.VviViD Vinyls Black High Gloss Microfinish vinyl- Recommended

I could easily take this to be the best car vinyl wrap there is for a reason – the realistic paint-like appearance it impacts on the automobile. The Microfinish gloss surface it gives seems to be second to none. Plus it is 4.3 mils thick and can stretch to conform to right about any kind of shape.

More importantly, it has been integrated with the XPO air release technology which makes it to rapidly eliminate air bubbles. This particular vinyl wrap is really strong, durable and yet lightweight; it can be applied through dry installation [or with the aid of a solvent-based adhesive] just like the other VViViD product discussed earlier.

So good it is that you will hardly see any negative comment about it. I will recommend this to anyone any day anytime; this no doubt has my 10.


– Top quality
– Easy to install
– Good alternative for paint
– Durable
– Stretchable


– None

9.Tmall 3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap (2ft X 5ft)

This vinyl wrap may not be coming from one of the major producers but it remains a top-quality pick nonetheless. Its twill weave texture will definitely style up the interior [as well as some parts of the exterior of your automobile in a great way].

The wrap is coated in order to get a considerable degree of UV protection and it is also water-resistant. The Tmall 3D Carbon vinyl wrap has self-adhesive backing which makes it possible to install without much hassle. Plus, with its air release channels, a bubble-free installation is guaranteed

The quality reflected on this vinyl wrap has been the major reason why it keeps enjoying rave reviews – there is a sense of satisfaction expressed by most of those who have used this piece. And it even gets more interesting to know that that quality comes at a very affordable price – at a steal maybe.


– Premium quality
– UV resistant
– Very economical
– Ease of installation


– None

10. VViViD Vinyls High Gloss Black Carbon Tech Art (2ft X 5ft) Vinyl wrap

I will like to end this review on the 10 best carbon fiber wraps on a vivid note by looking at another unique product (the Tech Art vinyl wrap) from VViViD Vinyls. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is designed as a 3­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­-layer cast vinyl enhanced by a high gloss lamination to create a super realistic look on the whole. This vinyl wrap has a thickness of 5.5 mils.

It features a micro-finished surface that is very easy to clean and maintain and also has air release channels for the quick ejection of the bubble. The adhesive is repositionable and extremely simple to work with. Plus it does not require printing of any form to give an appreciable impression.

If properly [and/or professionally installed], the VViViD Vinyls Tech Art Carbon Fiber vinyl wrap should not give any cause for concern as it has been detailedly designed for the purpose of styling one’s automobile for quite an appreciable period of time. The only issue is that it might take some time to stick due to its thickness. Irrespective of this, I am going to give this 10 out of 10.


– Durable
-Easy to install and work with
-Can be removed without any incidence of your paintwork chipping.


– None

 Advantages and Disadvantages of Car Vinyl Wraps

At this point, we shall look at the advantages and disadvantages of using the vinyl wrap to complement/style up cars. First, we start off with some of the advantages and later shed some thoughts on the disadvantages that may be perceivable.


The benefits you get from wrapping your car are hereby discussed under the following headings:

1.Customization: This is about the most obvious reason a lot of people settle for vinyl wrapping on cars. It allows one to set the style on his/her automobile to a personal taste. More so, the number of possibilities achievable with them is pretty vast. This means you can recurrently tweak the appearance of your car by simply taking off the old vinyl wrap and installing a new one at will.

2. Protection: Besides customization, vinyl wraps also offer a great degree of protection to the painting on the body of the car. It helps to preserve the factory paint of the car over a long period of time. The wrap basically prevents the car’s body from getting scratched, and this could be a key factor in determining the resale value of the vehicle whenever you’re tired of using it.

3. Affordability: If you are a person who cares so much about turning out in an artistic fashion, chances are that you will easily get bored leaving a particular painting on your car over a long period. But the truth is that repainting jobs are not always friendly on the pocket so, vinyl wraps provide a cost-effective means of effecting that attractive appeal in the shortest possible time.

Talking about the disadvantages of car vinyl wrap; it has to be said that poor mode or mode of installation is the reason why vinyl wraps may be painted in bad light. For instance, having a substandard vinyl wrap installed on a car could eventually ruin the painting [when it is time to remove the wrap] or create an eyesore upon peeling off the surface of the automobile.

Buying Guide for Carbon Fiber Wrap

Now, before you go ahead with the purchase of a vinyl wrap, it is important that you put certain things into consideration even as you go about doing some personal research. Here are some of the factors you should ponder on:

  • Brand
    Brand matters a great deal when buying carbon fiber vinyl wrap. Going for a trusted brand definitely guarantees quality, and that goes a long way in telling how much satisfaction you get from using the wrap [you eventually chose] on your car. It is necessary to state here that you do not neglect reviews about the different brands and products that are in the market.
  • Ease of installation
    If you intend to try your hands on a vinyl wrap as a DIYer, you may need to pay heed to the ease of installation of the product you are rooting for. There are some vinyl wraps that are not so easy to install even after one must have watched instructional videos on how to install them – the expertise of a professional is usually required in this wise. So, if you are a beginner [who wishes to wrap your vehicle on your own], it is advisable to look out for those wraps that leave room for errors – probably, the ones that are repositionable.
  • Budget
    The best carbon fiber wrap is not necessarily the one that costs more so, you do not have to spend your fortune to get a piece of premium quality. There are a good number of products that are highly functional, durable and yet very affordable.
  • Size
    You should not get carried away by how nice-looking a particular vinyl wrap is that you forget to take cognizance of its size and/or dimension. Ensure that the size of the wrap is sufficient enough to cover the surface of the car you want to use it on before triggering a purchase.


Carbon fiber vinyl wraps are indeed handy items to use in giving any automobile a creative touch, and you must have probably found one or two that you will like to try out from our list of ten vinyl wraps discussed in the review. And while I may not be able to clearly ascertain which is the best vinyl wrap brand between VViViD and 3M, I will go with the Carbon Fiber Tech Art and 3M’s M12 as my top picks.

Best RCA Cables for Car Audio System | CarHq

Car audio cables
Best RCA cables for use in Car

High Quality Rca Cables

You may be interested in making modifications or setting up a new car stereo system / car audio system. It does not matter if your requirement is for a small car or a bigger vehicle like an SUV or truck, etc. select the Best Car Audio RCA Cables if you are interested to purchase new accessories for your car, especially car audio equipment. There are cables and ports that come along too but as you connect additional things like speakers, amplifiers or sub – woofers, the audio may not give the expected or likable results as you would like. So, even though the cables that come along with the audio or stereo equipment does a good job, it is sometimes better to buy additional cables for such issues to ensure that you get the Best RCA Cables for Car Audio.

RCA cables are used to connect various devices like a VCR or DVD player to your TV set or a car audio system. They have been around ever since the mid 1900s and have got upgrades since then. There are short and basic cables, lengthier cables for bigger vehicles, and flexible ones so that the installation is simple & easy and does not bump out from below the carpeting. There are many factors to look for while selecting the top products. Some of these include color codes, material used for connectors, covering, and sleeving as well as the length & budget of course. The Best RCA Cables For Car Audio are given here after checking customer reviews, product star ratings, features and price.

Review of The Best RCA Cables for Car Audio

1.Bullz Audio BSTP15 15 Feet Triple Shielded Spiral Twist RCA Audio Cable

Product Description: This spiral twist RCA audio cable style helps to increase the frequency response & amazing dynamic range. The cable is twisted with black, white and platinum colors. This product is overall a good product with long length cable with the perfect size that is tight and fits well. Use it for your sub-woofer in car or car audio system, amplifiers, etc that you purchase at a reasonable price. It is always better to have a lengthier cable than to fall short of length at any time. Even if you do have a smaller vehicle and do not require a lengthier cable, because of the flexibility you can roll it up and push it somewhere in your car. Whenever required, you can open up the roll and use when have to cover a larger area.

• Amazing long cable length at 15 feet.
• Two channel stereo RCA audio cable.
• Good serviceable cables
• Does not cause noise in the signal path.
• Does not break easily and is strong due to frozen outer covering.
• Outer covering of cable provides flexibility & prevents wear for long.

• Some reviews suggest audio RCA is flimsy.
• Customers listen to slight static on cable.
• Connectors do not look sturdy enough like they may come off (hold the plug instead of trying to pull with cable may.
• Center post comes off easily
• Not properly soldered.

2.FosPower 2 RCA M / M Stereo Audio Cable (24 Karat Gold Plated / Copper Core)

(Left / Right 2 RCA Male to Male Premium Sound Quality Plug)
This product comes in multiple various lengths to select from with varied prices listed here. Select a suitable length with its price below. There are also 2 – pack RCA cable length packs that comes at lower price instead of purchasing two separate pieces.
(i) 3 Feet – $6.79
(ii) 6 Feet – $9.99
(iii) 10 Feet – $10.99
(iv) 15 Feet – $14.99
(v) 25 Feet – $19.99
(vi) 3 Feet (2 Pack) – $9.95
(vii) 6 Feet (2 Pack) – $16.99

Product Description of FosPower 2 RCA M / M Stereo Audio Cable

Product Description: This product is made from 24 Karat gold – plated connectors in order to help avoid stains and prevents corrosion. The best part of this product is it comes in various sizes and packs to select from. Each part of these RCA M/M cables are made with select materials in order to promote flexibility, copper core, gold plating, aluminum mylar shielding and copper braids. The main pin is made from 26 AWG Bare Copper Core that is insulated well with Polythene Foam. The use of copper core gives more durability to wire as it lowers oxidation. The signal is good due to the use of PF dielectric insulator. It also keeps out electromagnetic Interference as well as radio frequency interference that is usually found in radio transmitter for car.

• Various lengths and sizes to suit unique different requirements.
• Aluminum foil to ease out the unwanted EMI / RFI interference.
• Copper braided cable make promotes greater flexibility in wire.
• 24 Karat Gold Plated Connectors
• Properly molded connector for enhanced durability.
• Flexibility helps in easy routing especially in car.
• Lesser oxidation due to tin platted copper core also raises lifetime of wire.

• Looseness in connection might cause audio distortion.
• Light cable is too delicate and not okay with some users.
• Too thin, short, and some users received only one set of cable.
• Diameter is thicker so it does not fit a few speakers brands.

3.Crankin’ Power Twisted Pair Dual Male RCA Blue Audio Patch Cable Cord, 17 Feet Shielded; AS-2176

Product Description: Sometimes there is interference and noise related issues especially with car audio systems. This RCA twisted wire style helps to eliminate or reduce such signal related sound issues. This is due to dual shielding protection that helps protect against Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). The product comes with two 24 Karat gold – plated connectors and polished platinum sleeves and encased in a shiny blue covering. It is also manufactured specially to suit the requirements for installing car stereo systems. It can also be used for connecting other consumer audio systems or audio components. This ‘Extreme Series’ pair of twisted RCA cables offer great audio sound quality and is a valuable wire.

• Copper used reduces oxidation enabling longer wire lifetime.
• This also ensures that there is better signal clarity.
• Connectors are done with 24 Karat gold plating.
• Polished Platinum sleeving for double protection.
• Dual shielding protection to keep out interference.
• Lengthier cable at 17 feet that is low – loss cabling.

• Some reviews suggest corrosion spotted over gold plated connectors.
• Reviews suggest one wire has muffled noise whereas other has to be twisted to clear noise.
• Slight audio noise as ‘high pitched whine’ on cable.
• Soldering issues and flimsy connections inside wire.

4.Stinger SI4617 17-Foot 4000 Series Pro. 6 Channel RCA Interconnects

Product Description: These 17 feet long Stinger 4000 Series Pro. 6 Channel RCA Interconnects sport a higher twisted style lines that helps against undesirable RFI with a directional conductors thereby assisting to hold the signal quality. Connectors are specially designed with an RCA body double molding and Shoc – Krome corners that give amazing style factor in addition to the connection strength. Also, it is extremely user – friendly as there are specifications with lettering to indicate which is for the Front (F), Sub (S) & Rear (R). They are compact so you can carry them around in an easier manner and it makes it easy for installation too. It can connect up to four channels amplifier and the easy set up even allows more than that making great RCA cables for Amp with no whine issues.

• Shock-Kreme split tips gives optimum performance
• Shock-Kreme split ends also prevents corrosion.
• Easy long length and flexibility to roll – up in small vehicle.
• If required use the entire length for lengthier installations.
• Customers favorite feature is user-friendly lettering to indicate L,R,& Sub.
• Connects up to six channels amplifier using C3 Technology.
• Constant connection make offers exceptional signal transfer.
• Exceptional audio quality due to good frequency response, eliminates noise, and great accuracy.
• Max signal transfer with Shoc-Krome plating with split tip soft grip molded RCA ends.

• Some reviews suggest flimsy connector heads making it difficult to pull out.
• Also, noise is not completely eliminated as there is a very slight whine.
• Some are not happy with length, thickness, and soldering & grounding.

5.Kicker KI44 4 Meters 4 Channel K-Series RCA Audio Interconnect Cable

Product Description: These 13 feet lengthy cables have a great rating for product and manufacturers. These RCA Interconnects can connect up to 4 channels featuring black mesh protection along with wire loom jacket. There is great clarity and greater timing due to the patterns of cable widening done on this dual twisted style lines. This style gives protection from any interference. There is also easy installation because of the hyper flexibility protection jacket. These are Best Car Audio RCA Cables that you can get as there are many plus points with not negative reviews.

• Great flexibility and soft covering providing flexibility during installation.
• Good audio quality
• Works for up to four channels and well along with other RCA cables.
• Lengthy cable good for bigger vehicles and soft covering makes easy to roll up for compact cars.
• Although lengthy, cable jacket is soft and easy to conceal.
• Works on various sound systems with clear sound quality including Amps & Sub-woofers.

• There are not any cons except a suggestion to connect FR/FL, R/R, R/L instead of memorizing color combos.
• As wires are super thin & soft there are more chances of waring and looks more flimsy.

6.JL Audio XD-CLRAIC4-18 4-Channel Twisted Pair Audio Interconnect Cable with Molded Connectors

Product Description: These 18 feet or 5.9 meters long cables feature twisted pair styled interconnects that connect up to 4 channels. If you think the length is too long for your requirement, then think again, you do not have to fall short of cable if the cable is short. But if it is long you can always bundle or roll it up so it would not be an issue. The twisted make of the cable lines helps to give enhanced signal quality. There is reduced or no oxidation due to the copper make conductors with Polyethylene Dielectrics. The sleeving is molded making the product more durable.

The best part is that there is no need to use so many different cables or lines as they are all in one single cable connecting four channels. This is a product / brand where you must search for some negative reviews. Your search for a great product for fixing up your car stereo system ends here with this lengthy, Best RCA Cables for Car Audio at a reasonable price.

• Connects up to four channels all in one single cable which makes car stereo installation simple.
• Good audio quality as the twisted wire style makes excellent noise reduction.
• Strong connectors and durable with no ground noise, clear signal & at a reasonable rate.

• There are not any negative reviews as everything works according to the specifications mentioned.

7.Postta 2RCA to 2RCA Stereo Audio Cable Male / Male Gold Plated Dual Shielded 2RCA Cable

Product Description: These 15 feet lengthy cables comes in multiple various lengths to select from with varied prices listed here. Select a suitable length with its price below. The product comes in two different colors to select from – black & white. These are High Quality RCA Cables that are compatible with several types of audio systems that have a 2RCA port. This includes Amplifiers, Blu-Ray, DVD, TV Sets, Stereo Systems as well as Home Sound Systems. Each different size shows a great reasonable price. There are lengthier cables that do not have a lot of difference in the price so you can go for those that suits your requirements.
(i) 3 Feet – $6.99
(ii) 6 Feet – $8.39
(iii) 10 Feet – $10.99
(iv) 15 Feet – $11.99
(v) 20 Feet – $13.59
(vi) 25 Feet – $14.39

• The product is made with superior quality materials like PVC, anti-wear & copper shell.
• Great aesthetics with 2 colors to choose from black & white
• Secure, Reliable and Environment friendly product with many length choices.
• Keeps out corrosion due to use of 24 Karat Gold Plated Connectors
• Highest Audio Transfer Quality with Best Audio Experience.
• Copper conductors ensure oxygen-free up to 99.99%
• Provides max signal transfer with excellent conductivity.
• The use of double shielding including Tinned Copper & Aluminum Foil reduces noise, & crosstalk.
• This cable construction also protects against RFI & EMI interference.

• The connectors seem somewhat flimsy and loose as if they would come off.
• Other than this there is no negative points or comments noted on this cable.

8.Kicker KI25 5-Meters 2 Channel K-Series RCA Audio Interconnect Cable

Product Description: These RCA cables are the most basic audio interconnects that have great quality and features. The length is 16.5 ft 2 channel K Series with hyper flexible protective covering that makes installation easier. It features dual twisted pair style conductors to keep interference out & black mesh protection along with wire loom jacket. The product and brand have a great rating and good customer reviews so there is a product you can definitely try out.

• Cable winding unique pattern enhances consistent timing as well as clarity.
• Good Audio Clarity & signal quality
• Flexible protective jacket ensures simple installation.

• As wires are super thin & soft there are more chances of waring.

Types of RCA cables and how they are different from HDMI cables.

There are various RCA cable types and the two main cables are broadly classified into Component Cables & Composite Cables. The type of signal is the main difference between the two types of RCA cables. The other difference is the quality of the signal these wires carry between the components of your audio or stereo devices.

1) Component Cables – These cables are three wires that carry the video signal. This is in order to provide exceptional picture quality. Such types of RCA cables are generally used with High Definition Television sets to provide greater video signals.

2) Composite Cables – On the other hand, these cables that come in three wires & connectors are two to carry audio between the devices (like a VCR to the TV set). They carry only one for video signal that affects the quality of the picture.

Difference between RCA & HDMI Cables

RCA Cables

These are color coded cables so that users do not get confused on where it has to get connected between two devices. It is to give exactly into which port on you audio device the cables go into with the colored connectors. Although these are basic as RCA has a yellow for video and two other cables for left audio & right audio which are generally red and black or white; However, now a days you will find several different colors and many do not come in sets of 3 but even two or more than 3 so it is difficult to distinguish the cables. For using RCA component cables it gets more complicated with more number of cables & colors.

There would generally be two red connectors that indicate one for audio and one for video. There is another color added to make a difference in them. The remaining wires for video are blue as well as green. It is true that there are some RCA component cables that provide exactly three wires for video and does not include any lines to carry audio signals. In order to get both video and audio combine RCA Audio cables with these to get sound with high quality display.

HDMI Cables

It might be that this could provide great results in video and audio. However, not always that you will get to see and hear the same results with these RCA cables. There are other top cables called HDMI that provide better results. The technology used in HDMI cables is specially for high definition equipment including multiple channel sound systems, and carrying signals of high quality video and advanced data. All this is done using juts one single thick cable. It also carries the digital data including uncompressed audio and visual in complete 100 % digital format for an amazing viewing and listening quality.

Using a HDMI cable helps to connect up devices in your home in a very simple manner. There are various types including 4K up to 10K in order to hold higher resolution video and give way for better High Definition (HD) equipment for newer generations technology. The better part about connecting two devices with HDMI is that the two components can automatically negotiate settings for optimal viewing such as aspect ratio & resolution settings.

Best RCA Cables for Amp.

Although RCA cables are used for sound systems especially amplifiers ever since the mid 1900s, there has been newer ones added in the market. It is okay to use the old type RCA cables which at times do not have any other option but to connect the older cables as the audio equipment may be older. So, this gives you a tough choice to make especially when the amplifiers models are different and have special requirements for what kind of RCA cables to connect to the electronic components. Specific carRCA cables are available in the market to suit the sound requirements.

There are specially designed RCA cables for sub-woofers, then there are those that have a mini-jack at one end and RCA connectors on the other end for modern devices like iPad, smartphones, laptops, etc. The main job of the RCA cables is that it transmits preamp level audio signals which are also known as analog level line signals. They sport a pair of lines that is one mainly for the left audio and the other for the right audio connections. This is why it is very important to select RCA Cables For Amp carefully so it works well with the audio gear.

Kayak Roof Rack for Cars Without Rails- Reviews and Buying Guide 2019

how to transport a kayak without a rack
Kayak roof rack for cars without rails you can buy for your next outdoor adventure

Whether you are an individual who has taken kayak as a sport or just one of those who cherishes taking adventurous sojourns into the waters to go kayaking from time to time, you will surely understand the reason you will have to have the appropriate gear with you. One of the most basic gear every kayaker should not overlook is the kayak rack. The rack, which is usually attached to the roof of the car, makes it easy for kayakers to transport the kayak from one point to another. It ensures that the kayak is securely fitted to the car’s roof.

There are several designs and types of kayak roof rack for cars without rails available in the market today, and finding one that appeals to your taste should not a difficult task. In the light of this, we have elected to discuss the different types of kayak racks that there are, and also do some reviews on some of the top kayak roof racks for cars – those with/-out rails.

Types of kayak racks

We shall be looking at 3 major types of racks that are frequently used by kayakers to transport their kayak to [and fro] where the adventure is at.

1. Stacker kayak carrier: This set of kayak racks is specifically designed for carrying two to four kayaks at a time – the major benefit you get from using stacker carrier is that you will have more room on the roof to keep some other supplies. They usually hold the kayak in a vertical position which means they may not be a very good choice when one considers aerodynamics and having a secured carriage – this could be the reason why it is sometimes adjudged to be a difficult method of carrying kayaks.

2. Saddle kayak Rack: Saddle kayak racks are the most commonly used variety and that is probably due to the fact they are quite easy to use and provide the most secured (kayak) attachment. They usually carry the kayak in a horizontal position; this means the kayak gets to take up virtually all the space on the roof – but there is definitely no worrying about its placement in relation to aerodynamics.

3. J-Cradle kayak carrier: This type of kayak carrier is typically set up in 45⁰ inclination and the kayak is held as such. It provides good security for the kayak, and gives extra space for carrying an additional kayak – provided two (J-cradles) are available on the car’s roof.

Top Kayak Roof Rack for cars without Rails

Carrying kayaks directly on bare roof cars – that is those that do not have gutters or factory rails – would only mean one thing; denting the roof of the car and ruining the painting thereof. This is kayak roof racks that come with the right fittings to make up for the lack of factory rails on the car. So, next up is our review on seven top kayak racks for cars without roof rack.

1.Thule Traverse Foot Roof Rack


This is a rack system to make a car with a naked roof fitful for transporting kayaks. It has been integrated with an ample of elements that make it very functional and highly revered. Among these, are the advanced AcuTight tensioning tool to help you actualize and assured and/or stable installation; patented MaxClamp technology that further enhances its secure attachment to the car and lockable outer cover that not only blends with your car’s roofline but certainly help to hold your kayak in place when used with Thule key locking system. Its exclusive EZAssemble design is yet another factor that ensures ease of installation.

The ease of installation coupled with its quality seems to be the major reasons why many persons settle for the Thule Traverse Foot Roof Rack. However, a few users have at one point or the other, had reasons to complain about its package which they say is somewhat poor – and does not measure up to Thule’s standard. In some other circumstances, some parts that ought to be included [in the package] were found to be missing or dented in some instances.
There is no doubt that Thule has continued in its trend of producing top quality rack system and the traverse foot roof rack is in no way an exception, and that is why we give it 8.5 out of 10.

– Good quality
– Ease of installation
– Provides good security
– Innovative

– Might produce some noise while the car is on high speed.

2. Yakima Baseline Tower Rack

Looking for a piece of gear to turn your gutterless car into a functional space that meets your kayak-carrying needs? Then Yakima Baseline Tower Rack is all you need. A unique feature on this rack is the triaxial DropHook clip adjustment which makes it to fit perfectly unto different shapes of car roofs and allow ensures that it is securely in place [after installment]; its toe adjustment yet gives it some edge. Furthermore, it has been equipped with a bar-bed that allows it to seamlessly suit rounded roof lines – by the way, the barbed can be set to a pitch of 12 degrees. The Yakima Baseline Tower Rack is lockable to the vehicle using same key system (SKS) locks and has a carrying capacity of 100kg – a rugged one you have got here without any question. It is compatible with any of these bars: Yakima Roundbar, Jetstream Crossbars or corebar.

Quality wise, this seems to live up to what it is meant to be – an upgrade on Q-tower roof rack from Yakima – however, in terms of ease of installation, there tends to be some sort of drawback; this has often left some customers dissatisfied. On the flip side, the perceived difficulty encountered when installing the piece can be attributed to the need to have a much more secure fit. So, the effort is probably not lost on the long run but it’s good for Yakima to look into [and address the issue with another upgrade] nonetheless.

– Sturdy
– Highly functional
– Versatile
– Secure fit

– Difficult to set up
– Produces wind noise
– Pricey

3. INNO INA446 Car Top Roof Rack

Japanese manufacturer, INNO created a masterpiece of a kayak rack with the INA446 roof rack. The rack is compatible with wide range of crossbars – a feat made possible with the aid of its universal mounting adapters – and has been designed in such a way that makes loading really easy. It is made from a mix of top grade rubber and metallic materials. It comes with adjustable rubber pads which help to protect your kayak from scratches; and an integrated hand knob that secures it to the roof of the car – this is further advanced by its locking covers.

This is one rack that you will easily fall in love with for it has got everything required to keep both the roof of the car and the kayak well protected from getting ruined in any bit. We are thrilled by the whole lot of elements that have been incorporated into this particular gear. Is it about the crane-style spring loaded straps that make installation as effortless as you would have loved it or its assured covers that put your mind at rest while using the rack to carry your kayak? This is one rack we will surely recommend for anyone who wants to transport his/her kayak to and fro the ‘zone of pleasure’ safe and sound.

Though a few persons have complained about the rack not being suitable for their cars – well, it’s essential to state here that the INNO INA446 roof rack has a maximum crossbar dimension of 89mm X 3.2mm and a spread of 600mm – but it is hard to disprove the fact that it remains in the league of top-notch roof racks.

– Ease of installation
– Made from top quality materials
– Versatile
– Offers appreciable protection
– Easy to load

– None that we can think of right now

4. Malone HandiRack Inflatable Universal Rooftop Rack

When you’re looking out for kayak rack for cars without roof rack and yet very functional to create a good kayak – transporting platform on your ‘rail-less’ car, you should try out the Malone HandiRack Roof Rack. Its uniqueness lies in its makeup and efficiency; it is made from durable 420-dernier nylon and is capable of carrying a load of about 80kg – something that some highly rated metal racks cannot achieve. With its integrated double action air pump, the rack can be easily set up in just a couple of minutes. It has got five (5) different D-ring anchor points which offer considerable protection to the kayak, and comes with cam style load straps. It has a width of about 23cm and a length of 94cm.

Although there have been reports of its air chambers not being resistant to heat and how the rack does not retain water effectively [in case it starts to rain] but yet the Malone HandiRack Inflatable Roof Top Rack will still score a high mark when one considers its primary objective. The rack is a very good and handy alternative that you can use for carrying your car. Plus, it performs wonderfully well even when the car is moving at top speed.

– It is very convenient to use and easy to install
– Sturdy
– Good quality at an affordable
– Offers good protection

– Air chambers are not resistant to heat so they may get damaged quickly
– May scratch the car

5. Road Trip HQ Car Roof Rack

If you are thinking the Malone HandiRack Roof Rack is the only viable inflatable and/or temporary rack there is in the market then you may need to check out the self-inflating rack from Road Trip HQ. In its pack are the needed items for setting it up successfully and without any stress. Upon opening its valves, the rack is able to inflate itself [and ready for use] in the space of 2 minutes. The rack’s kit features two inflatable bars and two separate tie-down straps [that are about 2.7 meters long] to help secure the kayak while the car is on the move.

The rack is quite rugged but it is soft notwithstanding so, you can rest assured that your car’s painting will be preserved as you have this (rack) fixed to the roof through your adventurous journey. It is able to carry a load weighing about 45kg. The Road Trip HQ Roof Rack is truly up to the task and we see no reason why it should not be among the top roof racks. We give this 9 out of 10.

– Self-inflating and easy to install
– Strong and durable
– Comes at a reasonable price
– It is convenient to use
– It provides a good cushion for the kayak

– Considering its design and price, we got nothing untoward about the rack.

6. SportRack SR1002 Roof Rack System

This is another roof rack that has been well designed to carry your kayak [as well as some other supplies]; it can hold up to 59kg weight of load. It is made from steel and coated with black plastic to make it resistant to rust and keep it protected from the effect of ultraviolet rays. The package consists of two square crossbars and four roof rack feet clamps which can be affixed to the roof with the help of the clips that come with the kit. The rubber pads on the bottom of the feet ensure that the paint on the roof of the car is preserved.

Additionally, the rack has integrated locks to help keep it secure and ward off anyone with the intention of stealing it away.

The rack will work on virtually all kinds of vehicles – or maybe the models of cars – however, it is important to take account of the unique numbering system [available on each rack] in order to find the best fit for your car.

SportRack’s SR1002 is delivering the goods with great aplomb and it takes reading some reviews to see how highly rated kayakers [and it users in general] place it. Nevertheless, there are criticisms over how difficult it gets to shut the car’s door after this rack has been installed, and the wind noise is also another cause of concern. But drawing on the positives, the SportRack SR1002 Roof Rack System is a quality gear for the safe carriage of your kayak – even while you’re driving at high speed. And one more thing; this rack can qualify as an ‘all-weather’ piece as it comes with a weatherstrip that keeps water away to a great extent in rainy weather. When you weigh this along with its UV-resistant capability, you will most certainly agree with us on the ‘all-weather’ claim. That said, we feel it would be wise for the manufacturer to take care of the minor hitches that are connected to the rack; this can be done probably by designing an upgrade.

– It is affordable
– Very sturdy
– Lightweight
– Easy to install

– Produces wind noise
– Hard time shutting the door after it has been installed.

7. Malone Versarail Crossrail system

Let’s end this (review) by talking about a rack that can promptly turn a bare roof into a highly functional space that is suitable for transporting your kayak. Included in the package are abrasion resistant dual suction towers, vinyl coated steel bars, attachment straps and every other relevant add-on required to make its installation quick and easy. This rack comes in 2 varying lengths – 50 inches and 58 inches – and would safely carry a load of about 61kg.

Rainy weather apart, the Malone Versarail Crossrail system seems to be a ‘perfect’ rack for carrying your rack around. But with the waters pouring down from above, you will be in for a messy day right in your car. This has often caused people to be very critical of Malone’s Versarail rack system. Again, there have been few complaints about the quality of its straps – with some persons suggesting the need to have ratchet straps in their place – and on some occasions, some accessories are said to be missing from the package. We cannot agree less that this rail system is of good quality but there is a need to equip it with gutter clips to make it an excellent gear; it’s needless to say that the lack of these clips is ruining its quality – so, here’s a call for an upgrade and/or redesigning. Despite that, the Malone Versarail Crossrail system should get an 8 out of 10.

– It is easy to install
– Rust-resistant
– Durable
– High quality

– Does not have gutter clips

Carrying kayaks without roof rack

As we bring this discourse to a close, we will like to look at how you can transport your kayak without using a roof rack. So, in those instances whereby you are trying to cut cost on your spending or maybe when you find yourself in an emergency situation [with a rack out of reach], you will find this piece fo information very valuable.

Items required: Pool noodles/foam, a pair of scissors and ratchet straps. The pool noodles help to protect your car’s roof from scratches while the ratchet straps ensure that the kayak carriers for cars without roof racks is securely held in place after being loaded – you may need the pair of scissors to trim the pool needle to size.

To start with, have one pool noodle placed at the front, center and back of your car’s roof. Be aware that the pool noodles tallies with the shape of the roof of the car, and that each of them maintains a reasonable distance apart. A soft foam can be used in place of the needles. Now, run the trap through the hole of each noodle and have it go round the car through the windows – with the doors open – and hold them in place on the inside of the car.

Now, turn the kayak over [with the cockpit faced down] and have it carefully lifted and placed unto the rooftop; this is where you have to call for the help of another person in order not to get your car dented.

With your kayak already in place, pass another ratchet strap over the body of the kayak [at the front] and have it secured at the ratchet. Note that you must have left a good portion of the strap at both sides of the car. After the kayak has been secured at the bow, you should move to do the same at the stern. Do take note that maintaining a firm grip on the straps [and twisting them thereof] as you pass them through the car will help prevent wind noise.

Top Kayak Roof Racks for Cars with Rails

We shall now look at some of the best brands of kayak racks that can be attached to the rails of your car. These will certainly help you move the kayak to the point of recreation – the water – without any hassle.

1. Yakima JayLow Folding Kayak Carrier

Yakima is one of the well-known brands when it comes to kayak rack production and that is because of the quality that their products ooze out. The Yakima JayLow kayak carrier is a J-style rack that features an integrated ramp system that makes loading [of the kayak] easy, and it also has an anti-rotation adapter. The cam levers integrated in the upright arms make it possible to set it up in a vertical (stacker) position thus permitting the carrying of two different kayaks at a time. To ensure that the kayak is perfectly secure on the rack, the package also comes with heavy-duty straps and bow/stern tie-downs. This very kayak carrier is compatible with SKS lock cores to guarantee security thereby curtailing the incidence of you losing your prized carrier to theft.

As the wave of positive reviews from users reveal, there is hardly any reason to fret over the functionality of this piece. Nonetheless, there have been a few complaints over some components [of the rack] falling out of place – these might just be exceptions to say the least.
And I must say here that this carrier is worth recommending to anyone who is desirous of purchasing a gear for carrying his/her kayak in that it is foldable and provides a good cushion for kayaks are the other reasons why you need to try it out.

– Economical
– Foldable
– Good security
– Can hold 2 kayaks
– Easy to assemble

– A bit noisy
– Not so durable

2. Malone SeaWing Saddle Universal Kayak carrier

Here is a v-shaped carrier that can be used in carrying a kayak without causing any damage to its hull as it has got a padding attached to it. For its setup, it has got a universal fit Jawz mounting hardware – which can fit either square, round or oval factory cross rails – as well as mounting bolts, and it has also got straps and buckle protectors. It has been aerodynamically designed; this, in turn, ensures good safety and also has an impact fuel economy.

Besides a few concerns that have been raised over some of its parts getting loose rather easily, there have been a lot of rave reviews on the Malone SeaWing Saddle Universal Kayak Carrier. That is to tell you that this is a carrier worth having around if you are a kayaking freak. It is just the perfect carrier for right about any kind of kayak, and if you are one who loves moving at some high speed, you will not have any worry about your kayak falling off while you are on the go.

Furthermore, it is made from corrosion-resistant frames which impact a considerable degree of durability on it. Plus, its bow and stern safety tie-downs are of non-corrosive nylon. If we are to score the Malone SeaWing Carrier, we give it 8 out of 10.

– Durable
– Quick and easy installation
– Great flexibility
– Lifetime warranty
– Rubber padding is available

– Makes whistling noise when the car is in motion
– Made for relatively short rails

3. Thule Hull-A-Port 834 Kayak Carrier

This is another J-style cradle that is applicable on virtually every kind of factory crossbars – elliptical, aerodynamic, round, square … you name it. It comes with adjustable padding which makes it easy for one to custom fit the cradle contact points to the kayak that is being mounted – this means the hull of the kayak is safe from scratches and/or abrasions. It has got corrosion-resistant coating on its steel tubing and hardware which makes it highly durable. Since it is a J-style cradle, it leaves some extra space for carrying other supplies after loading one kayak.

This very kayak carrier has really got Thule’s signatory quality written all over it and as such, you may not get to read or see any negative comment about it; it does the job perfectly. Additionally, its package has two tie-down straps [with padded buckles] and bow/stern tie-downs. In terms of carrying capacity, the Thule Hull-A-Port 834 kayak carrier is suitable of transporting a kayak of about 34kg with a width of 3 feet. This gets a 10 out of 10 from us.

– Easy loading
– Durable
– Tight/secure fit
– Good quality

None that we can think of at the moment

4. Malone Stax Pro 2 Kayak carrier

Malone Stax Pro 2 Kayak carrier

Another product from Malone that we will like to talk about is the Stax Pro 2 which is designed as a stacker and can carry up to two different kayaks at a particular point in time. This carrier is profoundly stable as it has octagon-shaped aluminum posts and nylon platforms that have been boosted through injection molding. It is compatible with different ranges of cross bars. It features universal-fit Jawz mounting hardware and can be folded down when there is no need for it thus improving clearance and ensuring an appreciable an optimal fuel economy.

And should you be considering your kayak’s security, I will like to state here that you needn’t be worried as the Stax Pro 2 comes with 1ft cam style, load straps plus buckle protectors. It has the capacity of carrying two kayaks with a combined weight of 34-36 kg and a width of about 0.8m.

– Quite affordable and economical
– Offers tremendous stability
– Durable
– Easy installation
– Unique design

– Straps tend to fail on some occasions

5. OxGord Universal Kayak Roof Rack

If you are looking for an affordable kayak rack that ticks the right box then you should not look any fur – other than the OxGord Universal Kayak Roof Rack. The rack has a classic J-style cradle design and would securely hold one kayak at a go. The carrier is made with lightweight materials and is specifically constructed from water-resistant steel material. Its hooks are equipped with rubber grips which ensure that your kayak is held in a stable position [while you are on the move] and also prevent the hull of the kayak from getting scratched. It also comes with carrier straps and bow/stern straps to further boost the security of the kayak.

But if there is any reason why the manufacturer of this gear must be commended, it must be for not sacrificing quality on the altar of affordability – OxGord Universal Kayak Roof Rack is a steal for the price at which it is sold. Hence, we feel it deserves a 9 out of 10.

– Incredibly affordable
– Good quality
– Easy installation
– Good cushioning

– Scratches to the car’s roof may occur in some instances.

6. TMS J-Bar Rack HD Kayak Carrier

This can be mounted on right about any sort of load bar and is designed to hold kayaks weighing up to 34kg with a with a width of 1ft. it is made of steel and has been equipped with adjustable padding for stability and protection of the kayak. Its wide mouth J-shaped bar makes loading achievable without any hassle.

Most users have found it to be very functional and strong enough to provide the needed security for the kayak even while on top speed. There have however been some complaints over how difficult it is to set up the TMS J-Bar Rack HD Kayak Carrier while some others have shown their displeasure over the ease with which the straps fray. Notwithstanding, it must be said that the piece is really affordable and is not even too badly with regards to quality.

– Durable
– Affordable
– Adjustable padding
– Easy loading

– Straps are not long enough
– Not very easy to install

7. Rola Kayak Carrier Roof Rack

Sturdy, stylish and efficient are just some of the adjectives that come to mind when we get to consider this rack from Rola. Here, you have another J-shaped rack made from steel that has been coated with powder to give it anti-corrosion capability. It has got foam pad cradle and top grade heavy-duty straps and bow/stern tie-downs to ensure that your kayak is safely held in position. This very one is compatible with most of the cross bars available in the market and is even quite versatile as it can accommodate all kinds of kayaks.

One gripe that however gets to ring out loud is that hovering around its high cost – one could take this as the price for price though. We do believe that Rola Kayak Carrier Roof Rack is a good value for money. This gets 9.5 out of 10.

– Sturdy
– Easy loading
– Top quality materials
– Water-resistant

– Pricey

Best Bluetooth Fm Transmitter for Cars

These days, no one revels in having plastic CDs in his car because he wants to enjoy music. The fact is that the internet of things and the development of several hard and software has made it possible for us to carry everything electronically, music inclusive. Because there are many ways of storing, carrying, playing and enjoying your music today, any music lover who owns a car will always like to get a music playing device that can access as much of these sources as possible. The radio transmitter is because you will still want to keep your options wide open. The Bluetooth seems to be the most active music sharing and playing feature or app. this is because it is built into many devices and therefore allows them to share and play music and other files as they wish.

If you love to enjoy your trips and journeys while on the wheels, nothing makes for a better enjoyment than listening to news and music from radio stations and also playing the music you stored on several files. That is why buying a car radio will entail a lot if you o get something that you will enjoy. You have to consider the number of channels of stations you can get, the number of devices the Bluetooth could connect with, the extra features you will enjoy with it, and many others. This is why we are making a review of the best Bluetooth FM transmitter car radios in the market today so that it will be easy for you to pick the one you like.

1.Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit with

When you need a Bluetooth FM transmitter that could be renamed “compatible” because of its versatility, then you need to come and get this piece from Galaxy.  The product will work with all the devices that are Bluetooth enabled no matter their name and type. So, if you buy this, you can easily stream whatever you want to stream with your mp3, mp4, Smartphone, tablets, iPod, iPad, and iPhones. You will also enjoy another feature with this, and that is the LCD. This Bluetooth transmitter does not just display the features and functions of the radio and antenna, no. It also goes the extra mile by presenting the voltage of the car battery. It also shows all the phone numbers for all incoming calls when you connect it with the Bluetooth of your phone. So this is not just a radio or music device, it could also be termed a call enhancer. It is designed with a technology that allows it to cancel a nose from an angle, so what you will enjoy is a crystal clear sound all the time. With the charging port, you can charge almost all USB devices including your phone while on the go.  With the loud microphone, you can quickly answer your calls in a completely hands-free manner.


  • Compatible with almost every device you can think of
  • Noise cancellation feature
  • Very clear sound effects
  • LCD display is large
  • Can charge everything USB charging port


  • Sounds drop and get static at intervals
  • Sound becomes bad when you increase the volume

2.FM Transmitter,Wireless Bluetooth with Car Kits Charger Adapter

This is the second in our list of good car Bluetooth fm transmitters.  it comes with a bright LCD that is the blue color, and this will show you the information about the Bluetooth connectivity, the voltage of the car battery, phone numbers for incoming calls, names of songs playing on the SD card and FM channels available.  It comes with a 5V/2.1A USB charging port, and with this, you can quickly charge your phones, pcs, tablets, and other devices. This does not give the light charge that other ports will provide them with. With this, you will be looking at a very strong and quick charging. The built-in microphone system enables you to pick and drop your calls from your phone when you are on wheels, guaranteeing that nothing goes wrong because of multitasking with your hands. The CVC technology suppresses the noise and wind by creating a duplex sound and thus providing superior sound output. It is also compatible with other extra devices like iPhones, HTC, Samsung, Sony, and Blackberry, iPod, iPad, and many other Bluetooth devices. The maximum card volume that it supports is 32GB, and this is to say that huge files are possible. Through the aux input, it could also accept mp3 and mp4 players.


  • Compatible with a lot of devices
  • Gives a strong and quick charge to your devices
  • Hands free for calls


  • Audio quality easily gets bad
  • Not strong with remote signal

3.Bluetooth FM Transmitter, LDesign Universal Wireless Radio Car Kit USB Charging Hands-Free Calling

We move to the third piece in our list, and that is the design of Universal Wireless Radio with Bluetooth.  Its features include the fact that it could play music from your cell phones and TF cards. This car stereo that has compatibility with many devices through its Bluetooth is tagged unusual because of its numerous functions.  With this, you can answer and drop calls from your phone in a hands-free manner. The great thing is that it is universally designed as it can sync with almost any type of device you can think about. You can enjoy music from your USB, your iPods, iPhone, Samsung phones and even your tablets and GPS. The LCD is another good thing about this piece. It is enormous, and because of that, it is easy for you to see anything it displays, and it shows a lot of essential functions. They include the voltage of the car battery, the phone numbers that call you, the names of the songs played on the cards and some other functions. It is designed with the CVC technology, and this cancels noise to give an improved sound clarity. Charging of your other devices with this is not just possible, it happens very quickly.


  • Very easy to use
  • Hands free features enhances your safety while calling
  • Universal compatibility ensures you can stream from almost anything
  • Quick charging means your devices will never go off


  • The charging ports doest work well with iPhones
  • May slip into a language you don’t understand
  • Misses the fm frequency when unplugged
  • The screen may go blank after a few weeks

4.Ronxs Bluetooth FM Transmitter Wireless In-Car Radio Adapter Car Kit

This one is coming from Ronxs, and it is an amazing product. Now, the reasons why people buy these transmitters are numerous. But the majority buy them because of their multipurpose nature. So, any of those that give more functions will most definitely attract more buyers. Do you know why you will like this one more than the others? It is because the USB ports are 3 in number. The first USB is for you to play your music and enjoy all USB enabled devices. The remaining 2 USB ports are for the charging of your android and ios devices. This second one is so efficient that all your tools will be fully charged after a short while. It gives what is called a quick charge.  You will be able to view everything clearly through the 1.44” screen. Here, you will see your incoming calls, names of the songs playing, and the voltage of the car battery. While you can enjoy songs from as much as four sources, you can also enjoy up to 3 modes of play. They include the normal mode, the repeat mode, and the shuffle mode. This could work with a lot of other gadgets like the iPhone, and other Smartphones, and with every device that is Bluetooth enabled.  The built-in microphone that enhances the hands-free calling will give you a clear sound all the time. With this, you can enjoy up to 32GB memory.


  • It has up to 32 GB memory of storage
  • It has 3 USB ports
  • It has 4 playing sources and 3 playing modes
  • This Enhances hands free calling


  • It is not long lasting enough

5.GOgroove FlexSMART X2 Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car Radio w/ USB Charger

When you buy this car radio from Grove, you will enjoy a lot of features that will make you fall in love with it.  The first one is that this alone will make your car a wireless environment, in the sense that its Bluetooth will sync with the Bluetooth of your vehicle in such a way that you can receive and end calls coming to your phone from it. With this, your safety on wheels is increased.  On another angle, you will also enjoy the fact that you will never lack the source to enjoy your music from since this is compatible with almost every Bluetooth enabled device you can ever think of.  All Smartphones of all brands, tablets, mp3 players, and many others could play music on this. This particular model does not only give you amazing utility, but it also has an exquisite and sleek design that makes it look delicious. The neck is flexible, the style is very chic, and the profile port is placed correctly.  The button controls will also amaze you as they are precision in nature, with the volume, play and pause, auto scan and many others well laid out. The LCD is another good thing to it. It shows you the essential functions of the car and the device. The USB charging port is universal and can charge every device, and the sound quality is excellent. It also has an auto scan mode which will search and find the desired station or channel for you.


  • Auto scan for the radio
  • USB charging port is universal
  • Comes in a sleek and chic design


  • Reception is shaky
  • The volume of the radio is minimal
  • The bass is not good enough
  • It selects channels both in odd numbers

6.PUNICOK Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit

The next piece comes from PUNICOK. Now, while we have been able to tell that most of the others are compatible with the majority of the Bluetooth enabled devices and Smartphones like Android, iPad, iPhones, iPod, and many others, this one takes it a bit higher because it is also compatible with digital cameras too. You will also enjoy the fact that this is very easy to use.  The connection is intelligent, and this means that once it pairs once with it, it will always sync with it automatically the next times. The product is one of the most significant gains here because you don’t need to go through the same process all the time.  With this, you can also enjoy the hands-free calls with your phone through the Bluetooth connection.  The LCD is enormous with a dimension of 1.44 inches screen. With this, you can view the name of the song, the number calling you and the functions of the car radio. The USB charging port can also charge your devices well. It also supports the Mp3 and WMA music format with the 32GB TF card. It uses the CVC technology to cancel noise and the A2DP function to play music while the phone is connected.


  • Noise cancelling effect
  • Up to 32 GB of storage space supported
  • Larger LCD display
  • Easy to use


  • Becomes static sometimes
  • Screen can go black
  • Charging ports spoil easily

7.JETech Wireless FM Transmitter Radio Car Kit for Smart Phones bundle

The product is yet another product that you will like to get. It is coming from the stable of JETech and could be used with the Samsung devices, iPod, iPad, and iPhones. It has a 3.5mm jack that will hold it in place and allow you to enjoy music from all Bluetooth enabled devices mentioned above. With the extra USB port that it comes with, charging your phone and other USB enabled devices will be very easy for you. The display method is obvious and could be read easily by anybody. It is also straightforward to control the buttons through this because it is ergonomic.


  • Wide compatibility
  • Enhances hands free use of your phones
  • Display is bright and very easy to read


  • Transmission strength is very low
  • A very bad noise on the background

8.TeckNet F27 In Car Universal FM Transmitter

We now move to this piece from TeckNet. From your Smartphone and iPod, you can easily play music on this. The display is also as clear as you would want it to be, so reading it will not be any problem for you or anyone.  The manufacturers made this very simple, in the sense that it comes with only two buttons for its control. You also have the chance to charge your USB enabled devices with the extra charging port it comes with. Now, if you have any audio player that has the 3.5mm audio socket, it can work with it.


  • This is very easy to use
  • This looks very nice
  • It has an extra USB to charge your devices
  • The LED display is very clear and easy to read

9.AUKEY FM Transmitter, Radio Transmitter Car Kit

The last but not the least here is the product from AUKEY. When you have this, it can work with any device that is designed to give a 3.5mm audio output, and this is to say that the iOS, Android and many other audio devices with this feature will work with it.  It also comes with an extra USB port which serves as a charger for all these devices so that they will not go off while you are on the move. This radio transmitter that comes with a very high visibility display, which means that information about the music and your car will be seen easily on its small screen. You also have the chance to toggle FM frequency with the buttons that are very intuitive.


  • Ability to toggle fm frequency
  • Car charger for all your devices on the go
  • Compatible with many Bluetooth enabled devices


  • The plug is nothing to ride home about
  • Not durable or long lasting enough
  • Gives a bad sound quality

Best LED Light Bar Guide

Trucks, cars, SUVs, big vehicle owners, drivers and all… are you facing it tough to drive though foggy weather conditions like mist, or do you generally drive through the night. Then this is great news for your vehicle. Install the best LED light bar anywhere on your automobile will improve driving visibility to a great extent. Headlamps provide sufficient light for a few kinds of terrain. But for rural driving, night driving or driving in heavier weather conditions then you will have to do a basic modification to your car.

Uses and Types of LED light Bars: This plain design installation on your vehicle serves various purposes. It not only helps your visibility while riding but also improves the range of visibility of the headlamps. They can be used for several vehicle types and can be mounted anywhere on your boat, truck, and car. These are of short and long sizes and can also be used off- road at times too or even to host an event at night. Then you’d get the perfect lighting conditions.

Important Note: LED Light Bars come in various sizes ranging from 6’’ right up to over 50’’ length. These light bars sometimes contain 100 bright lights with over 30,000 lumens light. Have you ever seen the construction sites that work through the night, they use lights with similar high intensity lighting. So it is the same with LED light bars on your vehicle. Be careful to mount them on properly as the bright lights may blind the oncoming drivers. So, make sure about the laws regarding high intensity lighting.

Here is a list of 10 Best LED Light Bar Reviews to help you select the best for your vehicle even a truck, car, SUV or boat:

Best LED Light Bar Reviews

1. Auxbeam LED Light Bar 12″ 72W CREE LED Light

While it is less on power consumption it gives wider light beam for a longer distance. Its 3D projector lens style ensures top performance of lights in reflector cups that increase the light projection.

Specification & Key Features: What makes this really glow is its 7200 lmLuminous Flux with 24 High Power LED.  There is greater visibility with broader lighting area using original CREE LED chips on 12” dual row.


  • The 30O Spot & 60O Flood combination gives you the best visuals and lighting.
  • Waterproof & Dust proof up to 30 minutes /half hour beneath 3ft water depth.
  • Adjustable mounting brackets downside for easier mounting and adjustable positioning.
  • The wide light bar is ideal for on- road and off- road such as backyard/ garden lighting, constructions, back-up and so on. On Jeeps, SUVs, Motorcycles, Boats, Trucks, Cars, etc.


  1. No wiring harness though wires are heavy duty waterproof.
  2. Check product for instructions as this misses out in a few packages
  3. Rely on video/ picture for mounting on brackets as it can get tricky
  4. Bolts differ from those specified/ shown.

2. 20 Inch Led Light Bar Eyourlife

The product features Eyourlife Deep Cone Technology for enhanced Luminous Flux for more light intensity and distant beam. It uses CREE LED light bar which is 20’’ long and if used properly lasts up to 3 years.

Specifications & Key Features: The raw aluminum material gives longest Heat dissipation. Like all other Eyourlife product that mount easily on all or any vehicle this changes light beam easily by with work lights adjustable to 45O. This is best for fog driving. The slide brackets are easily slid to adjust to any size of your motor vehicle or off- road reasons for easier mounting.


  • Slide brackets for universal mounting onto a wide range of vehicles.
  • Usable for normal driving activities and off –road activities also
  • Special feature called Puddle Lamp


  • LEDs have a blue tint
  • Package does not have relay/ wire /fuse harness but does include +/- pigtail
  • Side flood lights are not as intense as central though functional.

3. LED Light Bar, Eyourlife 24″ Flood Spot Combo Beam

This product features the Deep Cone Reflector Technology for longer distant lighting and higher beam intensity. It is also easily mounted on a wide range of motor vehicles. Given its various uses this light bar that is used off- road or on –road is reasonably priced. This multipurpose LED light bar also keeps up the Eyourlife name and technology.

Specifications & Key Features: It has got an amazingly lengthy lifespan extended over 50,000 hours which is truly implausible. The product comes with a warranty of two years and assures great lighting system with 40 lights fitted into the LED Light Bar. Mount it on a wide range of jeeps, trucks, cars, boats as it has universal mounting.


  • More than 50,000 hours of life duration
  • Water resistance of IP68 certification
  • Better heat dissipation with 1070 aluminum.


  • Check package thoroughly if replacement is required.
  • While functionality is good product seems scratched
  • Few lights not burning, etc.

4. MICTUNING MIC-5DP30 2X SR-Mini Series

This little light bar literally lights up your way as you drive with great visibility. It offers 400 meters of lighting area with 5W high intensity in each of the 6 pieces. Although it is small it gives great intensity lighting with its superior brightness in the bulbs. Promises a combination of spot 8O and flood 20O.

Specifications & Key Features: A light bar which gives out 2700 lumens is not a joke. Even though small the CREE LED lights are tactfully positioned so as to deliver the largest and widest possible light beam. It works on a large variety of vehicles and to suit that purpose there is 10V to 30V operating range.


  • Drive through rough terrain and muddy puddles as it is IP68 water proof certification assured.
  • It is also dust proof light bar.
  • One of the few LED light bar offering two separate mounting styles including easy to install brackets.


  • Not as long/ wide as various other LED Light Bars.
  • Suits better as a headlamp supplement and off- road lighting

5. MicTuning MIC-5DP50, Mini – 50W Cree LED Lights Bar

Maybe not popular but MicTuning is a leading brand these days. You can get prepared for the toughest weather conditions as it is IP67 certified water proof. These LED light bars can be mounted to a various range of vehicles and has a wide operational voltage from 10V to 30V.

Specifications & Key Features: It offers one of the lengthiest lifespan putting other LED light bars to shame. It gives 50,000 hours of promised lighting. As this is long lasting, has easy mounting and has wide operational voltage this is the Best LED Light Bar that we recommend to shop for.


  • Comes with two various mounting styles so use which is convenient.
  • Super high lighting intensity gives best visibility for night driving


  • Might cause interference with radio when switched on at times.
  • Brackets might rust earlier
  • Issue with mounting from below / bottom side

6. EasyNew® 20″ Inch 120W Curved Led Light Bar

This is one of the best LED light bars as it covers a major distance. It is best suited for drivers who would like to go off- road. Meets all your vehicular driving demands and suits a wide range of vehicles as it can be mounted on easily. Comes with wiring harness that is rare with LED light bars these days

Specifications & Key Features: Its aluminum casing means it is ready to keep it safe and it is durable inside. It stops from damage. This product comes with PMMA lens that carry shatter resistance. It also has a water proof and dust proof IP68 certification. The Quart Lens delivers higher light transmission which adds to convenience.


  • Over 50,000 hours of light duration
  • Super high lighting intensity so excellent performer
  • Light beams are angled at Spot 30O & Flood 60O combo giving wider light
  • At 12,000 lumens it offers high luminous flux which is high intensity.


  • Though fantastic illumination look for defective center lights.
  • Seal the mounts with adhesive to be on the safe side.
  • Reasonable performance as per reasonable price.

7. OPPSK UV LED Bar with 9LEDx3W Black Light

This product is best for OTG or on the go as it is easy to operate, safe to use and portable so it fits just anywhere. Use this to get the perfect lighting ambience and color your showpieces to give viewers an enlightening show.

Specifications & Key Features: It is compact and fits any corner. Gives colorful light beams to shine your piece of attraction and reflects great ambience.


  • Ultra Violet high power light unit
  • On/ off switch ensures safe and easy use
  • High 27 Watt output for UV wash


  • Works better for florescent paint body

8. EasyNew 42-Inch 240W Curved Led Light Bar

This is an extremely long light bar that looks super on your auto and also comes with a separate wiring harness. These days you need to individually buy one so this product is a cut above the rest. It not only gives a stunning appearance but comes with IP68 for water proof certification meaning you don’t have to worry about going through water puddles, rain etc.

Specifications & Key Features: Its 44’’ long bar has wide voltage range from 10V to 30V to suit all vehicles or automobiles. It gives incredible lighting with its 240W LED power.  It has greater performance intensity at 2400 lumens so you do not have to stress your eyes while day driving/ night drives.


  • Extremely Super High brightness for area ahead.
  • Assures daylight like brightness with no dead spots.
  • Can be used for all automobiles heavy or small
  • Comes with IP 68 certification for water resistance.
  • Highly durable through seasons, water puddles, snow, etc.


  • As it is long mounting part can get tricky so will require trials before finally mounting on.

9. Auxbeam 12 Inch LED Light Bar 72W 7200lm Light Bar Combo

There are 24 total high power LED bulbs on this bar measuring 12 inches. This provides higher than expected brightness intensity with its 7200 lumens which is incredible. It can also be best used for garden lighting and back- up/ backyard lighting too or even construction lightings. It is a good spare to keep.

Specifications & Key Features: The angled light beams at Spot 30O and Flood 60O combo provide the best lighting on road ahead. T comes with IP67 certification that assures you can drive through dusty and muddy water terrain. The rains and dust will not spoil LED light bar. Can be mounted on almost every jeep, 4x4s, trucks, motorbikes, and boats.


  • Best for harsh driving/ all seasons as it has aluminum case that keeps damage out.
  • Quick –cooling heat sync style ensures longevity of LED light bar lifespan
  • Assures over 30,000 hours of intense lighting.


  • Can be tough for first timer as package does not contain instructions for wiring.

10. LightPlus CREE LED Lights

Whether you are going on a pleasure drive, night drive or even through muddy puddles these super bright high intensity water resistant LED bulbs will do their bright job. Enjoy double fun with its promised 6000k white color temperature to light your path to drive back home safe in darkest nights.

Specifications & Key Features: This pair of 4.2’’ long and 3.7’’ wide, 2.9’’ deep bar holding 6 strong  CREE LED Lights each gives 3W        high intensity. Its superior durability, quality, sturdy looks and outstanding performance makes the lights stand out from the rest.


  • Drive through water in peace with IP67 water proof certification
  • 3Wx 6 CREE LED light gives an outstanding 18W power.
  • Incredibly high intensity light emission with 1800 lumens
  • Sturdy design so it enhances the look of your SUV/ truck


  • Mounting bracket is not adjustable so gets tricky


Best Single Din Head Unit for Cars in 2018 ( updated list)

There are some drivers who actually cannot stand driving without their chosen best single din head unit for cars, and they are not far-fetched because I am actually one of them. It would be extremely boring for me to attempt to travel any long distance without a very nice stereo and radio set, especially the modern day single din radio. Music has been the food of the soul for me and I know the same thing is applicable to many other car owners out there. I have actually not come across anybody who hates good music. There may be varying degrees of love and attachment for music, but no one hates it. A journey of a thousand miles will actually seem like it involves a 100 miles when you go through it with a sound stereo and radio set. You don’t just enjoy good music with this, it also keeps you abreast with what is happening in the society outside the confines of your car, because you will listen to news and get the information you need as you move.

There are several types of single din radio car units coming from different brands. So selecting the one that gives the exact thing you need may be a difficult task. This is actually why many people buy things that do not serve them well. We have taken the labor of reviewing all of them, so as to help you select the one that will match your requirements and needs.

1.Alpine Single-Din Bluetooth Car Stereo with HD Radio

Possibly the Best Single Din Head Unit for Cars stereo on our list is the product from Alpine. This is one that comes with so many features that will make any car owner to go for it. When you buy this, you will enjoy the faceplate security that it comes with. Another thing you will enjoy from this includes the fact that it is detachable, so you can remove it and fit it back when you feel like, and can actually use one in many cars. It also comes with a remote controlled system so that you can control it from afar.  It has 50 watts as its peak power output and can give you as much as 4 channels.  You will enjoy the sound from this because of its Dedicated Subwoofer Preamp RCA Output running on its Preamp Voltage of 4 volts. You will enjoy the built in equalizer that this thing comes with, to make the sound even crisper clear as you desire.  It has the LCD Text Display type and the color is white. The button colors could be selected, so you can choose as you like.  It comes with an impressive 105 dB signal to noise and it is CEA-2006 Compliant.  The tuner is both for AM and FM bands, and it is compatible with the iPhone 5. It has an iPod Audio Integration and an Audio Playback, with a Standard USB-to-iPod Cable.


  • Comes with iPod Audio Integration
  • Comes with iPhone 5 compatibility
  • It has a Dedicated Subwoofer Preamp RCA Output
  • LCD Text Display


  • Experiences constant Bluetooth failures
  • Bluetooth regularly refuses to sync with any device

2.JENSEN VM9114 Din 

The Jensen unit which is the second in our list today has something that differentiates it from the others, and this is one attribute that should make it the darling of all drivers. This will actually playback all your DVDs, something you won’t actually get easily with the others. It is a USB that has a front panel design and that is to say that you can easily play all your audio and video files from all forms of hard drives here. This also accepts all forms of USB thumb drive. Now, you also realize how good it feels to have the chance to make a soft touch, and things will change to what you desire. This has a touch screen mode that makes it easy to control. It offers four functions in one and they are WMA, MP3, CD, and DVD playbacks.


  • This is a very easy to use radio


  • It is not fanciful and elegant

3.Sony MEX-XB100BT Single DIN 

Sony MEX-XB100BT Single DIN Hi-Power Bluetooth In-Dash CD/AM/FM/SiriusXM Ready Car Stereo with 160W RMS (CEA Rated Power) built-in 4-channel AmplifierOur third piece is from the masters of electronics and that is Sony. Of course when you are buying a piece like this from Sony, you should understand that you are getting an amazing stuff. With this, you can stream music in a wireless manner with your NFC and Bluetooth connections. Another feature of this piece that you may find amazing is the Dynamic Color Illuminator with Sound Synchronization. You will also enjoy its mega bass and the advanced sound it gives out based on the EQ10 technology.  With this piece, all you will enjoy is a very rich sound. You will also enjoy its ability to pair with the Bluetooth of your iPhone and iPod without qualms. It also comes with a hands free control mode named siri control.  The music playback and control is also hands free. It has an application that ensures an intuitive remote control, and the charge rate of the USB is very high. There is also a cable that allows you to connect the subwoofer directly.


  • Hands free control
  • Comes with a mega bass feature
  • Easy pairing with your iPhone and ipod
  • The playback is multi format
  • The color illuminator is dynamic


  • Constitutes problems for the 05 Durango

4.SiriusXM SXV300v1 Radio

SiriusXM SXV300v1 Connect Vehicle Tuner Kit for Satellite RadioThis is one car radio kit you will enjoy using. This is connected to the in-dash audio system of the car. The next good thing about this is that it comes in a compact size. The benefit is that it can easily be tucked away behind the dash and it will not be noticed. This gives the piece a look that makes it seem as part of the entire car interior set up. When you are in love with channels, this should be the car radio kit for you, because with it, you can enjoy as much as 20+channels. They will include sports, entertainment and music channels. It also comes with a special feature for the Spanish audience named the siriuXM Latino. With this, you will enjoy features like games, artists, song alerts, iTunes tagging for songs, weather and traffic, replay, SportsFlash, TuneStart, TuneScan, and Tune Mix. This also functions on the XM network. However, it is good to let you know that when you buy this, in order to enjoy all these other features, you have buy the subscription separately.


  • Very easy to install through the single interface cable
  • Supports a lot of advanced features
  • Works with the XM network


  • The signal is very faint in the outskirts
  • The antenna is of low quality
  • The bandwidth per channel is very limited

5.Pioneer DEH-X4900BT 

The best explanation for the next single din radio on our list is that you will enjoy two amazing features from it, and they include the fact that it is designed for hands free calling and will give you the best of audio streaming whenever you need to enjoy the best of music on the wheels.  This is a product from pioneer, and I can’t remember any name as popular as this in making great radio sets right from the days of old. This is designed to work with the Pioneer ARC App that makes it possible for you to adjust, control and set some functions on the receiver as you wish. It also comes with the feature that allows you to adjust the brightness or illumination level of the display. But it does not end here; the colors of the display could be customized as you wish. It is also designed to be easily charged with the USB device. With this, you can easily search for artists and albums and also reset, rewind and fast-forward.


  • You can set the display brightness and color as you wish
  • It is quickly charged through the USB
  • Compatible with the Pioneer ARC App


  • The volume is very low
  • It switches off when you increase the volume
  • The display may turn very dim

6.JVC KW-V130BT Double DIN

We are here to talk about yet another great name in issues of single din touch screen, and this time around, the next car radio on our list is a product from JVC. Now, when a product is made to favor every climate, every user and every situation, it starts by ensuring that almost anybody from anywhere can understand the instructions on it and operate it without any qualms. And there is no better way of doing this than to make sure that people of all languages can read and understand the display on the unit. JVC designed this piece to work with 17 different languages. This is amazing. It also comes with the Siri Eyes Free that enables it to work with iOS devices. It also has the title, album and artist display, and comes with 12AM and 18AM presets. This can possibly playback everything, from the CD to DVD, VCD, WMA, AAC, and many others. It also plays back the MPEG, JPEG, MP3< AAC, WAV and others through its USB. This works with apple devices including the iPhone 6 and 6+ and also the iOS software 8. With an equalizer of up to 13-band and about 8 curves to select, you won’t fail to commend the sound when you use it.


  • Great sound from the equalizer
  • Can playback an avalanche of sources
  • Compatible with the iPhone and iOS


  • Not durable enough

7.Kidcia Car Stereo, Single-Din Version

This car stereo is coming from Kidcia, and it is one you will want to own.  When a car stereo comes with an LCD display that is as large as 4 x 1 inch, you won’t have to be told that operating it will be very easy for you because of the level of visibility. It also has a wireless remote control feature that allows you to operate from anywhere around the device. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this is that it comes with an inbuilt TF card slot. This is coupled with the USB port which will allow you to charge your Smartphone while on the move. This doesn’t give a minimal charge, it charges as strong as your charger would. This also comes with a built in music play, and the amazing hands free call feature that ensures you are safe even when you have to answers calls at different intervals while on the move.  The product gives you the 87.50MHz to the 108MHz ranges for its radio tuner, and it can easily store and retain about 18 radio stations in its automatic memory. The LCD display also comes with multiple colors that you can choose from. However, this Best Single Din Head unit for cars may need someone with some degree of expertise to be able to install it.


  • Multicolor LCD display
  • Hands free call feature
  • Up to 18 radio stations could be stored
  • USB for phone charging


  • Needs a professional to install
  • It doesn’t come with a fader

8.Pyle PLDT87BT Headunit 

Our next single din touch screen is the head unit from Pyle, which offers multiple functions.  This receiver system comes in the single din mode and also has a motorized touch screen feature that could be folded out. It comes with a Bluetooth feature that allows you to stream music and audio as freely as you wish whiteout any wire.  Now, this does not only enhance the hands free calling, but it also has a built in microphone set for this, so that you will not need an earpiece for your calls again. It is among those Single Din Head units that are very easy to install. It does not demand any expertise on the installer’s side because it has a simple plug and play interface.  The amazing one is that all the Bluetooth enhanced devices of the present day which includes the tablets and Smartphones of different types can work with this. It also has the ability to read USB and micro SD cards through its card readers. This is one machine that you should go out there to shop for, because you will enjoy a memory that can contain up to 30 radio stations at once. You don’t need to keep searching and tuning anytime you want to listen to a different thing. The screen is up to 7 inch wide. That is to say that you will see whatever you want to see.


  • 7 inch screen display is amazing
  • Up to 30 stations memory is great
  • Compatible with all modern Bluetooth devices
  • The touch screen board could be adjusted


  • Screen flips out halfway sometimes
  • It keeps skipping songs on Bluetooth
  • Flip up part could get stuck

9.Pyle PLMR22BT – Single Din

Do you need something that is very versatile? You can get in any other unit more than you will get it in this piece from Pyle.  This is the single din head units type and it also comes with a remote control. When you buy this, you will enjoy an amazing wireless audio streaming through the Bluetooth. For you to enjoy your call with this, it also comes with a microphone that enhances a completely hands free experience. This is because your safety on wheels is still the utmost thing to pursue. It also has the auto-music quiet down feature which makes sounds more melodious than you could imagine. The input connector jack is one that will ensure that music from anywhere and everywhere could be enjoyed by you. With this, you will have the chance to stream music from your tablets, MP3 players, and smartphones of all types. Yes, this is an all rounder, and you will never lack a music source with it. It also has a file support for MP3 digital audio. It is compatible with SD memory cards and USB flash drive because it has readers for all of them. There is also strong information read out that showcases maximum innovation. It has an LCD display and gives AM and FM frequencies.


  • Versatile playback as it works with many systems
  • Can stream music from many sources
  • Clear LCD display
  • Remote control
  • Hands free calling system


  • Regular Bluetooth malfunction
  • The speakers are not loud enough
  • Unit looks fragile

10.Panlelo PA6219, Single-Din Head Unit

The last in the list of Best Single Din Head units is the product from Panlelo.  This gives you all you need about hands free call to ensure that you are safe while communicating on wheels.  How else would you explain the fact that this allows you to pick up calls and drop your calls them by pressing a single button on the device. You will also enjoy the Bluetooth feature that makes it possible for you to connect it with almost any device close to it.  This comes with 30 preset stations from the onset and they include AM (530-1710KHz) and FM (87.5-17.5MHz). When you buy this, you will enjoy a strong signal that will not drop as you move. So this is the ideal stuff to make your journey memorable. It comes with a USB interface and a very good SD card slot feature. This will also come with a whooping 16GB SD card and an amazing 9 sound effects. So, the lovers of jazz, rock, pop, classic, mega bass and other sound effects will have what they like without qualms. This could be installed easily too.


  • Easy to install
  • 30 preset stations
  • Hands free call answering feature
  • SD card and USB interface


  • Comes with only one language-English
  • No multi color display