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(Last Updated On: August 31, 2018)
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It is very much important, that if you have a trailer, you should always try to secure it with the best available trailer hitch lock in the market. Without a trailer hitch lock, it is just very much a liability to tow any kind of vehicle or heavy duty load or materials. Trailer hitch locks helps in keeping the integrity of the connection. It should be noted that a driver doesn’t tow just ordinary items. Mostly they consists of RVs, caravans, etc. which are really heavy and important to be taken care of. These things are expensive, and thus they need to be fully secured, so that they don’t face any kind of accidents or damages. The hitch lock for trailer system will ensure that the lock is always safeguarded, and it doesn’t get detached – no matter what the area or terrain is. Therefore, the risk will always be low.

Sometimes, you’re just not traveling and kept your trailer along any sidewalk. If it doesn’t have any trailer lock security then thieves will obviously want to steal your belongings, and thus hit you with a huge financial loss. Therefore, it is very much necessary to have a trailer anti theft system, via these hitch locks. There are various kinds of trailer hitch locks available in the market, from various other manufacturers. But which ones will be the best for you. Read on, to find out.

Reviews of Best selling Trailer Coupler Locks

1.Master Lock Trailer Lock – Best Trailer Tongue Lock

 This trailer lock is greatly used best for RVs, trailers and vehicle hitch locks. This is a very versatile functioning trailer lock that can used for many various different kinds of uses, for trailers. The lock is very much easy to use – from getting it installed to just removing it when not in use. The lock is very well made and very much durable to say the least. It can easily resist any kind of rust or corrosion. The trailer also has a very much advanced system for locking down the trailer, that will protect the lock from getting picked or pryed by thieves. This makes the trailer very much the best trailer tongue lock you can buy.

This lock can easily fit in most 1-⅞ inch, or 2 inch or even 2-5/16 inches trailer couplers. So, you don’t need to worry about the fitting requirements. The package comes with a lock and two keys for better control. The trailer also comes with a lifetime warranty, that makes the deal all the more sweet and compelling. Whether you’re transporting with your trailer, or kept your trailer at your backyard, this lock will keep it intact and safe. Also, its universal fitting measures will help you use it even if you buy a new trailer afterward.


  • This trailer lock can be used universally.
  • This lock comes with a huge lifetime warranty plan.
  • This lock is very much strong and durable.


  • The price can be a bit too steep for some customers out there.
  • Only comes in a single set of colour combination.

2.Trimax UMAX100 Premium Universal Lock – Got The Best Trailer Hitch Lock Reviews

Trimax UMAX100 trailer lock has a universal fit. Therefore, one lock will fit all trailer types out there. This lock comes with a dual ratchet lock system for better security. This exclusive kind of design makes the trailer very sturdy, and is totally made of steel construction. Full 360 degrees is made of steel and is very much durable. There is also a nifty cover for the keyhole, to keep any kind of dirt out and keep the lock in its best workable condition. The housing of the lock is fully made of nylon, which is also a kind of ballistic grade level nylon.  It can fit all types of coupler trailers types. Also, the lock is very much simple to use. For more better protection, the manufacturer suggests using a Trimax chain or a lever lock.

The lock also comes with a lifetime warranty support, so peace of mind for your needs. No wonder it has go the best trailer hitch lock reviews on Amazon.


  • The lock comes with a lifetime warranty support.
  • The lock will fit any kind of coupler trailer type.
  • It is very much simple to use and install.
  • Made up of very durable materials for long time use.


  • Price is lot too high for many customers out there, to be able to afford it.
  • The manufacturer could have all steel construction, than using ballistic grade nylon enclosure.

    3. Master Lock Universal Size Fits Couplers Trailer Locks

This trailer lock will fit all types of coupler trailers, for its universal fit. The manufacturer said that the bright red color of this lock will try to discourage any kind of thief, who will think of messing around with your trailer. This lock is very easy to install, as well as remove too. The build will resist any kind of rust or corrosion that may happen, therefore making it usable for many many years to come.

The lock will also resist any kind of picking and prying too, making it resistant to thieves. Definitely, one of the best simple looking locks, yet very much functional. This is one of the reasons why it has got so much good trailer hitch lock reviews on Amazon.


  • The lock has a universal fit, for almost all kind of coupler trailers out there.
  • The lock comes in a very bright red color, that may complement your trailer’s looks.
  • It is very much resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • It is also very much resistant to picking and prying.


  • The build is not very strong and durable.
  • The red color of the lock may not be perfect for everyone.

    4.REESE Towpower 72783 Universal Coupler Lock

Even though this trailer coupler lock doesn’t cost so much, it still looks very premium. This lock is very much well built, with the use of aluminum body and a steel bar that is very much heavy duty. The lock also has a universal fit, that makes it usable on all kinds of the trailer makes and models. The yellow color will repel any thief who would like to have messed with your trailer. The yellow color is also very highly visible and durable too. Also, this lock is easy to install too and is resistant to any kind of picking or prying or drilling out.

The lock has 11 locking positions so that it can be used for a long time, even if you change your trailer afterwards. There is no mentions of warranty support for this lock on the product page though.


  • The lock has a universal fit for kinds of trailer types.
  • Resistant to picking or prying.
  • Has the bright yellow color paint all over it.
  • Very much affordable


  • Some users are suggesting that the model could have been built more strongly.
  • The bright yellow color may not be for everyone out there.

    5.Master Lock Trailer Lock Adjustable Coupler Latch Lock

This type of lock is best used for various kinds of trailers, vehicles and RVs alike. This lock comes with six different places to lock it, so that you will get the maximum adaptability and flexibility. The lock has a great design, which is not only strong, but durable too. There is also a cap which acts as a water tight fastener, protecting the main lock from any kind of dust, dirt or moisture. This type of coupler lock adjusts from just as small as 9/16 inches to like 2-¾ inches.

The package will come with the latch lock, along with two other keys as well. Definitely, one of the best trailer lock system you can get on the market right now. The toughness and reliability of this lock is incredible, to say the least.


  • This lock is very much durable.
  • The lock is very much affordable for the normal customer.
  • It can lock in six different positions.
  • This lock is very easy to use.


  • Some users do complain about its overall strength and toughness.
  • Not is the best lock for any kind of theft protection.

    6.Curt Manufacturing CURT Coupler Lock

This type of coupler has a ¼ inch pin, which can fit upto ¾ inches of couplers, that are latch type ones. There is also a hardened locking pin, made totally out of steel for better reliability and security. The whole lock is covered in a brass plated finish, which is very much durable, to say the least. The lock is also very much easy to use and install. This is primarily because its lock activation only needs ¼ turns. The package comes with 2 keys for better control over the lock.

Apart from that, this lock is very much resistant to any kind of tampering or stealing, due to thieves. This is the best coupler lock to protect your boat, or camper or even your precious trailer.


  • This lock is very much easy to use and install.
  • The brass coating protects the lock from any kind of rust or corrosion.
  • The lock is very much resistant to tampering and stealing.
  • Has a durable build quality.


  • Doesn’t have a universal fitting.
  • Some users are suggesting that the supplied keys are weak, and may break while opening it.

    7.Fastway Fortress Maximum Security Universal Coupler Lock

This lock can fit any type of tongue trailer couplers, thereby protecting your trailer from getting stolen by thieves. The package comes with two keys that are both barrel sized. This makes this lock much more harder to pick, making it safer than other types of locks. The lock also has an anti-drill design, protecting it from getting drilled. The shackle is kind of unique on the lock, making it hard to pick or even pry off the trailer. The lock is made up of totally high corrosion resistive substances, that make it more lasting and durable. The shackle is fully made up of steel.

The lock also has a cover, that protects it from dirt, dust and water. No wonder this is the best coupler lock for all types of trailers, RVs, etc. The lock will come with a limited lifetime warranty for total peace of mind.


  • The lock is very much strong and durable.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Can be used on any type of trailer model and make.
  • The lock has increased safety.


  • Cost is a little bit on the higher side.
  • Assembly can be a bit complex, according to some users

    8.Blaylock TL-33 Coupler Lock

This universal coupler lock is made out of very much heavy grade aluminium, that is totally aircraft grade. This will make the lock resistant to any kind of rust. The lock contains a ¾ inch rod, made up of steel and used for locking. The lock can also be used with a padlock, which makes it very much heavy duty to say the least. This will surely keep your trailer safe, and your mind out of any kind of stress or worries. Can fit any type of latch style or trigger style couplers. This makes the lock very much versatile and great for long-term use.

This lock definitely is very strong and durable. And that’s what has made it earn good trailer hitch lock reviews on Amazon.


  • Very strong and durable.
  • The lock is made up of aircraft grade heavy aluminium.
  • Can be used for heavy-duty purposes.
  • The lock is very much versatile in its use.


  • Should be used with a good lock to actually show it’s true potential.
  • Should have been easier to use.
  • This lock is slightly overpriced for the features it provides.

    9.Master Coupler Latch Lock-Solid Brass Trailer Lock

This coupler lock comes with a very much protective and hardened shell, that makes it so much resistant to any kinds sawing or cutting. The lock also comes with an anti-sawing pin, which adds an extra layer of security to the whole project. Works upto 2 inch couplers, and may not work on all 2-5/16 inch couplers. The brass case is very much solidly built, which makes it the best for resisting any kind of corrosion. The installation is very much simple and easy to use.

The lock comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is a great lock to protect your trailer from any kind of thieves. Definitely, one of the best trailer coupler locks in the market right now, as can be seen by its user reviews on Amazon.


  • The lock is very much strong and durable.
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Easy to use.
  • This lock is very much affordable.


  • The lock is very much small in size. A bigger lock would be been better so that it could be fitted on almost any trailer.

    10.Connor Adjustable Trailer Lock – Brass Coupler Lock

This lock will fit most types of coupler out there, making it one of the most versatile coupler locks in the market. It can carry up to 1000 lbs of weight. The lock can withstand a high amount of pressure and strength. The lock can be used at varying lengths, and this is very much flexible to use. The package also comes with two keys for better control over the lock. The lock is easy to use and install too. It is also made out of steel that is a very much heavy duty, and durable too. This makes the lock very much strong, to say the least.

The lock also has a very durable finish made out of brass. Can withstand any kind of weather or use. This lock is truly recommended for many users out there.


  • Very durable and built very strongly.
  • The lock is very much easy to use.
  • This lock can be used with any type of trailer upto 1000 lbs of weight.


  • Can’t be used for heavy sized trailers, more than 1000 lbs of weight.
  • Can be resistant to some corrosion over time.
  • There is no U shaped configuration, this can be tough for many users to consider this.

Steps To Follow For Trailer Security

  • Make Sure You Invest In A Good Coupler Lock: This is the most important thing to look into, after buying a trailer. Without a good lock, your trailer has higher chances of getting attacked by thieves or getting damaged while transporting from one place to another.
  • Always Park Your Trailer In Around Places Where There Is At Least Moderate Density Of Population Are Living: Always try to park your trailer in your backyard, or a place that is not deserted or has a scanty level of population. This decreases your risk of getting your trailer stolen and also keeping it safe.
  • Give Extra Care To Your Trailer While Travelling: While traveling with your trailer, make sure it is connected to your main car, in a good way. This is important because, if the connection is loose, then your trailer might detach and cause an accident, as a result. That’s why it is recommended to double check before starting the journey.

What To Look For When Buying Trailer Tongue Locks?

 It is always a natural thing, that when you have so many different choices on the market, it becomes hard to pick the right one. That’s why the following are some of the guidelines to help you buy the right trailer hitch lock.

  • Look At User Reviews: This is the most important part of selecting a good trailer hitch lock. See what the users are saying about a specific lock. This will tell you about the varying experiences of many users, and not just one. Then use those reviews to decide, whether you want the product or not.
  • Check Whether It Is Durable Or Not: This is also a great method of ensuring a specific product will last long enough or not. You have to look at the materials the lock is using, along with online or offline user reviews as well. If your friends or relatives are using the same lock, ask for feedback too. That way, you’ll know whether the lock is a short-term or a long-term thing.
  • Should Be Easy To Use : The trailer hitch lock, you’re going to choose, make sure it’s easy to use. There’s no use if the lock is complex to put on, or remove. That will consume a whole lot of time and energy. That’s why taking the easiest path is the safest way to go.
  • Should Be Great For Safety: If a lock can’t perform the basic function of keeping your trailer safe, there is no use buying that kind of lock. Make sure it has enough safety measures for keeping your trailer safe from thieves or keeping it intact while going through rough terrains, etc.
  • Warranty Terms : This is also an important thing to take care of, when buying a trailer hitch lock. Make sure it comes with a decent amount of warranty time, so that if it goes wrong, you can replace or repair it. Good manufacturers always give more years of warranty on their products.


It can be easily seen how much of a difference a good coupler lock makes to the whole situation of keeping your trailer safe. That’s the reason why good coupler locks are being produced by various different manufacturers so that customers could have more choices, at the end of the day. The quality of these coupler locks is also increasing day by day, with new types of locks getting more and more affordable.

It should also be noted that, before buying a new coupler lock, it’s absolutely necessary to look at what brand you’re buying, the reviews of the product, the price as well your own trailer requirements. After considering all of these, then only you will proceed to find your best trailer lock.

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