Best Tires for Toyota Prius

(Last Updated On: October 19, 2018)

Toyota Prius is amazing in its looks and not just for the looks the car is unique manufacturing for its fuel economy as well. That is the point that most people consider while buying a car. Chances are you have a Toyota Prius because you loved its fuel economy but now you would need quality tires too as tires wear out by time and need replacement. Tires are also responsible for a better fuel economy and the overall drive experience. So if you want your car to perform the same it used to with those tires you bought with the car, you have to choose wisely before handing over your money to the seller.

When you choose a proper pair of a tire or all four tires that are made for your car you get to know it automatically. As a result, you experience silent and smooth driving, easy handling, maximum fuel economy, no skidding, and several other fantastic features. But as you feel, choosing the right tire is not a matter of minutes but it needs proper researching. You may need lots of reviews and opinions of others before concluding.

There is another way of reach to the conclusion and that is this list of ten best tires for Toyota Prius. You just need to read these out, understand the features, pros, and cons and you can make your decision straightforward and get the tires at your doorstep.

Best Tires For Prius This Year

toyata prius tires
best tires for frius

#10 Westlake 24525034 RP18 Touring Radial Tire – 185/65R15 88H

If you want one two three or all the four tires without spending much, then this product can be the one for you. Westlake presents you the cheapest way to own the tires that come under $40 and fits well with your Toyota Prius. A vehicle needs a replacement for the tires if you think these are worn out and the more time you take, the more chance of risks you get. So it is wise to replace those old tires with these new ones by Westlake.

The level of pressure or the PSI for the remains 88 and the maximum load it can carry is 1235 LB that is a pretty good number you get for the price. For the smoothness and hassle-free handling, you should also consider the product and to make a quick buy you can use the purchase link from here. The tires also operate noise-free, but on some surfaces, it may feel somewhat noisy. All in all, this is quite a good deal for the bucks.


  • The tires operate well in almost all the seasons
  • The tread pattern is well designed for summers or dry surfaces
  • These tires are capable of serving Prius for thousands of miles
  • The handling comes as a charm with these tires


  • Best for summers
  • Quality seems good for the price
  • Charges you less


  • May not hold well when wet
  • A bit noisy

#9 Prometer LL821 All-Season Radial Tire – 195/65R15 91H

The all-season Prometer tires is the next deal you would want to consider for the price. Those who expect a speed rating of H at a high price can go for Prometer tires. If you travel on the wet roads mostly and rarely in snow and rain, then the product won’t let you down. They are not very good in the rainy season and they might make you feel slippage in snow but in summer they are amazing. Basically, with these tires, you get your price without any regrets.

For the noise reduction, these tires work better than the above one, but it also depends on the way you drive your Toyota plus the maneuvers you perform if any. A smooth ride will always be your companion after installing these tires and taking those turns will also get easier.


  • The tread wear serves up to 50,000 miles
  • The tire goes well with any passenger cars, sedans, coupes, and small crossovers too
  • The tread is designed to perform in the rain and reduce the risk of issues like hydroplaning
  • The design is wide and flat that promotes stability and easy handling
  • All the elements promote the possibility of an all-season tire


  • Overall quality is good
  • They get turned easily
  • Works fine with noise reduction


  • No great on wet roads
  • May experience leak

#8 Cooper Starfire RS-C 2.0 All-Season Radial Tire – 195/65R15 91H

The next one is from the Starfire Cooper that you can buy as your tires. Those who want the tires to serve longer than the brand offers you the tire that you can drive up to 40,000 miles without losing the trade pattern. Performance wise, it serves you well because there is an excellent amount of traction, smooth handling that allows you for quick turns, and a noise-free ride.

As these are not so expensive so you can’t expect the premium type of features from these tires. As a result, there may be some vibrations while driving but that depends on the environment and surface you drive on. For the dry surface, it works amazing, and for the wet ones, it feels quite good.  The black sidewall is styled to make your car look cool and as an overall rating it promotes comfort and performance.


  • The tread pattern performs amazingly that lets you drive in all seasons
  • The tire is designed to offer pretty good traction and handling
  • A smooth experience even at maximum speed and turning feels secure
  • The Circumferential Grooves ensure you drive well on slippery surfaces
  • The sidewall provides a modern look to the tire and your vehicle


  • Works well even on longer trips
  • Excellent with balancing
  • Drive remains quiet and smooth
  • The tread design serves well


  • May notice some vibration
  • Less promotion of mileage
  • Not so incredible in rain

#7  Ohtsu FP7000 All-Season Radial Tire – 195/65R15 91H

If you are comfortable with taking your expense a bit higher and ready to own a tire that comes under $50, then it is a perfect choice. Ohtsu offers you all season tires that are made for premium like performance and looks. The tread patterns remain non-directional, so your car does not skid on snow and wet surface like in rainy season.

So if your career or hobby binds you to travel in rainy areas sometimes then buying these tires for your Prius would be a great step. The speed rating is H plus it helps your car to maintain the fuel economy that comes originally with the vehicle. The grip strength makes it worthy to buy plus the overall strength and quality are two additional factors that you get with the tires. Toyota Prius like high fuel economy cars need some special type of tires that have certain factors, and you can definitely get that with the Ohtsu all season tires.


  • The non-directional tread lets you ride on dry and snowy area
  • It is responsible for smooth rides and provides lots of traction
  • The thread serves you for longer so you need fewer replacements
  • The tread block design offers you a reduced amount of noise while driving
  • The grooves seem well because of less skidding on wet surface


  • Good balancing and aligning
  • Smooth ride every time
  • Rides well on snow
  • Great deal for the charges


  • A bit noisy

#6 Sumic GT-A All-Season Radial Tire – 195/65R15 91H

Sumic is like another name of excellence and trust that you can do on its tires. For better stability and quality you can have the Sumic GT-A all-season performance tires and install on all four pillars of your Toyota Prius and you will surely get superior ride quality, increased handling, smoothness, design, and all other important factors. Someone who can spend almost $50 on one tire and respectively $200 on all four tires can call this product for the cart.

The construction can be compared to any premium quality tire where the advanced technology tire offers you outstanding feel in every ride until the tread pattern get worn out. Having the speed rating of H the product is ready to blow your mind at a budget-friendly cost. To check the worn out tread you can do the coin testing and determine if your tires need the replacement.


  • The tread pattern is symmetrical having the 4-Rib system that allows for superior stability
  • Its premium tread quality lets you take advantage of all season ride
  • The tread blocks made for the purpose of controlling noise while driving
  • Superior handling and rigid quality


  • Tires work well in the snowy and dry area
  • Good amount of traction
  • The grip is amazing and allows for speed
  • These Prius tires are wonderful for the price


  • The sidewall may get defective
  • Tread does not fit the rainy season

#5 Sumic GT-A All-Season Radial Tire – 215/55R16 93H

Another symmetric tread pattern tire from Sumic that lets you feel that excellence and premium quality while driving. Anyone who wants a good quality of tire under $60 can head to this product. The technology advancement that the brand uses allows you for stability and smoothness.

As a downside, you can experience some low balancing issues if you drive in rough form otherwise the product works well. The drivers who want a sophisticated looking and average performing tires can trust this one. The 4-rib pattern is the biggest blessing that comes along and promises you good traction. There may be some vibration and noise problem that you can experience in heavy weather or when the atmospheric conditions are not so good. Like a warranty, the brand gives you a 45,000-mile of the journey and that is when the tread gets out of the race.


  • The four rib pattern is provided in all Sumic tires, and that is for ride and stability
  • The tread is made in the way that handles your ride on wet surfaces
  • The groove stays responsible for providing water evacuation
  • The block sippin helps in reducing noise and maintain the comfort


  • Low-cost deal
  • Quiet good handling
  • Good traction
  • Nice appearance


  • Vibration issues
  • Low balancing
  • Noise while driving

#4 Milestar MS932 All-Season Radial Tire – 215/45R17 91V

Some people want a superior drive at a cost-effective deal and this seems the solution. It is excellent for dry roads but even if it is a wet or snowy one the tires handle pretty well. So if this is about your car or someone else you can always recommend this one to others. The tread comes as non-directional with the three rib design embossed so you get that fantastic traction, handling, grip, and smoothness.

Another thing that makes these Toyota tires worth to buy is the circumferential grooves that come with an ultra-wide angle and that serves you in moving the water effectively. This way, drivers feel less hydroplaning and hence it works for an increased lifespan while holding that toughness. As the speed rating is V so you can have a maximum of 149 mph.


  • The Toyota Prius tires promotes three-season driving
  • 50,000 miles of warranty comes along with these Prius tires
  • The tread is non-directional with the 3-rib design so the handling feels easy
  • An affordable solution that anyone can by with ease and feel a better performance
  • It can easily be installed with minivans, crossovers, sedans, coupes and of course the Toyota Prius that is a compact itself


  • They are quiet
  • Tires do the job well
  • The steering works well
  • Ride feels smoother


  • The pattern may worn out quicker than mentioned
  • Sidewalls are fragile

#3  Michelin Energy Saver A/S All-Season Radial Tire – 195/65R15 91T

The next one comes as the best tires for Prius from Michelin. The brand itself charges you more or almost double the price than an average tire manufacturer, but when it comes to quality and performance, it is the one any serious buyer should consider. For the expensiveness, you get better fuel economy which is really better, a lower rolling resistance and an all-season driving. So even if you continue to travel or visit town after town your riding will not be compromised because of the miles.

There are good points but everything has two sides and this too has some downsides. As the biggest downside, you may experience some noise while driving and it may be unbearable sometimes but that is a rare case. Plus, you have to handle it carefully as it does not perform like a pro in handling.


  • A premium quality tire that supports you in all the seasons
  • The speed pattern is T that represents a speed of 240 kph
  • The trade wear does not get worn out quickly and so replacement is not a problem anymore
  • Fuel mileage feels really good after installing these tires


  • The ride even on the wet surface is excellent
  • It promotes a ride on the maximum comfort level
  • Tread lifelasts longer


  • May face some handling issues
  • You may hear some noise while driving
  • It may feel less of the quality in winter driving

#2 Michelin Premier A/S Touring Radial Tire – 195/65R15 91H

This one is again from Michelin as the brand has been bringing the premium feel and quality for years, so these are the best tires for Prius and trending too. So if this is your tire for Prius you are going to drive like you are in a different world. The only problem with this brand is some amount of noise that you have to bear but for other amazing factors it is not even noticeable and so you can have it.

Another downside that one can feel is the expensiveness because it charges you under $120. But those who value quality over price will not have a problem with this factor. The handling feels somewhat prompt and the ride remains smooth plus the increased mileage makes it worth buy.


  • The grip remains strong to the road that lets you enjoy your ride
  • Works pretty good in wet conditions and amazing in dry weather
  • The technology noise reduction is implemented as well and it minimizes the noise as much as possible
  • The open grooves maintain traction and keep the quality alive
  • The tread blocks and sipeperform well for snow


  • All-seasons term works quite well
  • Good grip
  • Improved mileage
  • Smooth ride


  • Handling does not feel amazing
  • Does not work well in water
  • It is noisy

#1 Michelin Latitude Tour All-Season Radial Tire – 245/60R18 105T

Our last and the best Toyota Prius tires recommended is here that again from Michelin fortunately and that some people may find over expensive. However, for the utmost quality and driving experience, the price is not an obstruction. The product seems worthy to buy because it has an amazing fuel efficiency, handling power that you need, the comfort that one needs in covering long distances.

The speed rating is T and the all season driving feature is the most amazing one. Now, you can actually drive whether it is rainy or snowy on those tracks the performance never gets compromised.


    • The special groove that takes extra care of your driving experience and makes it hassle free
    • The tread compound is designed to make the rolling resistance reduced
    • It results in an increased engine fuel efficiency


  • Quiet and smooth experience
  • Premium quality
  • Lasts for more miles
  • Great service on wet roads


  • Expensiveness

Best Selling Michelin Tires For Prius

Michelin makes the best brand when it comes to automobile tires. Anyone who seriously wants to save the money on fuel by having a good fuel economy should go for this brand. Above, I mentioned three products from Michelin that charges you double bucks, but the quality can’t be compared to other average products.

Michelin Latitude Tour All-Season Radial Tire – 245/60R18 105T is the best-selling tire from Michelin. The tire itself comes with a warranty of 65,000 miles until the tread gets worn out. The black sidewall looks premium and goes well with your Toyota Prius. The major advantage is the tire is compatible on wet surfaces even when it rains heavily. Similarly, it also goes well with snow and it helps you staying anti-skid.

The extraordinary rubber compound and the wide grooves are responsible for its world-class performance that you can rarely see in other tires. If you want a hike in fuel economy, then this is the best tire from Michelin and saves you gallons of fuel in the long run. Those who always crave for a quiet and comfortable ride must go for this product as the precision in its manufacturing make it so premium and rich of features.

Factors To Consider While Buying Toyota Prius Tires

As you know, Prius is the car for silent driving and best fuel economy among all the cars for the budget. Buying new tires is also the part of owning this car or any car or vehicle. Now, there are some factors that you should understand before making your final decision. Here are these factors you should take care of-

#1 Choose A Tire With Better Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is the most important factor so try to consider this first with other ones like noise reduction, smooth handling, etc. every time you buy a tire make sure to check the fuel economy it claims. Tires that come with a good fuel economy rate cost you less with by charging you less petrol or diesel because a less lasts for long. To get the best fuel economy and other factors, always try to purchase tires from the same brand or version that come originally with your vehicle.

#2 Purchase Tires With A Proper Tread Wear

Treadwear is the design or pattern that comes embossed on a tire. There are three tread patterns, symmetrical, asymmetrical, and directional. To determine what your tread pattern should be you first need to understand your needs on driving. For example, on which surface you mostly drive, if it is a wet one, a snowy one or a dry surface and then choose the tread pattern.

For those who want to drive their cars in tough climates or conditions should always go with directional as the pattern allows for smooth and safe driving even in odd situations.

#3 Always Read Out Vehicle Manufacturer’s Recommendation

The final tip on choosing the best tires is to read out the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation. You can take it as the best tip because when you follow the manufacturer’s advice, you are automatically going to select the best tires for your car. A recommendation always includes the best tire size, tread pattern, sidewall width, and other vital factors. So always follow the label printed on your tire to buy a new one.

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