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(Last Updated On: October 30, 2019)

All Terrain Tires for Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is a very popular choice among the adventure enthusiasts. Being a proud owner of such a fancy car would also include taking proper care of it and maintaining the jeep to the best. We are often divided over tires, car products, and repairs. Therefore, in this article, you will find all details pertaining to the type of tire that is best for your Jeep Wrangler.

Types of Jeep Wrangler tires

There are many types of Jeep Wrangler tires to choose from based on your needs. Precisely where you want to take your Jeep might be a good consideration when choosing tires.

  • All terrain tires for jeep wrangler

The ordinary tire that is used in a ready to use Jeep Wrangler is an all terrain (AT) tire. They are designed to perform the best on paved roads but can provide a little traction in light off-road applications. The benefits of such jeep wrangler tires are better fuel economy, very little noise, and excellent wear time. Some AT tires may be more tough build in which some of the above-mentioned benefits have been compromised for better off-road performance. The tread on Best terrain tires for jeep wrangler makes it easier for the vehicle to get a good grip on varying surfaces. Harder rubber is used to make them which makes them very durable. The sidewalls are reinforced to withstand the dangers of punctures. They are more expensive as compared to ordinary tires but their durability makes up for it. This makes your Jeep Wrangler perfect for cross country runs.

    • Winter tires

Winter tires of Jeep Wrangler

These type of jeep wrangler tires are best suited for snowy conditions. The tread design for these tires has bigger gaps than those on ordinary tires. Some may have studs protruding from the tire to increase traction on ice. The rubber used is made hydrophilic to improve friction on wet surfaces. Mostly they have the features of summer tires so they incorporate siping for wet surfaces. There are laws laid down by different countries and provinces to restrict the use of winter tires on normal roads as they may damage the roads. If you regularly face grizzly conditions, then you may opt for studded tires.

    • Sand tires

Wide tires are best suited to run on a beach or any sandy patches and mud. They consist of large rubber paddles arranged sequentially and placed on a smooth rubber core. The tread blocks are smaller and are divided by numerous narrow grooves known as sipes. A greater number of sipes help in better traction on the loose dry sand. A very important thing to keep in mind while taking the jeep out on the beach is you should air down the tires.

    • Mudslinging tires

Being the best terrain tires for jeep wrangler, the mud tires or mud terrain tires usually have big and chunky treads designed to perform the best in muddy surfaces and provide the required traction. These lugs bite into squishy surfaces helping your vehicle to get a grip on the surface. The tread blocks that are divided by broad and deep grooves stop the mud from sticking to the tread. There are large gaps in the tires which allow the mud to clear quickly from between the lugs. When running on regular roads, they like to be a bit noisy.

    • Rock crawling tires

To run on boulders, tires with large side lugs and good flex for optimal air down performance are required. Also, larger tires are preferred for rock crawling adventures. These tires may need to be deflated and re-inflated depending on the usage on trails or riding the roads. So a tire with stiff sidewall construction should be avoided.

10 Best tires for Jeep Wrangler

Though we have a detailed buying guide on how to buy the tires, the choice could be confusing. The reason for the confusion is the availability of the number of tires. This list of top ten best tires will help you get the best tire for your jeep. Most of the people go by big names, it could sometimes not be the best choice for your jeep. You need to scrutinize other brands that could end up getting you the best yet affordable tires for your jeep. These products are brought to you with its ability to last long, traction capacity and the design.

    • Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire–235/75R15105S

This Jeep Wrangler tire has an enhanced tread design that provides traction in any given condition. For stability and strong handling, there are large tread blocks. The manufacturer provides a Replacement Limited Warranty on the product.

1.It is affordable and provides good worth for the money.
2.In the storm, rain or snow it will deliver a great performance. Most importantly, they are quiet on the highway. They can get you out of situations in which your Jeep is dreadfully stuck.
3.30-day money back guarantee and a 1-year replacement warranty.
4.Works great for smaller trucks.

1.These tires, sometimes, cannot work well in the county roads.
2.The thin sidewalls can be a problem.

    • Falken Wildpeak AT Jeep tires

As one of Best terrain tires for jeep wrangler, the tires work best in any weather rugged capability. The internal tire components are protected by the heat diffuser technology in the lower side wall. The 3D canyon sipe technology resists wear from high torque and provides additional stability. This tire is designed to perform the best on rocks and deep mud. It can run on any surface, be it in the city or on a mountain. The customers who use these tires seem to be satisfied with what they have got.

1.They can cover 48,000 miles in one year and performs on every kind of surface. These tires are unbelievable as they are all the worth you spend.
2.These tires are made for smooth rides and great grip.

1.The tires can be a bit noisy.

    • Dick Cepek Extreme country tires for Jeep Wrangler

This has amazing traction and lasting life. It is made using the high tensile body that improves sidewall strength, resistance during roll, heat add-up. For a better handling and less noise, tighter elements for tread are used. These tires have undergone rigorous testing to be proved absolutely safe. Perfect choice to take the jeep out to the wilds.

1.If you can get the perfect size for your Jeep Wrangler then you practically won’t have to worry about getting stuck ever. They perform well on every kind of surface and have the benefit of self-cleaning.
2.These tires are designed for excellent traction and to serve for a longer term.
3.Their self-cleaning ability is a great plus.

1.There are not much of demerits the customers complaint about.

    • Goodyear Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar Jeep tires

This boosts of the latest DuPoint™ Kevlar® reinforced sidewalls. It has hardworking wraparound and innovative asymmetric tread. It is made from an advanced silica rubber. The Kevlar technology can reduce punctures and provides better traction. These Jeep Wrangler tires are also designed to help in self–cleaning and considered as one of the best off road tires for jeep wrangler.

1.The pricing is competitive and the tires are great in appearance as well as application.
2.It doesn’t involve a lot of noise and has good traction on rocks and sand.
3.These tires can be used for a daily drive and for an aggressive off-road occasional drive as well.

The tires can be a bit noisy only when you open the windows.

    • BFGoodrich all-terrain T/A KO2 Radial tires

The tire uses the CoreGard technology which makes it split and bruise resistant. The rubber is of increased thickness and protects more of the critical sidewall failure zone. The rubber is also specially formulated to reduce chip and tear. It has staggered shoulder blocks to provide greater maneuverability in wet soil and deep snow. An additional advantage is that when running on city roads, it doesn’t produce any sound.

1.You will experience virtually zero traction issues while driving on surfaces of various kinds. 2.The grip of the tires is very good.
3.The tires can last really long with proper maintenance and rotation.
4.The traction in wet grass and mud is great and hence considered as one of the best mud tires for jeep wrangler.

1.The tread design is aggressive, yet it produces minimal road noise.
2.The gas mileage could be poor.

    • Toyo open country Jeep Wrangler tires

The tires offer excellent traction and long tread life. The treadwear warranty is up to 65,000 miles. They are designed to perform the best in dirt, mud, and snow at the same time providing a quiet ride. It also has a blend of racing technology in it.

1. These tires are mostly suited for paved roads.
2. The warm weather suits these tires perfectly which limits their application.
3.Looks good on the jeeps.

1. They may not perform well on snow and mud.

    • Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Radial – LT315/70R17 121Q

This product is perfect if you are looking for an aggressive all-terrain tire. The massive gaps and sizeable lugs are matched by a great amount of tread and bounce. It does well both on the road as well as in the mud.

1.The rides can be great on wet as well as dry pavements.
2.The off-road applications are greater, which makes it one of the best off road tires for jeep wrangler.
3.They are designed to last longer and keep on performing the best in the worst conditions.
4.The treads can look aggressive.

1.The price is way high for a single tire.

    • Nitto (Series TRAIL GRAPPLER M/T) 35-1250-17 Radial Tire

People looking for a high-performance radial tire for their Jeep Wrangler can find their savior in these tires. For off-road exploration, there is 3D tapered groove tread that adds additional biting edges. There is a stone ejector that protects the tread, rejects stones, and clears mud.

1.These tires are designed to do great on rocks, trails, and mud.
2.The most lucrative feature is that they are virtually noiseless on the highway.
3.They are easy to install and have a very stylish appearance.

1.The tires may be a bit heavy.

    • Pro Comp A/T Sports Jeep Wrangler tires

These are the tires to take you on your next adventure as they have been made for a perfect balance of on and off-road use. They are formulated with the sweeping groove technology and has the multi-pitch variation quiet ride assurance.

1.The special sweeping groove technology helps the tire to sluice away water from the contact area, along with other debris that might stick it up.
2. The manufacturer provides a 60K Treadwear warranty and a forever warranty.
3.The staggered outer lugs and the great traction on the road make it a smart choice.
4.No noise is a great add-on.

1.Deep mud is not really a great place to drive with these tires.

    • Cooper 90000023661 Discoverer STT Pro All-terrain radial tire

This is the best tire to date from Cooper. It provides great traction and performance on the harshest of terrains. The tread design looks great and it works its best giving a remarkable drive. This does not mean the off-road traction must be compromised. From the silica tread material to the side-biters, there are so many more attractive features in the product.

1.They are very durable and are capable of performing well on every kind of terrain.
2.The customers using these tires are satisfied with the performance.

1.This does not include rim or lug nuts.

    • Factors to be considered while choosing all-terrain tires for your Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is a very popular choice among the adventure enthusiasts. Being a proud owner of such a fancy car would also include taking proper care of it and maintaining the jeep to the best. We are often divided over tires, car products, and repairs. Therefore, in this article, you will find all details pertaining to the type of tire that is best for your Jeep Wrangler.

When it comes to choosing the right tire for your vehicle, you may often get confused over the large variety of sizes and tread types offered. The prices vary to a great extent and every manufacturer tries to portray their brand in the best possible way which makes it more difficult for a layman to choose. In the recent years, there has been an advancement in the use of quality materials in the production of the tires which make them durable. Although, the running life of a tire depends on many factors like the vehicle you drive, the kind of surface you drive on, and the climate.

The major three factors that you should consider while purchasing all-terrain tires for Jeep Wrangler are –

Size – even if you want to buy an all-terrain tire for your Jeep, it is best to buy the same size as the ones that originally came with the vehicle. You can find the information in the owner’s manual and in the driver’s side door jamb. You may also find it on the gas tank hatch or the glove box door of the vehicle. But you want to get an upgrade to bigger tires which will add weight to your vehicle, but there is a chance of fuel efficiency reduction. Many say that grip, acceleration and fuel economy suffer when you choose bigger tires than the original ones for your vehicle.

The surface that you will be driving on – if you are drive on a rough road, like gravel roads or undulating roads, then you should go for all-terrain tires. They are durable as well as designed to give you more control on the difficult patches. If you are an adventure junkie and want to take your vehicle out into the wild every now and then, then all -terrain tires are the best suggestion for you along with the right combination of brake pads.

The climate – the climate that your vehicle is going to drive in is a major factor in deciding the suitable kind of tires. If you live in a moderate climate then all terrain tires are the best for you. The best advantage of all-terrain tires for Jeep Wrangler is that you don’t need to consider the weather you are driving in. They give the best performance on any kind of surface and in any kind of weather. They can provide you with enough grip and performance on snow and ice, which makes it one of the best snow tires for jeep wrangler. But if the conditions are too harsh, then all terrain tires cannot be used. They are effective in mud and sand as well. All terrain tires consume less fuel as compared to mud tires and the noise on the road is less as well.

When should you buy an all terrain tire? – they are definitely the smartest choice if you drive on paved roads and off-road surfaces equally. Another important thing is if you want to buy all-terrain tires then you should make sure that your vehicle supports them otherwise you will need to upgrade your vehicle.

These are the factors you should keep in mind while purchasing all-terrain tires for Jeep Wrangler and other vehicles. Shopping for tires can be very confusing but If you keep in mind the basic factors then you will end up buying the perfect all terrain tire for your vehicle.


In this article, the types of tires that you can use for your Jeep Wrangler and all about the best tires have been discussed. These Jeep Wrangler tires are suited for different purposes and cannot run on different surfaces with the same efficiency unless it is an all-terrain tire which can run on all terrains.

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