Best Single Din Head Unit for Cars in 2018 ( updated list)

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2018)

There are some drivers who actually cannot stand driving without their chosen best single din head unit for cars, and they are not far-fetched because I am actually one of them. It would be extremely boring for me to attempt to travel any long distance without a very nice stereo and radio set, especially the modern day single din radio. Music has been the food of the soul for me and I know the same thing is applicable to many other car owners out there. I have actually not come across anybody who hates good music. There may be varying degrees of love and attachment for music, but no one hates it. A journey of a thousand miles will actually seem like it involves a 100 miles when you go through it with a sound stereo and radio set. You don’t just enjoy good music with this, it also keeps you abreast with what is happening in the society outside the confines of your car, because you will listen to news and get the information you need as you move.

There are several types of single din radio car units coming from different brands. So selecting the one that gives the exact thing you need may be a difficult task. This is actually why many people buy things that do not serve them well. We have taken the labor of reviewing all of them, so as to help you select the one that will match your requirements and needs.

1.Alpine Single-Din Bluetooth Car Stereo with HD Radio

Possibly the Best Single Din Head Unit for Cars stereo on our list is the product from Alpine. This is one that comes with so many features that will make any car owner to go for it. When you buy this, you will enjoy the faceplate security that it comes with. Another thing you will enjoy from this includes the fact that it is detachable, so you can remove it and fit it back when you feel like, and can actually use one in many cars. It also comes with a remote controlled system so that you can control it from afar.  It has 50 watts as its peak power output and can give you as much as 4 channels.  You will enjoy the sound from this because of its Dedicated Subwoofer Preamp RCA Output running on its Preamp Voltage of 4 volts. You will enjoy the built in equalizer that this thing comes with, to make the sound even crisper clear as you desire.  It has the LCD Text Display type and the color is white. The button colors could be selected, so you can choose as you like.  It comes with an impressive 105 dB signal to noise and it is CEA-2006 Compliant.  The tuner is both for AM and FM bands, and it is compatible with the iPhone 5. It has an iPod Audio Integration and an Audio Playback, with a Standard USB-to-iPod Cable.


  • Comes with iPod Audio Integration
  • Comes with iPhone 5 compatibility
  • It has a Dedicated Subwoofer Preamp RCA Output
  • LCD Text Display


  • Experiences constant Bluetooth failures
  • Bluetooth regularly refuses to sync with any device

2.JENSEN VM9114 Din 

The Jensen unit which is the second in our list today has something that differentiates it from the others, and this is one attribute that should make it the darling of all drivers. This will actually playback all your DVDs, something you won’t actually get easily with the others. It is a USB that has a front panel design and that is to say that you can easily play all your audio and video files from all forms of hard drives here. This also accepts all forms of USB thumb drive. Now, you also realize how good it feels to have the chance to make a soft touch, and things will change to what you desire. This has a touch screen mode that makes it easy to control. It offers four functions in one and they are WMA, MP3, CD, and DVD playbacks.


  • This is a very easy to use radio


  • It is not fanciful and elegant

3.Sony MEX-XB100BT Single DIN 

Sony MEX-XB100BT Single DIN Hi-Power Bluetooth In-Dash CD/AM/FM/SiriusXM Ready Car Stereo with 160W RMS (CEA Rated Power) built-in 4-channel AmplifierOur third piece is from the masters of electronics and that is Sony. Of course when you are buying a piece like this from Sony, you should understand that you are getting an amazing stuff. With this, you can stream music in a wireless manner with your NFC and Bluetooth connections. Another feature of this piece that you may find amazing is the Dynamic Color Illuminator with Sound Synchronization. You will also enjoy its mega bass and the advanced sound it gives out based on the EQ10 technology.  With this piece, all you will enjoy is a very rich sound. You will also enjoy its ability to pair with the Bluetooth of your iPhone and iPod without qualms. It also comes with a hands free control mode named siri control.  The music playback and control is also hands free. It has an application that ensures an intuitive remote control, and the charge rate of the USB is very high. There is also a cable that allows you to connect the subwoofer directly.


  • Hands free control
  • Comes with a mega bass feature
  • Easy pairing with your iPhone and ipod
  • The playback is multi format
  • The color illuminator is dynamic


  • Constitutes problems for the 05 Durango

4.SiriusXM SXV300v1 Radio

SiriusXM SXV300v1 Connect Vehicle Tuner Kit for Satellite RadioThis is one car radio kit you will enjoy using. This is connected to the in-dash audio system of the car. The next good thing about this is that it comes in a compact size. The benefit is that it can easily be tucked away behind the dash and it will not be noticed. This gives the piece a look that makes it seem as part of the entire car interior set up. When you are in love with channels, this should be the car radio kit for you, because with it, you can enjoy as much as 20+channels. They will include sports, entertainment and music channels. It also comes with a special feature for the Spanish audience named the siriuXM Latino. With this, you will enjoy features like games, artists, song alerts, iTunes tagging for songs, weather and traffic, replay, SportsFlash, TuneStart, TuneScan, and Tune Mix. This also functions on the XM network. However, it is good to let you know that when you buy this, in order to enjoy all these other features, you have buy the subscription separately.


  • Very easy to install through the single interface cable
  • Supports a lot of advanced features
  • Works with the XM network


  • The signal is very faint in the outskirts
  • The antenna is of low quality
  • The bandwidth per channel is very limited

5.Pioneer DEH-X4900BT 

The best explanation for the next single din radio on our list is that you will enjoy two amazing features from it, and they include the fact that it is designed for hands free calling and will give you the best of audio streaming whenever you need to enjoy the best of music on the wheels.  This is a product from pioneer, and I can’t remember any name as popular as this in making great radio sets right from the days of old. This is designed to work with the Pioneer ARC App that makes it possible for you to adjust, control and set some functions on the receiver as you wish. It also comes with the feature that allows you to adjust the brightness or illumination level of the display. But it does not end here; the colors of the display could be customized as you wish. It is also designed to be easily charged with the USB device. With this, you can easily search for artists and albums and also reset, rewind and fast-forward.


  • You can set the display brightness and color as you wish
  • It is quickly charged through the USB
  • Compatible with the Pioneer ARC App


  • The volume is very low
  • It switches off when you increase the volume
  • The display may turn very dim

6.JVC KW-V130BT Double DIN

We are here to talk about yet another great name in issues of single din touch screen, and this time around, the next car radio on our list is a product from JVC. Now, when a product is made to favor every climate, every user and every situation, it starts by ensuring that almost anybody from anywhere can understand the instructions on it and operate it without any qualms. And there is no better way of doing this than to make sure that people of all languages can read and understand the display on the unit. JVC designed this piece to work with 17 different languages. This is amazing. It also comes with the Siri Eyes Free that enables it to work with iOS devices. It also has the title, album and artist display, and comes with 12AM and 18AM presets. This can possibly playback everything, from the CD to DVD, VCD, WMA, AAC, and many others. It also plays back the MPEG, JPEG, MP3< AAC, WAV and others through its USB. This works with apple devices including the iPhone 6 and 6+ and also the iOS software 8. With an equalizer of up to 13-band and about 8 curves to select, you won’t fail to commend the sound when you use it.


  • Great sound from the equalizer
  • Can playback an avalanche of sources
  • Compatible with the iPhone and iOS


  • Not durable enough

7.Kidcia Car Stereo, Single-Din Version

This car stereo is coming from Kidcia, and it is one you will want to own.  When a car stereo comes with an LCD display that is as large as 4 x 1 inch, you won’t have to be told that operating it will be very easy for you because of the level of visibility. It also has a wireless remote control feature that allows you to operate from anywhere around the device. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this is that it comes with an inbuilt TF card slot. This is coupled with the USB port which will allow you to charge your Smartphone while on the move. This doesn’t give a minimal charge, it charges as strong as your charger would. This also comes with a built in music play, and the amazing hands free call feature that ensures you are safe even when you have to answers calls at different intervals while on the move.  The product gives you the 87.50MHz to the 108MHz ranges for its radio tuner, and it can easily store and retain about 18 radio stations in its automatic memory. The LCD display also comes with multiple colors that you can choose from. However, this Best Single Din Head unit for cars may need someone with some degree of expertise to be able to install it.


  • Multicolor LCD display
  • Hands free call feature
  • Up to 18 radio stations could be stored
  • USB for phone charging


  • Needs a professional to install
  • It doesn’t come with a fader

8.Pyle PLDT87BT Headunit 

Our next single din touch screen is the head unit from Pyle, which offers multiple functions.  This receiver system comes in the single din mode and also has a motorized touch screen feature that could be folded out. It comes with a Bluetooth feature that allows you to stream music and audio as freely as you wish whiteout any wire.  Now, this does not only enhance the hands free calling, but it also has a built in microphone set for this, so that you will not need an earpiece for your calls again. It is among those Single Din Head units that are very easy to install. It does not demand any expertise on the installer’s side because it has a simple plug and play interface.  The amazing one is that all the Bluetooth enhanced devices of the present day which includes the tablets and Smartphones of different types can work with this. It also has the ability to read USB and micro SD cards through its card readers. This is one machine that you should go out there to shop for, because you will enjoy a memory that can contain up to 30 radio stations at once. You don’t need to keep searching and tuning anytime you want to listen to a different thing. The screen is up to 7 inch wide. That is to say that you will see whatever you want to see.


  • 7 inch screen display is amazing
  • Up to 30 stations memory is great
  • Compatible with all modern Bluetooth devices
  • The touch screen board could be adjusted


  • Screen flips out halfway sometimes
  • It keeps skipping songs on Bluetooth
  • Flip up part could get stuck

9.Pyle PLMR22BT – Single Din

Do you need something that is very versatile? You can get in any other unit more than you will get it in this piece from Pyle.  This is the single din head units type and it also comes with a remote control. When you buy this, you will enjoy an amazing wireless audio streaming through the Bluetooth. For you to enjoy your call with this, it also comes with a microphone that enhances a completely hands free experience. This is because your safety on wheels is still the utmost thing to pursue. It also has the auto-music quiet down feature which makes sounds more melodious than you could imagine. The input connector jack is one that will ensure that music from anywhere and everywhere could be enjoyed by you. With this, you will have the chance to stream music from your tablets, MP3 players, and smartphones of all types. Yes, this is an all rounder, and you will never lack a music source with it. It also has a file support for MP3 digital audio. It is compatible with SD memory cards and USB flash drive because it has readers for all of them. There is also strong information read out that showcases maximum innovation. It has an LCD display and gives AM and FM frequencies.


  • Versatile playback as it works with many systems
  • Can stream music from many sources
  • Clear LCD display
  • Remote control
  • Hands free calling system


  • Regular Bluetooth malfunction
  • The speakers are not loud enough
  • Unit looks fragile

10.Panlelo PA6219, Single-Din Head Unit

The last in the list of Best Single Din Head units is the product from Panlelo.  This gives you all you need about hands free call to ensure that you are safe while communicating on wheels.  How else would you explain the fact that this allows you to pick up calls and drop your calls them by pressing a single button on the device. You will also enjoy the Bluetooth feature that makes it possible for you to connect it with almost any device close to it.  This comes with 30 preset stations from the onset and they include AM (530-1710KHz) and FM (87.5-17.5MHz). When you buy this, you will enjoy a strong signal that will not drop as you move. So this is the ideal stuff to make your journey memorable. It comes with a USB interface and a very good SD card slot feature. This will also come with a whooping 16GB SD card and an amazing 9 sound effects. So, the lovers of jazz, rock, pop, classic, mega bass and other sound effects will have what they like without qualms. This could be installed easily too.


  • Easy to install
  • 30 preset stations
  • Hands free call answering feature
  • SD card and USB interface


  • Comes with only one language-English
  • No multi color display

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