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(Last Updated On: August 16, 2018)
Car audio cables
Best RCA cables for use in Car

High Quality Rca Cables

You may be interested in making modifications or setting up a new car stereo system / car audio system. It does not matter if your requirement is for a small car or a bigger vehicle like an SUV or truck, etc. select the Best Car Audio RCA Cables if you are interested to purchase new accessories for your car, especially car audio equipment. There are cables and ports that come along too but as you connect additional things like speakers, amplifiers or sub – woofers, the audio may not give the expected or likable results as you would like. So, even though the cables that come along with the audio or stereo equipment does a good job, it is sometimes better to buy additional cables for such issues to ensure that you get the Best RCA Cables for Car Audio.

RCA cables are used to connect various devices like a VCR or DVD player to your TV set or a car audio system. They have been around ever since the mid 1900s and have got upgrades since then. There are short and basic cables, lengthier cables for bigger vehicles, and flexible ones so that the installation is simple & easy and does not bump out from below the carpeting. There are many factors to look for while selecting the top products. Some of these include color codes, material used for connectors, covering, and sleeving as well as the length & budget of course. The Best RCA Cables For Car Audio are given here after checking customer reviews, product star ratings, features and price.

Review of The Best RCA Cables for Car Audio

1.Bullz Audio BSTP15 15 Feet Triple Shielded Spiral Twist RCA Audio Cable

Product Description: This spiral twist RCA audio cable style helps to increase the frequency response & amazing dynamic range. The cable is twisted with black, white and platinum colors. This product is overall a good product with long length cable with the perfect size that is tight and fits well. Use it for your sub-woofer in car or car audio system, amplifiers, etc that you purchase at a reasonable price. It is always better to have a lengthier cable than to fall short of length at any time. Even if you do have a smaller vehicle and do not require a lengthier cable, because of the flexibility you can roll it up and push it somewhere in your car. Whenever required, you can open up the roll and use when have to cover a larger area.

• Amazing long cable length at 15 feet.
• Two channel stereo RCA audio cable.
• Good serviceable cables
• Does not cause noise in the signal path.
• Does not break easily and is strong due to frozen outer covering.
• Outer covering of cable provides flexibility & prevents wear for long.

• Some reviews suggest audio RCA is flimsy.
• Customers listen to slight static on cable.
• Connectors do not look sturdy enough like they may come off (hold the plug instead of trying to pull with cable may.
• Center post comes off easily
• Not properly soldered.

2.FosPower 2 RCA M / M Stereo Audio Cable (24 Karat Gold Plated / Copper Core)

(Left / Right 2 RCA Male to Male Premium Sound Quality Plug)
This product comes in multiple various lengths to select from with varied prices listed here. Select a suitable length with its price below. There are also 2 – pack RCA cable length packs that comes at lower price instead of purchasing two separate pieces.
(i) 3 Feet – $6.79
(ii) 6 Feet – $9.99
(iii) 10 Feet – $10.99
(iv) 15 Feet – $14.99
(v) 25 Feet – $19.99
(vi) 3 Feet (2 Pack) – $9.95
(vii) 6 Feet (2 Pack) – $16.99

Product Description of FosPower 2 RCA M / M Stereo Audio Cable

Product Description: This product is made from 24 Karat gold – plated connectors in order to help avoid stains and prevents corrosion. The best part of this product is it comes in various sizes and packs to select from. Each part of these RCA M/M cables are made with select materials in order to promote flexibility, copper core, gold plating, aluminum mylar shielding and copper braids. The main pin is made from 26 AWG Bare Copper Core that is insulated well with Polythene Foam. The use of copper core gives more durability to wire as it lowers oxidation. The signal is good due to the use of PF dielectric insulator. It also keeps out electromagnetic Interference as well as radio frequency interference that is usually found in radio transmitter for car.

• Various lengths and sizes to suit unique different requirements.
• Aluminum foil to ease out the unwanted EMI / RFI interference.
• Copper braided cable make promotes greater flexibility in wire.
• 24 Karat Gold Plated Connectors
• Properly molded connector for enhanced durability.
• Flexibility helps in easy routing especially in car.
• Lesser oxidation due to tin platted copper core also raises lifetime of wire.

• Looseness in connection might cause audio distortion.
• Light cable is too delicate and not okay with some users.
• Too thin, short, and some users received only one set of cable.
• Diameter is thicker so it does not fit a few speakers brands.

3.Crankin’ Power Twisted Pair Dual Male RCA Blue Audio Patch Cable Cord, 17 Feet Shielded; AS-2176

Product Description: Sometimes there is interference and noise related issues especially with car audio systems. This RCA twisted wire style helps to eliminate or reduce such signal related sound issues. This is due to dual shielding protection that helps protect against Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). The product comes with two 24 Karat gold – plated connectors and polished platinum sleeves and encased in a shiny blue covering. It is also manufactured specially to suit the requirements for installing car stereo systems. It can also be used for connecting other consumer audio systems or audio components. This ‘Extreme Series’ pair of twisted RCA cables offer great audio sound quality and is a valuable wire.

• Copper used reduces oxidation enabling longer wire lifetime.
• This also ensures that there is better signal clarity.
• Connectors are done with 24 Karat gold plating.
• Polished Platinum sleeving for double protection.
• Dual shielding protection to keep out interference.
• Lengthier cable at 17 feet that is low – loss cabling.

• Some reviews suggest corrosion spotted over gold plated connectors.
• Reviews suggest one wire has muffled noise whereas other has to be twisted to clear noise.
• Slight audio noise as ‘high pitched whine’ on cable.
• Soldering issues and flimsy connections inside wire.

4.Stinger SI4617 17-Foot 4000 Series Pro. 6 Channel RCA Interconnects

Product Description: These 17 feet long Stinger 4000 Series Pro. 6 Channel RCA Interconnects sport a higher twisted style lines that helps against undesirable RFI with a directional conductors thereby assisting to hold the signal quality. Connectors are specially designed with an RCA body double molding and Shoc – Krome corners that give amazing style factor in addition to the connection strength. Also, it is extremely user – friendly as there are specifications with lettering to indicate which is for the Front (F), Sub (S) & Rear (R). They are compact so you can carry them around in an easier manner and it makes it easy for installation too. It can connect up to four channels amplifier and the easy set up even allows more than that making great RCA cables for Amp with no whine issues.

• Shock-Kreme split tips gives optimum performance
• Shock-Kreme split ends also prevents corrosion.
• Easy long length and flexibility to roll – up in small vehicle.
• If required use the entire length for lengthier installations.
• Customers favorite feature is user-friendly lettering to indicate L,R,& Sub.
• Connects up to six channels amplifier using C3 Technology.
• Constant connection make offers exceptional signal transfer.
• Exceptional audio quality due to good frequency response, eliminates noise, and great accuracy.
• Max signal transfer with Shoc-Krome plating with split tip soft grip molded RCA ends.

• Some reviews suggest flimsy connector heads making it difficult to pull out.
• Also, noise is not completely eliminated as there is a very slight whine.
• Some are not happy with length, thickness, and soldering & grounding.

5.Kicker KI44 4 Meters 4 Channel K-Series RCA Audio Interconnect Cable

Product Description: These 13 feet lengthy cables have a great rating for product and manufacturers. These RCA Interconnects can connect up to 4 channels featuring black mesh protection along with wire loom jacket. There is great clarity and greater timing due to the patterns of cable widening done on this dual twisted style lines. This style gives protection from any interference. There is also easy installation because of the hyper flexibility protection jacket. These are Best Car Audio RCA Cables that you can get as there are many plus points with not negative reviews.

• Great flexibility and soft covering providing flexibility during installation.
• Good audio quality
• Works for up to four channels and well along with other RCA cables.
• Lengthy cable good for bigger vehicles and soft covering makes easy to roll up for compact cars.
• Although lengthy, cable jacket is soft and easy to conceal.
• Works on various sound systems with clear sound quality including Amps & Sub-woofers.

• There are not any cons except a suggestion to connect FR/FL, R/R, R/L instead of memorizing color combos.
• As wires are super thin & soft there are more chances of waring and looks more flimsy.

6.JL Audio XD-CLRAIC4-18 4-Channel Twisted Pair Audio Interconnect Cable with Molded Connectors

Product Description: These 18 feet or 5.9 meters long cables feature twisted pair styled interconnects that connect up to 4 channels. If you think the length is too long for your requirement, then think again, you do not have to fall short of cable if the cable is short. But if it is long you can always bundle or roll it up so it would not be an issue. The twisted make of the cable lines helps to give enhanced signal quality. There is reduced or no oxidation due to the copper make conductors with Polyethylene Dielectrics. The sleeving is molded making the product more durable.

The best part is that there is no need to use so many different cables or lines as they are all in one single cable connecting four channels. This is a product / brand where you must search for some negative reviews. Your search for a great product for fixing up your car stereo system ends here with this lengthy, Best RCA Cables for Car Audio at a reasonable price.

• Connects up to four channels all in one single cable which makes car stereo installation simple.
• Good audio quality as the twisted wire style makes excellent noise reduction.
• Strong connectors and durable with no ground noise, clear signal & at a reasonable rate.

• There are not any negative reviews as everything works according to the specifications mentioned.

7.Postta 2RCA to 2RCA Stereo Audio Cable Male / Male Gold Plated Dual Shielded 2RCA Cable

Product Description: These 15 feet lengthy cables comes in multiple various lengths to select from with varied prices listed here. Select a suitable length with its price below. The product comes in two different colors to select from – black & white. These are High Quality RCA Cables that are compatible with several types of audio systems that have a 2RCA port. This includes Amplifiers, Blu-Ray, DVD, TV Sets, Stereo Systems as well as Home Sound Systems. Each different size shows a great reasonable price. There are lengthier cables that do not have a lot of difference in the price so you can go for those that suits your requirements.
(i) 3 Feet – $6.99
(ii) 6 Feet – $8.39
(iii) 10 Feet – $10.99
(iv) 15 Feet – $11.99
(v) 20 Feet – $13.59
(vi) 25 Feet – $14.39

• The product is made with superior quality materials like PVC, anti-wear & copper shell.
• Great aesthetics with 2 colors to choose from black & white
• Secure, Reliable and Environment friendly product with many length choices.
• Keeps out corrosion due to use of 24 Karat Gold Plated Connectors
• Highest Audio Transfer Quality with Best Audio Experience.
• Copper conductors ensure oxygen-free up to 99.99%
• Provides max signal transfer with excellent conductivity.
• The use of double shielding including Tinned Copper & Aluminum Foil reduces noise, & crosstalk.
• This cable construction also protects against RFI & EMI interference.

• The connectors seem somewhat flimsy and loose as if they would come off.
• Other than this there is no negative points or comments noted on this cable.

8.Kicker KI25 5-Meters 2 Channel K-Series RCA Audio Interconnect Cable

Product Description: These RCA cables are the most basic audio interconnects that have great quality and features. The length is 16.5 ft 2 channel K Series with hyper flexible protective covering that makes installation easier. It features dual twisted pair style conductors to keep interference out & black mesh protection along with wire loom jacket. The product and brand have a great rating and good customer reviews so there is a product you can definitely try out.

• Cable winding unique pattern enhances consistent timing as well as clarity.
• Good Audio Clarity & signal quality
• Flexible protective jacket ensures simple installation.

• As wires are super thin & soft there are more chances of waring.

Types of RCA cables and how they are different from HDMI cables.

There are various RCA cable types and the two main cables are broadly classified into Component Cables & Composite Cables. The type of signal is the main difference between the two types of RCA cables. The other difference is the quality of the signal these wires carry between the components of your audio or stereo devices.

1) Component Cables – These cables are three wires that carry the video signal. This is in order to provide exceptional picture quality. Such types of RCA cables are generally used with High Definition Television sets to provide greater video signals.

2) Composite Cables – On the other hand, these cables that come in three wires & connectors are two to carry audio between the devices (like a VCR to the TV set). They carry only one for video signal that affects the quality of the picture.

Difference between RCA & HDMI Cables

RCA Cables

These are color coded cables so that users do not get confused on where it has to get connected between two devices. It is to give exactly into which port on you audio device the cables go into with the colored connectors. Although these are basic as RCA has a yellow for video and two other cables for left audio & right audio which are generally red and black or white; However, now a days you will find several different colors and many do not come in sets of 3 but even two or more than 3 so it is difficult to distinguish the cables. For using RCA component cables it gets more complicated with more number of cables & colors.

There would generally be two red connectors that indicate one for audio and one for video. There is another color added to make a difference in them. The remaining wires for video are blue as well as green. It is true that there are some RCA component cables that provide exactly three wires for video and does not include any lines to carry audio signals. In order to get both video and audio combine RCA Audio cables with these to get sound with high quality display.

HDMI Cables

It might be that this could provide great results in video and audio. However, not always that you will get to see and hear the same results with these RCA cables. There are other top cables called HDMI that provide better results. The technology used in HDMI cables is specially for high definition equipment including multiple channel sound systems, and carrying signals of high quality video and advanced data. All this is done using juts one single thick cable. It also carries the digital data including uncompressed audio and visual in complete 100 % digital format for an amazing viewing and listening quality.

Using a HDMI cable helps to connect up devices in your home in a very simple manner. There are various types including 4K up to 10K in order to hold higher resolution video and give way for better High Definition (HD) equipment for newer generations technology. The better part about connecting two devices with HDMI is that the two components can automatically negotiate settings for optimal viewing such as aspect ratio & resolution settings.

Best RCA Cables for Amp.

Although RCA cables are used for sound systems especially amplifiers ever since the mid 1900s, there has been newer ones added in the market. It is okay to use the old type RCA cables which at times do not have any other option but to connect the older cables as the audio equipment may be older. So, this gives you a tough choice to make especially when the amplifiers models are different and have special requirements for what kind of RCA cables to connect to the electronic components. Specific carRCA cables are available in the market to suit the sound requirements.

There are specially designed RCA cables for sub-woofers, then there are those that have a mini-jack at one end and RCA connectors on the other end for modern devices like iPad, smartphones, laptops, etc. The main job of the RCA cables is that it transmits preamp level audio signals which are also known as analog level line signals. They sport a pair of lines that is one mainly for the left audio and the other for the right audio connections. This is why it is very important to select RCA Cables For Amp carefully so it works well with the audio gear.

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