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(Last Updated On: September 8, 2019)
quiet flow muffler
quiet performance muffler

The model and brand don’t matter, or how expensive your car is, a muffler should always be there next to your car’s exhaustion system. Now if you ask me what a muffler is then in simple words, I would say it is a silencer that lowers down the volume of your engine and makes it a peaceful ride

The quiet flow muffler also increases the efficiency of your engine and give your overall personality a bit boost with your car. Also, attaching a muffler is always an affordable way and for the functioning, it feels like worth investing. Well, selecting a proper quiet performance muffler is not easy because there are too many brands available and they all claim to be the best. So, I have brought you ten best car mufflers that you can buy this year 2018.

#10 Walker 22266 Quiet-Flow Stainless Steel Muffler

Here comes our quiet exhaust with the stainless steel body that makes it durable over other aluminum mufflers. As the build is of stainless steel, it may feel a bit heavier than aluminum ones, but for the sturdiness, it can be your choice. It works very well for the noise reduction purpose that will serve you for years without needing any maintenance.

This muffler from Walker has the capability to perform on industry level as the brand itself is from North America. The OE-style is the main benefit of winning this car muffler and the stainless-steel construction makes it robust enough to withstand in even hard weather conditions.

The overall fit seems precise, and the interiors, the superior flow, stainless steel heads, louvered tubes, and other parts are well-constructed. Plus the guarantee of 90 days from the seller seems like a pretty good deal to buy and what more do you expect at this price. The durable construction will rarely need you for the replacement as it is in the form of a bridge that means a long life companionship. Overall, this quiet muffler has been made to fulfill your request of lowering sound very well.


  • Stainless steel construction for the overall body
  • More life expectancy that is almost thrice than other mufflers
  • The muffler uses the OE technology in which the louvered tube works on keeping the noise low
  • Easy installation and the muffler in itself works as an anti-corrosion tool


  • It lowers down the noise well
  • It is rust proof
  • Good construction quality


  • Leak problem may occur sometimes
  • Make sure the piece fits your car

#9 Walker 17886 Economy Pro-Fit Muffler

Another one that is quiet high-performance muffler from Walker. After installing this unit in your car, you will really feel it as the greatest invention on the earth for your car. This totally works to lower the noise of your engine even when you drive at the highest speed. This seems almost the same as the previous one from Walker but it has an Aluminized steel construction that means getting more than expected at a fair price.

The Aluminized steel construction means lightweightness plus durability as the muffler is made of aluminum and steel as a blend. The muffler works by changing the way of air that escapes through the exhaust system in the car and hence you hear is low. This way, the pipes and chambers in the internal system of a muffler perform that modify the sound and make the aura quiet.

Other than the low noise, it also promotes anti-corrosion feature so you can have it for years or more without feeling the need of replacement and hence it also gives you a better fuel economy. If any of you find the fit a bot lose then it can be fixed easily by using some clamps, but for most of the vehicles, it fits snugly.


  • Aluminized steel construction that gives you both lightweight and rusts free experience
  • Tube-and-partition style promotes an effective low noise driving
  • The interior construction includes bushings that mean stability and support
  • Provides an easy installation even for the beginners


  • Cost effective muffler
  • Pretty quiet
  • It makes an amazing difference in your engine


  • You may need extra clamps for the perfect fit
  • It may leak some air

#8 Flowmaster (8425154) Super 10 Series Muffler

The next one is from Flowmaster that gives you stainless steel made super quiet car muffler. This is really a pro and for those who want a peaceful operation while doing driving on the racing track. This device seems cool and well-built for the purpose of lowering the volume even when the engine operates at its peak speed.

These mufflers come in different varieties with the different piping system but the aim remains the same and that is keeping the volume low even when the engine is super aggressive. So for racers and normal drivers, this is a tool you can go for if you want a peaceful ride every time while maintaining your classy personality.

The Flowmaster mufflers are designed to offer you with the maximum performance where the material Stainless Steel and the welded system gives you maximum life plus stability. This product can be recommended for anyone who is in racings and expects a super strong super low muffler for his beast car. All in all, this is your ticket to a silent yet efficient racing experience.


  • It offers you protection against the super loud noise of your car
  • It is highly recommended by experts for racing vehicles
  • The muffler has been built of stainless steel that promises rust protection
  • The lifetime warranty is a big plus to own this awesome tool


  • No loud sounds
  • Compact enough to install
  • Awesome piping


  • Not really any cons

#7 MagnaFlow 14832 Exhaust Muffler

The MagnaFlow Street Series includes the fine tubes that keep the exhaustion stable and quiet while offering the high performance to lower the sound. The company provides with several mufflers having different types and tunings as they manufacture the mufflers at a major level. This means you can get any muffler based on your choice and the vehicle type. But for this particular product, you get a quality muffler that not just serves you with a lower noise but it maintains a better fuel economy as well.

The shine that comes along is another great advantage that you do it find in usual mufflers. So if you are conscious about the looks of your muffler, then you will face absolutely no problem in owning this amazing tool. Magnaflow mufflers come with the wide open feature that means less restriction while exhausting the air. The material used is high-quality stainless steel that keeps it from any stains, maintain the shine and performance for a long time. The muffler fits almost any car so you can buy it without thinking very much about the fit because the lifetime warranty and the amazon’s return keep you secured.


  • The construction is Stainless steel that means sturdiness
  • It comes with a premium polishing that enhances its looks
  • It has the advanced noise reduction power that nay exhaust system may need
  • A restriction free exhaustion for the lowest noise
  • Magnaflow features several designs and tips for the Mufflers
  • Overall dimension for this piece: 2.25″ inlet, 4″ outlet, and 4″ tip length


  • Premium looks
  • Low noise level
  • Solid built that lasts longer
  • It looks cool


  • It may not fit every vehicle and so adjustments may be needed

#6 Muffler Exhaust 2.5″ Inlet Universal with Removable Silencer (For any cars)

If you need a quiet muffler at an average price under $30, this can be a pretty good choice. The muffler comes with a detachable silencer so if your car needs welding you can do that easily. The detachable feature is the most demanding one that you can easily find in just any car muffler. Stainless steel is used to manufacture its body which keeps it rust free whereas the welds are not stainless steel so you may be needed to spray a rust-proof spray on them and rest works fine.

The fit always goes snug, but in case you feel it lose you can attach an extra pipe and let it work silently. You can install the tool yourself or call a professional if this is your first muffler.


  • The muffler comes with a removable silencer in case you need a welding
  • The material used in manufacturing is stainless steel
  • It fits almost all the models and brands whether it is Mazda, Hyundai, Toyota, Nissan, etc.
  • The overall dimension: INLET 2.5″ TIP 4″ Length: 18.75″ and Weight: 4lb


  • It is a universal muffler
  • A fine muffler for the price
  • Once installed it stays there


  • It does not offer premium looks
  • Build quality is not so amazing
  • Welds are not stainless steel

#5 Thrush 17649 Welded Muffler

It is a quiet high-performance muffler that lets you feel a silent riding of your vehicle. The construction is of aluminum for the entire body so there is no doubt that it is a lightweight silencer tool. The muffler is fully welded and fights against rust or corrosion for a good amount of time. The internal system is made in a way that gives you a fine-tuning that keeps your eardrum away from loud exhaustion noise.

The muffler is made for roaming around the town, but if you are looking it for racing purposes, then it may not serve that well. So, for driving that seems peaceful with your new car you can make a purchase from this product but if you are in super-fast driving and need silence in that session, then you should choose some other muffler from the list.


  • The construction uses two chamber design for finer tuning
  • The inlet and outlet are of 3 inches and the overall length is 19 inches
  • It features a nice finishing plus aluminized construction for a lighter installation
  • It supports a directional flow that is non-reversible
  • The logo embossed presents its originality


  • It is really quiet
  • It comes with a powerful deep tone
  • It is a budget-friendly product


  • It may come defective or with a hole
  • May need welding to goes snugly

#4 MagnaFlow 10416 Exhaust Muffler

MagnaFlow is a well-known brand for mufflers and similar automobile tools. This muffler can be a great tool as an addon that keeps the driving easy peasy by reducing the noise to the lowest level as much as possible. Also, it helps to increase the efficiency and overall performance of the engine. The design and finishing are magnificent and the muffler itself makes your vehicle looking nice.

The 100% stainless steel body is great for durability so you won’t feel the need of replacement any soon. Plus, the muffler acts rust-proof too, but if you are more conscious about its life, it is always a great idea to use a rust-proof spray. The welded joints ensure you even more solid construction and reliability on the product that can withstand even the harsh weather conditions.

The internal system uses a free-flowing and acoustical fiber, so your driving experience stays smooth and deep-toned every time. By the way, for the dimension, the overall length of the muffler is 20 inches with an inlet that is 2.5 inches. So whether it is your car or truck or anything else where muffler can be used, you can rely on this product and buy it from the given link here.


  • Stainless steel construction is used for the body
  • The muffler promotes a wide open performance design
  • It offers a deep tone sound


  • It does its job very well
  • No internal drone is a plus


  • The welding may need some rust-proof spray
  • Finish is not so shiny as shown in pictures

#3 DC Sport EX-5016 Stainless Steel Round Muffler and Slant Cut Exhaust Tip

This is a stainless steel muffler that comes as the exhaust tip as well. The first impression is its looks that remain shiny and sharp; it looks captivating enough to take the piece home. Not just for the looks, performance wise it is great that can make your roaring engine to a silent piece of exhaustion. It is a fine art that will blow your senses, your eyes due to the finishing and your ears by keeping the noise lowest.

It can be used in the sports cars and no matter how much your engine boosts up it will always control the noise at the minimum. That is why it is a quiet muffler in real terms that also keeps your engine and its parts healthy without creating unnecessary pressure.

The construction helps you ensuring its build quality which seems strong and withstands the time and other harshnesses. The polish stays shiny for a good amount of time and the performance keeps even six-cylinder silent.


  • The material used is stainless steel that is polished
  • It makes the engine to work efficiently that adds up the horsepower plus torque
  • Produces a deep and fine sound by cutting the annoying noise
  • Dimensions: 2.25” inlet, 3.25” outlet, 16.25” long


  • A very good finish with premium looks
  • Works well in highways
  • Great muffler for the budget


  • It may need a replacement after a few months
  • Tiny in size so may not fit well

#2 Thrush 17715 Turbo Muffler

Another fine piece of muffler from Thrush that uses a tri-flow technology as its name depicts. The tool keeps your driving classy by keeping the exhaustion noise minimum and hence it can be said as a quiet exhaust for your automobiles. Another great thing is the double shell of aluminum that fights against the corrosion and similar issues twice. This way, you will have the muffler for a longer time than average mufflers or silencers. The engine also starts working smoothly after the installation of the muffler. The bushings are expandable if you need a custom installation.

So if you already own a muffler that doesn’t work or flows slowly, then you can go with this Thrush turbo muffler. The turbo muffler also allows for the reverse installation so it comes easy and quick even for beginners without calling a professional.


  • The entire body is aluminum coated that keeps it light
  • The muffler keeps it quiet even at maximum speed
  • The lock heads offer a leak-free exhaustion
  • The logo comes embossed on it this is the Thrush bird
  • Dimension: Overall Length 18.5″ 2.5″ Inlet and Outlet


  • It manages the low noise profile
  • Nice build quality
  • Extra horsepower feel


  • Fitting problems with some models
  • You may experience leakage

#1 Vibrant 1142 3″ Ultra Quiet Resonator

In the first place, Vibrant 3″ Ultra Quiet Resonator makes the reservation. The muffler or Resonator is designed to keep the noise level low while exhaustion even when you drive miles. It is a stainless steel construction, so it is going to be a bit heavy during installation than the mufflers made of aluminum. Other than the stainless steel, the muffler uses the sound absorption features so it can withstand during the rough driving as well.

It is a highly durable tool that works as a quiet performance muffler or ultra-quiet with some of the vehicles. To make the interior more efficient and for the sound absorption feature, a large sound chamber is used that does an impressive work on sound reduction. So, this can be your next choice too when it comes to a silencer that is ultra-quiet and performs just fine.


  • The muffler works to quiet the exhaust noise
  • Construction is of stainless steel that is rust resistant
  • The silencer works even during rough driving
  • Overall dimension: Inlet 3″ Outlet 3″ Width: 6.5″ x 4.75″ Length: 9.75″ and Overall Length: 13.75″


  • Make the drone quiet
  • Works on heavy driving as well


  • May not work for every vehicle
  • Not ultra-quiet as it says

How Muffler Works And Things To Know About Car’s Muffler

Now that you have understood the use of muffler and how important it can be it is time to understand how it works and what makes it a silencer. We will also discuss the things that you should know about a muffler and take care of them if you are going to buy one for your car.

By the way, a quiet universal muffler is always useful as it fits in every vehicle and you are free to do a little welding to make it even snug there.

Now on the working, a muffler is always attached to the mouth of the exhaustion pipe at the end. In the internal system, a muffler features many tubes or chambers that help to tune the noise and result in minimizing it. It is all about the sound waves where one sound wave plays opposite to another Soundwave, and when these two sound waves add up, it results in zero or no noise.

Things You Should Know About A Muffler-

#1 It Gets Rusty

Whenever you purchase a muffler, the issue of rust comes along too. Even if a muffler says rust-proof, after some time you start noticing the rust and mostly around the welds. The rust issue happens because of the water that turns into steam if not burned at all. Weather conditions also affect mufflers.

#2 It Needs Replacement

You can get confused when it comes to replacement because you don’t know if you should replace your muffler or not. Well, the most common symptom is if a muffler doesn’t cut the sound or noise with or without a muffler seems same.

#3 Single Or Dual?

As the name, single muffler means one exhaustion path and dual means double. Most of the vehicles only need single muffler until you have a monstrous noise that is uncontrollable by the single one.

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