Best Oil Filter to buy in 2018 ( Top Brands Reviewed)

(Last Updated On: November 3, 2018)

Car oil filter is designed to remove contaminants from petrol or diesel to ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly. We generally understand the importance of quality of oil but don’t realize the value of oil filter. If the quality of oil filter is poor, it can shorten the life of the vehicle’s engine. This small part of the car’s lubrication system can decide the life of your vehicle. In this article, we make our honest effort to help in the review of car oil filter brands. (SOURCE)

While the engine is running, a tiny bit of metal chips off of various engine parts. If these small bits are allowed to recirculate through other engine parts, they could cause significant damage to the engine. The oil filter solves this purpose and filters all abrasive contaminants, and that is why one should choose this vital part very carefully.

While purchasing an oil filter for your car, you need to look for different features like origin, brand, product dimensions, weight and whether it fix with your vehicle or not. Choosing among the Mann or Mahle oil filter brands is not an easy task. This particular review can be quite helpful for you.

You guide to buy the Best Oil Filter 2018

 ProductsRatingsWeightSizeProduct DetailsPrice
Mann-filter HU 718/5 X Metal-Free Oil FilterMann-Filter HU 718/5 X Metal-Free Oil Filter4.83.2 ounces3.9 x 3.9 x 4.5 inchesConsistently high separation efficiency
Lisle 63600 Oil Filter ToolLisle 63600 Oil Filter Tool4.34 ounces6.2 x 4.8 x 2 inchesSteel jaws grip filter without slipping
Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance Oil FilterMobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance Oil Filter4.76.4 ounces6.8 x 10 x 4.4 incheslong-life performance for today's longer drain intervals
FRAM PH 373 Passenger Car Oil FilterFRAM PH373 Passenger Car Oil Filter4.51.3 pounds3.9 x 3.6 x 9 inchesPerforms at 96.2% efficiency in the single-pass efficiency tests
Mann-Filter HU 925/4 Metal-Free Oil FilterMann-Filter HU 925/4 X Metal4.63.5 ounces3.9 x 3.9 x 4.1 inchesConsistently high separation efficiency
Bosch 3323 Premium FILTECH Oil FilterBosch 3323 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter4.711.2 ounces2.9 x 2.9 x 3.7 inchesDouble-locked rolled seam forms a leak free canister
FRAM XG7317 ULTRA Spin-on Oil Filter with Sure GripFRAM XG7317 Ultra Synthetic Spin4.84.8 ounces3 x 3 x 3.6 inchesProven protection for up to 15,000 miles
MAHLE OX814DECO Oil FilterMahle OX814DECO Oil Filter3.93.8 ounces0.2 x 3 x 3 inchesPressure relief valve ensures lubrication at all times
K&N HP-1004 Performance Wrench Off Oil FilterK&N HP-1004 Performance Wrench4.68.8 ounces3.1 x 3.1 x 3.5 inchesResin-impregnated filter media traps 99% of harmful contaminants
Mann-Filter HU 816 X Metal Free Oil FilterMann-Filter HU 816 X Metal4.80.3 ounces3.9 x 3.9 x 3.1 inchesConsistently high separation efficiency

1. Mann-filter HU 718/5 X Metal-Free Oil Filter

Mann-filter HU 718/5 X Metal-Free Oil Filter

This product originated from German manufacturing group “Mann+Hummel.” These company manufacturers filter elements for motor-vehicles for different brands. Two founder’s families own the company. The company and its subsidiaries own more than 60 outlets throughout the world.

This product is suitable for Mercedes CLK500. The OEM filter has a beautiful, durable construction and is identical to the Mercedes branded box. The only difference between the two is the Mercedes brand logo and the difference between the prices of both the products.

This Mann oil filter is made up of the metal-free element. They are made up of material that does not create ash when disposed of in the thermal process. This material is silicone. The weight of this product is 3.2 ounces. The product has a warranty of 12 months from the date of installation. The bypass valves are Teflon coated.

This product provides optimum protection for the engine. This car oil filter is pressure resistant and anticorrosion protected spin on the filter housing. It offers long life filter media and sealing rings.


  • Higher dirt filtering capacity. The surface area of this product is effective during the entire functioning.
  • It has terrific separation functionality.
  • Easy filter replacement which some people find convenient.


  • It can cause mechanical system failure due to lubrication problems.
  • Turbo and hyper performed functions have been affected by this.

2. Lisle 63600 Oil Filter Tool

Lisle 63600 Oil Filter Tool

Lisle Corporation is a machine tool manufacture company in the United States. C.A. Lisle founded it in 1903 and since then this independent and private corporation is operated by the family of Lisle. Initially, this company used to manufacture water-well drilling machines and then later it made washing machines, cream separators, and lawn mowers.

Removes all oil filters from 2-1/2” to 3-1/8”. This large 63600 range can fit in most of the imported air filters or common 3” domestic car filters. The steel jaws of the product grip filter without slipping. It works in tight spots from the front of the filter using 3/8 inch drive.

The product is non-foldable and works with a 3/8 inch diameter. Every wrench of Lisle oil filter is made of a superior quality material which ensures long-lasting performance and increases durability. This product is a must have around any shop.

On the whole, it is a very reliable and high-quality product.


  • This is a wonderful product for removing filters in tight place.
  • The steel jaw fix without slippage.
  • It is easy to use and handle.


  • Slippage issues are observed sometimes.
  • “One size fits all” is not absolutely true.

3. Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance Oil Filter:

Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance Oil Filter

Mobil 1 is an international brand of automotive lubrication products and synthetic motor oil. The company developed the first synthetic motor oil. This product is globally sold and marketed by ExxonMobil. Mobil 1 engine oil was first introduced to the world in 1974. The range includes engine oils, oil filters, chassis grease, transmission fluids, and gear lubricants.

The product has features that work long-life even if the product is drained for longer intervals. It withstands nine times regular system operating pressure as compared to other oil filters. No internal leakage is observed during the shutdown, and the credit goes to silicone anti-drain back valve. This feature also prevents the dry start.

The product is known to remove contaminants effectively with 99.6% multi-pass efficiency. It has an advanced synthetic fiber blend media. This best-selling product weights 1.3 pounds. The manufacturer warranty of this product can be requested for customer care service.


  • The longevity performance of the product is incredible.
  • The efficiency rating is 99.6% because if fiber blend media.
  • The installation of this product is quick and easy.
  • The product can withstand high operating pressure.


  • Some people complain about not getting extended performance.
  • Fitting and compatibility issues are seen at times. 

4. FRAM PH 373 Passenger Car Oil Filter

FRAM PH 373 Passenger Car Oil Filter

FRAM is a well-known brand of best oil filters for cars. Air filters, PCV valves, fuel filters, and breather element fibers are other products of this company. The product is sold with various slogans such as “you can pay me now, or pay me later” or “Before you slam it FRAM it!!” the name FRAM was coined by the combination of the name of inventors “Franklin” and “Aldam”. Bright orange color is termed as the trademark of this brand.

Oil that lubricates and cools the engine is picked up and is cleaned by the filter and this oil is re-used. There comes the role of the oil filter. FRAM oil filters remove total contamination because it has to be pumped back into the engine.

The product is known to perform at the efficiency of 96.2% in all the weather conditions. America’s favorite oil filter is uniquely formulated for top-rated efficiency to extend the life of the screen.

The rough texture of the surface offers a tight grip and never slips from your hand. Even the presence of oil on the cover doesn’t let it slide. It has a thick, multi-fiber media that provides a maze to trap contaminants effectively.


  • The filter is engineered in a way that it can use synthetic oil.
  • It has a 99% dirt trapping productivity.


  • There has been complaint that the quality of the material is poor and it makes the filter asymmetric. It can cause major issue in oil flow and filtering.
  • There are chances of product malformation during use. 

5. Mann-Filter HU 925/4 Metal-Free Oil Filter

Mann-Filter HU 925/4 Metal-Free Oil Filter

This German product by the company Mann+Hummel is quite efficient. The product range includes industrial filters, membrane filters, and equipment for water filtration. Mann+Hummel group is the supplier to the international automotive and mechanical engineering industries.

The product provides optimum protection for your vehicle. It has consistent high separation efficiency. The OEM product has a high filter surface area which enables high dirt holding capacity of filter elements. It can be replaced quickly with the help of wrench removing tools. The pleated structure on the surface area of the product keeps it active through whole operating time.

The product has the manufacturer warranty valid from the day of installation. The product is made of silicone which does not create ash during the thermal process. Mann-filter elements are metal free, and thus they are user-friendly.


  • This filter is identical to BMW filter but at a very cheaper price.
  • This highly efficient product provides impressive engine performance.
  • This product is quite durable.
  • The filter replacement is very easy and convenient. 


  • There have been complaints about the mechanical system failures of the product.

6. Bosch 3323 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

Bosch 3323 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

Bosch is a German multinational engineering and electronics company. Robert Bosch founded this company and owned 92% shares of this company. The core products of this company are automotive components, industrial products, and building products. This company invented the hydraulic brakes in 2001. It has more than 440 subsidiary companies. It is one of the most reputable manufacturers in the world.

The oil filters manufactured by Bausch are capable of removing microscopic oil contaminants and allows the oil to flow at a high rate. The outstanding membrane strength attributes durability to the product. The filter fits perfectly and has a sturdy steel base which prevents leakage. The screen is made up of the perfect blend of synthetic and natural materials.

The highly lubricated gasket design of the product provides a tight seal yet removal or replacement is not difficult. It has a silicone anti-drain back valve which ensures the supply of clean oil. The product weighs 11.2 pounds and has a manufacturer warranty of 12 months which starts from the day of installing.


  • The canisters of Bosch oil filters feature a double lock system. This feature ensures that the canister is lock free.
  • The product is world-known for its effectiveness in screening engine oils for different impurities.


  • Users are always concerned about the quality of these products.

7. FRAM XG7317 ULTRA Spin-on Oil Filter with Sure Grip

FRAM XG7317 ULTRA Spin-on Oil Filter with Sure Grip

FRAM, the company is known to make high-quality oil and air filters for vehicles that run every day on the road.  If you are seeking top performance from newer engines and maximum protection for your older cars, FRAM oil filters are a good choice. The products are engineered in such a way that they work well in extreme weather conditions with conventional or synthetic oil.

The product gives proven protection for 15000 miles and is engineered to work with synthetic oils. The product is made up of synthetic blend media backed by a metal screen for uniform pleating, durability and optimum oil flow. The anti-drain back valve is made up of silicone and is of much use. The product assures 99%+ filtration efficiency.

Due to sure-grip anti-slip texture changing FRAM oil filters is an easy and quick task. The oil filter weighs around 4.8 ounces, and these filters are warranted against defects in design, material or artistry. The company guarantees the lowest price of the oil filters. The product has an ideal balance of dirt trapping and dirt holding. On the whole, it is excellent engine protection.


  • The non-slip grip of the product enables the replacing procedure easy and quick.
  • The product works efficiently with synthetic oils as well.


  • The product has faced a major criticism due to malformation.

8. MAHLE OX814DECO Oil Filter

MAHLE OX814DECO Oil Filter

This automotive part manufacturer company is located in Germany. This company is one of the largest suppliers of automotive parts worldwide. The company is the largest manufacturer of engine systems, filtration, electrics, mechatronics, and thermal management. The company has 13 research and development units in various parts of the country.

This superior embossed and pleated filter media is known for high dirt holding capacity. The vehicles using MAHLE oil filter experience low-pressure drops. Each unit of MAHLE oil filter is designed as per OEM specifications and high safety standards. The product possesses high structural integrity through high-quality sheet metal, end plates and seaming.

The product has a special pressure relieve valve which ensures lubrication all the times. It has an anti-drain check valve as well. The product weighs 3.8 ounces and it has a parts warranty of 12 months or 12000 miles. The warranty is limited against defects in material and workmanship.

The original air-filters of MAHLE prevent dirt from entering the lubricant circuit and are known to maintain high quality, performance and efficiency of the engine.


  • The product is famous for its high availability.
  • It is build from better fiber.
  • The prices of MAHLE oil filters are very reasonable.


  • Sometimes it is observed that these oil filters are slightly smaller than the frame.
  • MAHLE oil filters do not have a grip on bottom.

9. K&N HP-1004 Performance Wrench Off Oil Filter

K&N HP-1004 Performance Wrench Off Oil Filter

K&N Engineering, Inc was founded by Ken Johnson and Norm McDonald in 1964. K&N, the name came from the combination of first letters of their words. The company started by selling motorcycle parts but soon oil filters became their primary choice. The company is a manufacturer of oil filters, air filters, air intake system and performance parts. The company has its headquarters in California.

This OE product is a perfect replacement for most cars, trucks, SUV, and motorcycles. The filter media is impregnated by resin and traps 99% of the dirt and contamination. The product is designed in this way so that it can be easily replaced.

This best oil filter can survive in extreme conditions due to heavy-duty construction. The anti-drain back valve (if applicable) prevents dry start and prevents oil from draining back into crankcase during engine shutdown. The product weighs 8.8 ounces and has a parts warranty.

Originally designed for a race application, the product is getting extremely popular for its durability and easy removal. The extra engineering service of the company provides peace of mind to the customers using it.


  • These filters are compatible with most of the cars.
  • The design allows easy installation and impregnated walls increases durability.


  • The excessive tightening of oil filter while installing may result in compression, rearing or wrinkling of the rubber gasket of the filter. This can lead to oil leakage.

10. Mann-Filter HU 816 X Metal Free Oil Filter

Mann-Filter HU 816 X Metal Free Oil Filter

This tremendous German company headquartered in Ludwigsburg develops, produces and distributes air and oil filter systems. The company was established in 1941, and since then it is working hard in the automotive sector.

This particular oil filter brand is compatible with BMW 5 series, 535i, Z4 S Drive 35i, seven series 730i, and 740i. It provided optimum protection for the engine so that you can drive without any tension. The product is pressure resistant and anti-corrosion protected on spin housing. It is known for long life filter media and sealing rings.

The non-return stop membrane of the product is made of high-quality silicone. The bypass valve is Teflon coated. This Mann-filter can be incinerated entirely and are easily disposed of. It reliably removes impurities from oil circuits. The product weighs 9 g and has a parts warranty of 1 year.


  • It has high separation efficiency.
  • It comes with the best price tag.
  • It has high dirt holding capacity and can be replaced easily.


  • Mechanical system of the product is not that reliable.

Car Oil Filter Buyer’s Guide

After reading all these reviews you know what points should be observed while ordering the oil filter for your car.

  • Compatibility- Check if the particular model is compatible with your car or not.
  • Easy replacement– the product should have the efficiency to be replaced easily or quickly.
  • Tight seal or grip– The product should have a good grip.
  • Dirt control– The refining efficiency should be more.

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