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(Last Updated On: July 9, 2017)

Trucks, cars, SUVs, big vehicle owners, drivers and all… are you facing it tough to drive though foggy weather conditions like mist, or do you generally drive through the night. Then this is great news for your vehicle. Install the best LED light bar anywhere on your automobile will improve driving visibility to a great extent. Headlamps provide sufficient light for a few kinds of terrain. But for rural driving, night driving or driving in heavier weather conditions then you will have to do a basic modification to your car.

Uses and Types of LED light Bars: This plain design installation on your vehicle serves various purposes. It not only helps your visibility while riding but also improves the range of visibility of the headlamps. They can be used for several vehicle types and can be mounted anywhere on your boat, truck, and car. These are of short and long sizes and can also be used off- road at times too or even to host an event at night. Then you’d get the perfect lighting conditions.

Important Note: LED Light Bars come in various sizes ranging from 6’’ right up to over 50’’ length. These light bars sometimes contain 100 bright lights with over 30,000 lumens light. Have you ever seen the construction sites that work through the night, they use lights with similar high intensity lighting. So it is the same with LED light bars on your vehicle. Be careful to mount them on properly as the bright lights may blind the oncoming drivers. So, make sure about the laws regarding high intensity lighting.

Here is a list of 10 Best LED Light Bar Reviews to help you select the best for your vehicle even a truck, car, SUV or boat:

Best LED Light Bar Reviews

1. Auxbeam LED Light Bar 12″ 72W CREE LED Light

While it is less on power consumption it gives wider light beam for a longer distance. Its 3D projector lens style ensures top performance of lights in reflector cups that increase the light projection.

Specification & Key Features: What makes this really glow is its 7200 lmLuminous Flux with 24 High Power LED.  There is greater visibility with broader lighting area using original CREE LED chips on 12” dual row.


  • The 30O Spot & 60O Flood combination gives you the best visuals and lighting.
  • Waterproof & Dust proof up to 30 minutes /half hour beneath 3ft water depth.
  • Adjustable mounting brackets downside for easier mounting and adjustable positioning.
  • The wide light bar is ideal for on- road and off- road such as backyard/ garden lighting, constructions, back-up and so on. On Jeeps, SUVs, Motorcycles, Boats, Trucks, Cars, etc.


  1. No wiring harness though wires are heavy duty waterproof.
  2. Check product for instructions as this misses out in a few packages
  3. Rely on video/ picture for mounting on brackets as it can get tricky
  4. Bolts differ from those specified/ shown.

2. 20 Inch Led Light Bar Eyourlife

The product features Eyourlife Deep Cone Technology for enhanced Luminous Flux for more light intensity and distant beam. It uses CREE LED light bar which is 20’’ long and if used properly lasts up to 3 years.

Specifications & Key Features: The raw aluminum material gives longest Heat dissipation. Like all other Eyourlife product that mount easily on all or any vehicle this changes light beam easily by with work lights adjustable to 45O. This is best for fog driving. The slide brackets are easily slid to adjust to any size of your motor vehicle or off- road reasons for easier mounting.


  • Slide brackets for universal mounting onto a wide range of vehicles.
  • Usable for normal driving activities and off –road activities also
  • Special feature called Puddle Lamp


  • LEDs have a blue tint
  • Package does not have relay/ wire /fuse harness but does include +/- pigtail
  • Side flood lights are not as intense as central though functional.

3. LED Light Bar, Eyourlife 24″ Flood Spot Combo Beam

This product features the Deep Cone Reflector Technology for longer distant lighting and higher beam intensity. It is also easily mounted on a wide range of motor vehicles. Given its various uses this light bar that is used off- road or on –road is reasonably priced. This multipurpose LED light bar also keeps up the Eyourlife name and technology.

Specifications & Key Features: It has got an amazingly lengthy lifespan extended over 50,000 hours which is truly implausible. The product comes with a warranty of two years and assures great lighting system with 40 lights fitted into the LED Light Bar. Mount it on a wide range of jeeps, trucks, cars, boats as it has universal mounting.


  • More than 50,000 hours of life duration
  • Water resistance of IP68 certification
  • Better heat dissipation with 1070 aluminum.


  • Check package thoroughly if replacement is required.
  • While functionality is good product seems scratched
  • Few lights not burning, etc.

4. MICTUNING MIC-5DP30 2X SR-Mini Series

This little light bar literally lights up your way as you drive with great visibility. It offers 400 meters of lighting area with 5W high intensity in each of the 6 pieces. Although it is small it gives great intensity lighting with its superior brightness in the bulbs. Promises a combination of spot 8O and flood 20O.

Specifications & Key Features: A light bar which gives out 2700 lumens is not a joke. Even though small the CREE LED lights are tactfully positioned so as to deliver the largest and widest possible light beam. It works on a large variety of vehicles and to suit that purpose there is 10V to 30V operating range.


  • Drive through rough terrain and muddy puddles as it is IP68 water proof certification assured.
  • It is also dust proof light bar.
  • One of the few LED light bar offering two separate mounting styles including easy to install brackets.


  • Not as long/ wide as various other LED Light Bars.
  • Suits better as a headlamp supplement and off- road lighting

5. MicTuning MIC-5DP50, Mini – 50W Cree LED Lights Bar

Maybe not popular but MicTuning is a leading brand these days. You can get prepared for the toughest weather conditions as it is IP67 certified water proof. These LED light bars can be mounted to a various range of vehicles and has a wide operational voltage from 10V to 30V.

Specifications & Key Features: It offers one of the lengthiest lifespan putting other LED light bars to shame. It gives 50,000 hours of promised lighting. As this is long lasting, has easy mounting and has wide operational voltage this is the Best LED Light Bar that we recommend to shop for.


  • Comes with two various mounting styles so use which is convenient.
  • Super high lighting intensity gives best visibility for night driving


  • Might cause interference with radio when switched on at times.
  • Brackets might rust earlier
  • Issue with mounting from below / bottom side

6. EasyNew® 20″ Inch 120W Curved Led Light Bar

This is one of the best LED light bars as it covers a major distance. It is best suited for drivers who would like to go off- road. Meets all your vehicular driving demands and suits a wide range of vehicles as it can be mounted on easily. Comes with wiring harness that is rare with LED light bars these days

Specifications & Key Features: Its aluminum casing means it is ready to keep it safe and it is durable inside. It stops from damage. This product comes with PMMA lens that carry shatter resistance. It also has a water proof and dust proof IP68 certification. The Quart Lens delivers higher light transmission which adds to convenience.


  • Over 50,000 hours of light duration
  • Super high lighting intensity so excellent performer
  • Light beams are angled at Spot 30O & Flood 60O combo giving wider light
  • At 12,000 lumens it offers high luminous flux which is high intensity.


  • Though fantastic illumination look for defective center lights.
  • Seal the mounts with adhesive to be on the safe side.
  • Reasonable performance as per reasonable price.

7. OPPSK UV LED Bar with 9LEDx3W Black Light

This product is best for OTG or on the go as it is easy to operate, safe to use and portable so it fits just anywhere. Use this to get the perfect lighting ambience and color your showpieces to give viewers an enlightening show.

Specifications & Key Features: It is compact and fits any corner. Gives colorful light beams to shine your piece of attraction and reflects great ambience.


  • Ultra Violet high power light unit
  • On/ off switch ensures safe and easy use
  • High 27 Watt output for UV wash


  • Works better for florescent paint body

8. EasyNew 42-Inch 240W Curved Led Light Bar

This is an extremely long light bar that looks super on your auto and also comes with a separate wiring harness. These days you need to individually buy one so this product is a cut above the rest. It not only gives a stunning appearance but comes with IP68 for water proof certification meaning you don’t have to worry about going through water puddles, rain etc.

Specifications & Key Features: Its 44’’ long bar has wide voltage range from 10V to 30V to suit all vehicles or automobiles. It gives incredible lighting with its 240W LED power.  It has greater performance intensity at 2400 lumens so you do not have to stress your eyes while day driving/ night drives.


  • Extremely Super High brightness for area ahead.
  • Assures daylight like brightness with no dead spots.
  • Can be used for all automobiles heavy or small
  • Comes with IP 68 certification for water resistance.
  • Highly durable through seasons, water puddles, snow, etc.


  • As it is long mounting part can get tricky so will require trials before finally mounting on.

9. Auxbeam 12 Inch LED Light Bar 72W 7200lm Light Bar Combo

There are 24 total high power LED bulbs on this bar measuring 12 inches. This provides higher than expected brightness intensity with its 7200 lumens which is incredible. It can also be best used for garden lighting and back- up/ backyard lighting too or even construction lightings. It is a good spare to keep.

Specifications & Key Features: The angled light beams at Spot 30O and Flood 60O combo provide the best lighting on road ahead. T comes with IP67 certification that assures you can drive through dusty and muddy water terrain. The rains and dust will not spoil LED light bar. Can be mounted on almost every jeep, 4x4s, trucks, motorbikes, and boats.


  • Best for harsh driving/ all seasons as it has aluminum case that keeps damage out.
  • Quick –cooling heat sync style ensures longevity of LED light bar lifespan
  • Assures over 30,000 hours of intense lighting.


  • Can be tough for first timer as package does not contain instructions for wiring.

10. LightPlus CREE LED Lights

Whether you are going on a pleasure drive, night drive or even through muddy puddles these super bright high intensity water resistant LED bulbs will do their bright job. Enjoy double fun with its promised 6000k white color temperature to light your path to drive back home safe in darkest nights.

Specifications & Key Features: This pair of 4.2’’ long and 3.7’’ wide, 2.9’’ deep bar holding 6 strong  CREE LED Lights each gives 3W        high intensity. Its superior durability, quality, sturdy looks and outstanding performance makes the lights stand out from the rest.


  • Drive through water in peace with IP67 water proof certification
  • 3Wx 6 CREE LED light gives an outstanding 18W power.
  • Incredibly high intensity light emission with 1800 lumens
  • Sturdy design so it enhances the look of your SUV/ truck


  • Mounting bracket is not adjustable so gets tricky


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