Best Engine Degreaser for Car

(Last Updated On: October 30, 2018)

Keeping the engine of your car or automobile clean and free of grease improves the life of the engine. If you regularly clean and degrease your car engine it also boosts the performance. A lot of time and effort is spent selecting the Best Engine Degreaser for your car or automobile. We understand that this can be a daunting task for choosing and selecting the best one based on your car’s needs. There are various types of cleaners and strong degreasers available. While some are spray- on the others are concentrate. Some are even super concentrate and has to be diluted to use. These are environment friendly products and bio degradable some even come with a special fragrance so you love the work that you do.

However before using each of these products listed below it is suggested to thoroughly read the instructions. This will help you to know how strong concentrate you are using and if it is a skin or an eye irritant. Sometimes you also have to wear protection too like a pair of rubber gloves, etc. For cleaning you may require a light brush and a pressure hose too at times. Some of these cleaning or degreasing agents can also be kept for long. If you do not require all the contents at once use it to clean various other kinds of machinery and materials too.

Do you find your car growling or slow to start? Or do feel it is very long that you last cleaned your car engine? It is time to keep a little while to take care of your car’s needs. These engine degreasers are formulated so you not have to invest too much effort or time in cleaning your car’s engine.  We will help you find the Best Engine Degreaser provided you go through the article till the end. The super sellers are all here for you. All you need to do is select the best degreaser that suits your car’s needs.


1. Oil Eater AOD1G35437 Cleaner Degreaser

Don’t get upset if there is too much of grease or oil spilt over. This super oil eater product will work wonders for your engine and concrete. Use it as concentrate for heavy oil or diluted with water for lighter dirt. See the performance of your engine run like never before!

Specification & Key Features: This is the perfect formula to clear off all the old stains. It not just degreases but cleans too. This product is the Best Engine Degreaser. It could also wipe off the stains that are several years older. This can be done fast without wasting time too.





  • Oil eater can be used over a wide range of products including engines, concrete, outdoor grills, ovens, asphalt, lawn mowers etc.
  • Gives fresh smelling odour to make your work pleasant.
  • New anti-corrosion formula that makes sure the toughest stains go while surface is undamaged.
  • Use for light cleaning, medium cleaning and toughest stains too as diluted with water.


  • Effect when used on Asphalt is not as much as on concrete.
  • Eye irritant. Important not get to contact with skin or eyes. If so, contact physician.

2. Grand Slam Engine Degreaser

Many times there is a lot of dirt, grease, and grime of various amounts caught up in different parts of your automobile. It is necessary to clean all the inner and outer parts of your car too. There is one product that works great for all these issues.

Specification & Key Features:

This is one of the strongest engine degreasers. This also works great not only for machinery but floors too. This product removes dust and grime from brakes and wheels too. The washing is simple too as it is easy to rinse off with water. This product is not only easy to use but is also safe for your car or automobile.


  • No glycol ether EB which is a harmful chemical.
  • Emulsifies compact grease and cuts through it.
  • Breaks down grime and hard grease
  • Easy to rinse off with water.


  • Avoid using on paint as the stain residue may leave marks that cause paint to fade away.
  • While it works great on engine it gives average results on other parts.

3. KRUD KUTTER KK32 Cleaner/Degreaser

This is one of the best degreasers to remove any kinds of stains or dirt compost from the surface of your car. Moreover there are mixing proportions for various grades of dirt like light, medium, heavy, etc. use as directed to get the perfect and desired results to remove all stains from your required area.

Specification & Key Features: This product not only works for automobiles but for various other materials too. It works with reflective material like tiles, mirrors, windows, monitor screens, lights, etc. This super concentrate non-solvent cleaning ready- to-use formula can be used on various other surfaces to in addition to your car engine.



  • It is safe to use at your place of residence or within the office too
  • Environment friendly, bio-degradable and is made of non- toxic material
  • It is Xylene free and is non- flammable too, non- abrasive and no harsh vapours.
  • Usable for building materials, tile cleaners, Mini- blinds, canvas, chrome porcelain, fiberglass, upholstery, wheels and several metals too.


  • As it is super concentrate formula use only as directed as each surface would require a different measure of cleaning agent. Remember that some surfaces are mild like tiles, mirrors etc.

4. Chemical Guys CLD 104 Grime Reaper

Tough grease is one of the causes to slow down your car or automobile engine. Grime also reduces the life of machinery. This is why you will need super concentrate, heavy duty and possibly the best degreaser. Though strong on the dirt this is environment friendly product. Use this to remove tough stains and dirt from off- road wheels, tires, and heavy machinery.

Specification & Key Features: This amazing engine degreaser not only works for your automobile but also suited for various machinery and industry equipment. It removes grime and grease from your engine to make it smooth without dust or grime. The heavy power formula removes years of filth from tires and all in fastest and professional manner.



  • It does not leave any residue behind
  • It eats away heaviest grease in super fast time
  • Works great on grime, grease and all kinds of toughest filth.


  • As this is a super concentrate formula use diluted or as directed
  • Dilute at least 20:1

5. Simple Green 19005 Crystal Industrial Degreaser

This product is an excellent strong degreaser that works on built up grease and oils. It works on a number of various surfaces and cuts through the tough grease on your engine. Using the Best Engine Degreaser for your car engine also saves a lot of money for future car repairs.

Specification & Key Features:

This product is interesting to use. While the product is tough on grease it is very gentle on the parts and does not damage any parts of the equipment. This liquid solution can also be diluted so as to utilize the same for floors, foamers, carpet extractors, etc.




  • No added colors or additional scents
  • NSF registered on A1, A2, A4, A8, B1, C1.
  • Versatile multipurpose cleaning agent that is non- flammable


  • It works great for several uses but it is better to put on gloves before usage.
  • Requires lots rinsing off

6. Gunk FEB1 Foamy Engine Brite Engine Degreaser

Give your car machinery a thorough clean up. Blow off the muck and grime collected under the hood. You do not need to use your hands to clean. Using this product will increase the lifespan of your engine. You can also detect an oil leak or grease with the Best Engine Degreaser.

Specification & Key Features: This is a best degreaser that cleans the engine of all muck and grease.  It not just works for your car engine but also on power mowers, trucks and other farm equipment. Simply spray on and see the foam remove the dirt. You need to hose off the dirt with a garden hose or car wash hose.



  • Specifically designed for plastic covering engines
  • Rated #1 in engine degreaser products
  • No need for using your hand to scrub hard to remove grease/ grime
  • Gentle and safe for car engine components.


  • Require a jet spray to remove the foam
  • Watch while cleaning near rubber, plastic and alternator
  • Average quality and effectiveness

7. Meguiar’s D10801 Super Degreaser

This is one of the simple yet effective engine degreaser that breaks down the toughest of grime and grease. Moreover all you need to do is spray on and wipe off! And there goes your car components clean like new. It makes the work so less and also saves a lot of your time. This is one of the best vinyl cleaners.

Specification & Key Features: This model of Meguiar’s is a very simple spray and wipe off method of cleaning. It can also be used on interiors like leather seats too.  Only make sure you use the correct measure and use a light brush to scrub (if required).





  • Pleasant scent or fragrance that makes your cleaning experience pleasant.
  • Works fast to cut through tough grease and grime
  • Does not leave a residue stain or any white marks like general degreasers do.


  • Careful not to allow it to fall near skin. Use some protection as it may cause damage to skin
  • Mix in right ratio to get the perfect effect.

8. Purple Power Industrial Strength Cleaner and Degreaser

This concentrate formula cuts through even the toughest of tough grime on our car machinery. This all purpose engine degreaser and cleaner can be used for a number of machinery like industry, farm, houses and automobile. Moreover it removes dirt thoroughly leaving the machinery working smoother than ever.

Specification & Key Features: This powerful concentrate wipes off the thickest dirt and filth within a matter of seconds. So it is not just hard on grease but also saves a lot of your valuable time. There is no need to scrub hard and is bio- degradable. This product can also be used on machinery, equipment and manufactured parts.




  • Environment friendly material that is non –flammable
  • Free of phosphate and non –abrasive and bio- degradable.
  • Tough on grime and cuts though the toughest grease.
  • Acts fast as it powers off dirt once comes in direct contact with dirt.


  • Quite strong to use on paint
  • As floor and tiles require mild cleaning agents use very diluted or avoid.

9. All American Car Care Products Super Clean 2000

This product is a multipurpose engine degreaser and cleaner. It is super high concentrate and can be used as little as 20:1.  Works great for your car removing stuck tar, brake dust, etc. this can be used on a wide variety of things like A/C grills, filters and ducts, ceilings, tiles, machinery, and is best for hot water carpet extractors.

Specification & Key Features: The product is extremely tough on all kinds of grease and grime. However, it is very gentle on tiles. Hence it can also be used for marble flooring, stainless steel, aluminium and surfaces that are not damaged by water.





  • Emulsifies dirt and grime working on the toughest stains too.
  • Versatile multipurpose cleaner can be used on most surfaces
  • Contains no butyl, no phosphates, no solvents, and is free from acids and abrasives.


  • Advised to use hot water with brush to scrub the dirt off.
  • Highly concentrate so use diluted whenever and wherever required.

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