Best Car Wax Review Guide

(Last Updated On: October 30, 2018)

If you would like to give a makeover to your car lately then first think of giving a refurbished shine. In order to make your car shine like new you have to apply a good quality car wax to your car. We can help you with the Best Car Wax to shine it just like new. Moreover a high quality car wax will give your car a warm look apart from giving an all round cover. A regular application of car wax will give longer life to your car paint. It also adds to the shine of the car paint making your car look all the more beautiful.

In addition to the paint cover there are several other advantages of applying a regular coat of high quality car wax. It is known that certain car waxes also keeps cover on the paint from various factors affecting the lifespan of the car paint. These could be the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, dust pollution like grime and dry dust and various kinds of moisture too. The best car wax 2017 guide helps you to do the job fast so that your car looks fantastic. These select car waxes picked out for you also last really long.

We understand that it is a very tough job to find the Best Car Wax suitable to your car paint type. There are some types of car wax that last for only half a year or six months. There are others that last almost twelve months or up to a year. It is also a tough job to select between synthetic car wax, liquid car wax and the authentic pasty texture car wax. (The last one is very difficult for those car owners /car drivers hard for time or too busy.)

Modern technology has given a new blend to the traditional pasty car wax. This benefits those who cannot give a lot of their valuable time as the car wax takes a lot of time. The new car wax formulations add a modern touch to take care of your time needs. Moreover they look and feel more like paint sealant liquid shine. Weather it is car wax or carnauba shine or high glass paint sealant glaze select the best one.

So take time to go through the detailed guide that helps you to select the best one based on your car paint’s requirements and  car wax reviews.

Below is a list of the Top Ten and Best Car Wax:-

1. Synthetic Polymer Paint Sealant for an Extremely Deep Carnauba Wax Glass Polish Shine:

This is a newest formulation to cater to your car paint’s much required necessity. It has added patented polymer factors that extends the duration of your car paint. This entire CarGuys Liquid Wax Kit also gives a deep glass wax shine too. The latest polymer polish advancements give your car a liquid glass finish.

Specification & Key Features: The kit components include a microfiber towel and hand sized auto wax applicator pad. The product kit is environment friendly and non- toxic. The synthetic car wax sealant gives your car a look of fresh coat of car wax or ‘wet shine.’


  • This product saves you a lot of time as traditional car paste wax is time consuming.
  • It can also be used on other automobiles including truck, motorcycle, and boat too.
  • Best car paint protection post hand car wash
  • Durable for a period of 12 months


  • Takes long curing time
  • Cannot be exposed to sunlight so use in shade
  • Keep away from moisture during 30 min airing time.

2. Meguiar’s G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax – 16 oz

This product uses ThinFilm technology and newest synthetic polymers crosslink that makes your car ‘reflect like a mirror’. Even water droplets roll off smoothly without leaving a stain due to the inclusion of Hydrophobic Polymer Technology. What more are you waiting for after you found the Best Car Wax product.

Specification & Key Features: The product assures the non-painted trim portions of your car will not turn white. There is fast and simplest application that can be done by hand or orbital or dual action polisher. The product kit includes the microfiber towel and conveniently sized applicator pad.


  • The best feature about this product is that it is super easty to apply.
  • Easy to remove too.
  • Saves unwanted wastage of time and effort.
  • Can be applied under sunlight too


  • It takes time to remove if you apply a thick coat so avoid it.
  • For best results apply after reading instructions

3. Migliore Primo: A Premium Concours Show Car Carnauba Wax

The Migliore Primo Carnauba Wax competes with the likes of the best carnauba waxes all over the world with each jar containing 50 percent carnauba. It literally looks as if your car is oozing liquid shine. It intensifies the look of the car as there are no swirls as it promises swirl free and smooth look.

Specification & Key Features: This great carnauba wax product promises not to stain the plastics or trim on your car. With a generous content of carnauba the Primo wax works to the perfect blend. Apart from the clear mirror –like reflective sheen on your car it also enhances the car color to perfection.


  • The finished process when done perfectly will give the best results of an extremely glossy effect.
  • Provides super water beading surface


  • In case your car was overlooked for a long while first detail with clay and polish before treating with Migliore Primo Carnauba Wax.
  • As this is a car paint sealant and not a cleaning wax do not use a thick application. Apply a thin coat using applicator pad.

4. Waterless Car Wash Wax Kit 144 oz. Aircraft Quality Wash Wax for your Car RV & Boat

In case you do not have the time or the space or even want to save the precious resource – water. Then this product is just for you. This high quality dry spray car waterless wash suits all purposes. Simply spray, wipe it, and it is dry. Use the spray and dry product for your car that others all over the world including private aircraft owners, corporate airlines and military aircrafts use too.

Specification & Key Features: This one product cleans up to 36 cars and wax up to 57 cars as it dries. Many automotive products gives skin irritation or allergy when comes in direct contact with skin. The human friendly, eco- friendly biodegradable product does not irritate the eyes or skin.


  • Environment friendly product
  • Free from alcohol
  • Free from ammonia


  • For dull, oxidized, scratch finish or shine pending surface a high quality Polish is suggested

5. Liquid Carnauba Car Wax – Ultimate Shine and Protection. Easy application, protect against scratches, uv rays. Deep Gloss, Premium Sealer

This product is the perfect blend of authentic Brazilian Carnauba Wax. It also has the latest polymer technology. It assures to make your car shine just like new! At the same time it acts like a protection to your car paint surface too.  The end result is a shining slippery sheen on your car.

Specification & Key Features: This is the best car paint sealant that protects your car surface from extreme weather and from catching scratches too. Simply using an applicator you can give your car best protection from rust, bug grime and corrosion too with the dual action formula. The classic wax blend with polymer bond makes this the choice for best car wax 2017.


  • Non- toxic car paint protector
  • Safe with your pets or kids around
  • It is so slippery that not only grime but things slipping off from the surface too.


  • Gives out a strong unpleasant smell. But if you forbear this your car looks show room new!


6. Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish

This award winning car polish is the only one that does not contain wax and is also applied in direct sunlight. It gives your car the best gloss enhancement, protection and increases paint durability. It is also known as “the once a year car polish.” There is no need for heavy rubbing in this simple process that lasts long. A leading US consumer magazine rated Nu Finish as #1.

Specification & Key Features: It is extremely easy for application and is available in two forms – liquid and soft paste. This is the simplest method as it only requires a clear piece of cloth with a small amount of Nu Finish Liquid to clean the car surface. This can also be used for motorcycle fiberglass boats.


  • Improves the life of the shine of car surface
  • Lasts very long
  • Can be utilized on various other items including household items too like fiberglass and stainless steel
  • Heavy buff not required
  • Can be applied in direct sunlight.


  • As this product is not car wash / cleaner first have to clean the surface of the car.
  • Wipe off with microfiber towel once done

7. Chemical Guys WAC_201_16 Butter Wet Wax

This product delivers unmatched results giving your car an all new deep wet look. Your car will shine like straight out of the showroom. With its new and improved formula this is one of the Best Car Wax products that leaves your car shining like new!

Specification & Key Features: This butter wet wax creates such an effect on the surface to resist water beads, bird droppings, and scratches arising from sand, gravel or road tar. This 100 percent natural wax material uses ultra refined carnauba technique to give a clean protection glaze.


  • It protects the car surface from harmful UVA & UVB rays.
  • Works also on chrome bumpers, glass windshields and even stainless steel exhaust ends
  • Works great even for non- textured surfaces too it.
  • Best car protection apart from liquid glow


  • Durability is doubted
  • Have to re –do the process every couple of months even though application process takes less than 30 min.

8. Meguiar’s G17748 Ultimate Wash and Wax – 48 oz

Maintaining the look of your car’s surface at regular periods makes your car shine like new. You can use this product which has formulated natural carnauba wax with synthetic polymers. The next time you use this and take your car out do not get surprised by the attention your shining surface draws!

Specification & Key Features: This gentle wash and wax does not strip the existing wax. For great maintenance you will need to do a wax job at least once every quarter. This product has excellent car wax reviews as it enhances the look of your car.


  • Does not strip away the existing wax on your car.
  • Gives your car ultimate glossiness
  • Improves the protection


  • While using the car wash and wax product do not mix too much water.
  • It is a soapy and foamy matter that comes out but does not damage existing wax.

9. Mothers 07240 California Gold Clay Bar System

In case the environment pollutants like metallic particles, tree sap, and other deposits from the atmosphere stick on your car, this is the best product to use. If you are planning to do a car wax job then first clean your car to perfection with this amazing clay bar cleaning system.

Specification & Key Features: This helps to prevent the dirt and grime from ruining the smooth surface of your car. It contains an instant detailer spray and microfiber towel with a couple of clay bars. Cleans your car of stubborn dirt deposits that mild sprays miss out.


  • This product ensures that your car surface is 100 percent clean.
  • Does not damage the surface of the car though aggressive formula
  • removes hard core dirt and deposit from your car’s surface which does not go with general car sprays or car wash foam.
  • Bar product works best for grime and hard compost.
  • Takes out indelible stains too


  • Takes really long to cover the entire hood or other areas too.
  • Ideal for very strong dirt instead of general maintainence

10. Liquid Glass LG-100 Ultimate Auto Polish/Finish

This super durable high gloss works at super speed to shine your car surface. This product leaves your car shining like a mirror. Grime and bird droppings slide off without staining. Your high end luxury car will shine like it is straight from the showroom!

Specification & Key Features: Once left to dry this gloss does not scratch, fade away, strip away or chip away. It works on surface and glasswork too. First clean and apply and then buff off with a microfiber towel.


  • Very simple to apply
  • Extends time period during each car surface job.
  • Gives deep looking coat


  • Your car will require regular cleaning in between the car surface job.
  • First timers users have to use it once in couple of months or once a quarter. Later it can be downed to just once a year.

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