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(Last Updated On: August 15, 2017)

If you face frequent issues with the engine of your car or your car runs rough, there is something wrong with the spark plug. That means you need the best spark plug for your vehicle. Spark plugs play a crucial role in the automotive industry since the day they are invented. They are simple pair of electrodes that ignite the spark at high voltage. These are simply a vital part to operate the engine properly.

Now the question arises that why spark plugs are that important. This inexpensive product plays an important role in the combustion of your engine and has a great impact on its overall performance.

Currently, four types of spark plugs rule the industry:

  • Copper Core spark plugs: These are cheap and beinggood conductors delivers best performance. Capable of covering 20, 000- 40, 000miles.
  • Iridium Spark Plugs: Less conductive material butoperates at much lower temperature. Goes for 40,000- 60, 000 miles.
  • Platinum spark plugs: Prone to overheating but lasts2x longer than copper spark plugs.
  • Double Platinum Spark Plugs: Improved version ofPlatinum ones. Much longer life span and much better performance.

1. Bosch 4428 FGR8LQP0 Platinum + 4 spark plug

Combined with three special advantages of surface air gap technology, 4 nickel yttrium ground electrodes and a pure platinum heat-fused center electrode, Bosch platinum + 4 spark plug is a unique revolutionary firing technology. It provides optimum engine performance, smoother acceleration and enhanced fuel efficiency.

This unique air gap firing technology enhances the performance of engine by generating multiple spark paths and makes it the best spark plugs. This German product is one of the best spark plugs in the world. Totally made of platinum, the spark plug has 4 ground straps. It is quite easy to install because it need no gapping. The gap between electrodes is factory-set and no adjustment is required. The Bosch product weighs around 2.1 ounce and the company has covered the product under warranty.


  • The gap between the two electrodes is fixed. You do not need to adjust this.
  • It increases the power of the accelerator.
  • It makes your vehicle spunkier.
  • Bosch products are famous for their zero manufacturing defects.
  • The iridium plug has high melting point and it is corrosionresistant.


  • High price is one of the biggest drawbacks of this product.

2. Denso (5304) IK20 Iridium Power Spark Plug

Denso iridium power spark plug is the world’s smallest diameter spark plug. With 0.4 mm diameter, the firing potential is maximum. This iridium center electrode ensures exceptional bond and structural strength. The spark flame growth of this U-groove and taper cut ground electrode is faster and hence it lessens heat quenching.

This 5.6 ounce product originated in China. The parts of the spark plug are covered under manufacturer’s warranty. This one of the best spark plug is 100% pre-fired.

It uses purified alumina powder as insulator and flashover is prevented by this five rib insulator. The insulator is further prevented in a glass tight seal. There is anti-seize compound on the threads that make its removal easy.


  • Denso iridium spark plug is very easy to install.
  • The product assures increased acceleration and torque.
  • Improvement in combustion which leads better engine output.
  • The 0.4 mm diameter extra ordinary spark plug improves the mileage of your car.
  • This spark plug is cost-efficient.


  • Some customers complain of no noticeable change in fuelconsumption.

3. NGK (5019) LTR5 GP G-Power Spark Plug

This G-power platinum spark plug has quicker starts and lower emissions. This excellent product is highly durable under high heat and the required voltage decreases with fine platinum tip. The improved version of this product ensures better fuel economy. The trivalent metal plating on the product provides superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties.

This 204 g product was launched in the year 2016 and it is one of the best spark plugs of the year. The insulator of this product is made of pure alumina silicate ceramic which provides superior strength and better heat transfer. The copper core of the spark plug helps in heat removal and its triple seal prevents leakage. The wrench diameter of this spark plug is 5/8 inches. The thread size of spark plug is 14mm. the double dipped zinc chromate shell of the product ensures rust-proofing. It is very important to torque the spark plug properly before installing.


  • This spark plug fits in everyone’s economic range.
  • NGK G-power spark plug is fuel efficient and provides a hike inacceleration.
  • The durable product has no combustion gas leakage.


  • You may need a spark plug extension while fixing it in your car.

4. NGK 7090 G-Power Platinum Spark Plugs BKR5EGP

These electrodes are tipped with fine wire of platinum. It reduces required voltage and provides better starts and superior acceleration. It also aids in increased fuel economy. The trapezoid ground cut of the electrode reduces quenching. The spark plug is plated with trivalent metal which makes the product anti-corrosion and anti-seizing. The corrugated ribs of the spark plug prevent flashover.

This is one of the best spark plugs in the economical range. The spark plug has triple gasket seal that eliminates combustion gas leakage with ease. The insulator of this spark plug is made of pure alumina silicate ceramic and it provides superior strength and transfers heat in a better way. The precise gap between the two electrodes of the spark plug ensures greater and consistently stable spark.


  • The product is cost efficient.
  • It improves the mileage and flame reproduction.
  • The product provides ultimate acceleration performance.


  • Check the gap before installing it in the car.

5. Motorcraft SP-515 Spark Plug

Specially designed for Ford series, this product is tested according to Ford specifications for performance and emission standards. This best spark plug is designed to deliver quick starts and enhance fuel efficiency. This specially crafted product assures smooth acceleration for 60,000 to 1, 00,000 km service interval. This spark plug needs no gaping as it already come calibrated and is very easy to install.

Insulated with copper-glass seal bonds, the terminal post center electrode assures full required voltage. This required voltage protects against misfire. The shell of this spark plug is nickel plated. It prevents the product from corrosion and improves its appearance. The tip material of the ground electrode is made of fine wire platinum. The tapered product has thread size of 16 mm. The hex size of the

best spark plug is 9/16 inch.


  • Motorcraft spark plugs are available in economical range regardless oftheir wonderful performance.
  • It is very simple to install.


  • The spark plug has no anti-seize. While changing it, you need to applylots of anti-seize.
  • It does not fit in every model of Ford.
  • Some cases of misfire have been seen.

6. Bosch (4458) HGR8DQP Platinum

This German product is known for best and longest performance. This unique revolutionary firing technology consist more than one or two features. It combines the advantage of surface air-gap technology, four ground electrodes and a heat-fused centre electrode. This is the most powerful spark plug because it uses more platinum.

This one of the best spark plug provides optimum access to the air/fuel mixture so that the combustion is most powerful and the performance life increases. No gapping is required at the time of installation. The spark plug is known to reach self cleaning temperature automatically. It initiates quick starts.

The distance between the electrodes is already factory set therefore no gapping is required at the time of installation. The plates of the spark plug are nickel coated and the rolled threads assure anti-seizing and anti-corroding properties.

The spark plug thread size is 0.14 mm and the wrench diameter is 5/8 inch.


  • It increases the performance of the engine and improves its mileage.
  • This spark plug requires no periodic gapping.
  • The brilliant design is reliable and easy to install and maintain.


  • The product is quite costly.

7. Bosch (4459) HGR9DQP Spark Plug

The revolutionary surface air gap technology collaborates with four electrodes that are yttrium enhanced to make this product. Known as the best performance spark plug, it makes your engine perform efficiently and delivers the most powerful and longest engine spark. The function of yttrium enhanced ground electrodes is to provide complete access to air/fuel mixture for most efficient combustion.

Oxidation of the spark plug is the major obstruction in the longer performance life of the spark plug. The yttrium alloy ground electrode removes this possibility and hence reduces gap wear. The spark plug can be installed as it is without any extra gapping. Bosch spark plugs are known as the best spark plugs in the world. The German product weighs 0.08 ounce and comes with a warranty of parts. The product is known to provide smoother acceleration and better fuel efficiency. This durable product lasts for at least 1, 00, 000 miles.


  • It increases the power of engine and it runs smoother.
  • This high-quality product is quite durable.


  •  A few cases of misfire have been noticed.
  • The product is costly.

8. NGK 3403 G-Power Platinum Alloy Spark Plug TR55GP

This platinum spark plug is the best plug that provides you all the power and quality. The product is known for its optimum performance and delivers longer performance. This is a pure-platinum electrode whose tip remains virtually unchanged. It reaches self-cleaning temperature on its own. These spark plugs are known for better starts, better acceleration and greater fuel economy.

The copper core of this spark plug aids in heat removal. Its triple seal prevent leakage. The pure alumina silicate ceramic insulator makes it a good conductor of heat transfer and provides superior strength. The spark plug has anti-corrosion and anti-seize properties. The precise gap increase the life of the spark plug.


  • This spark plug is a great fit to application.
  • The product lies in a perfect economic range.


  • This spark plug needs re-gapping.

9. BRISK USA RR15BSXC Spark Plug

This best performance spark plug works on revolutionary laser multi technology. This specially crafted product was designed for in order to replace factory installed spark plugs in auto, motorcycles, ATV and marine applications. With the standard factory ignition system, the spark plug is able to fire multiple fire sparks. The best feature of this spark plug is that it fires all 3760 degrees to quicken and maximize the combustion in air/fuel mixture. In this way, it uses the combustion energy effectively and performs in a better way.

The product is known to increase the efficiency of fuel. This new technology is patented by Brisk USA. Due to its performance advantages, the product is frequently used in spec class and NASA racing. Being one of the best spark plugs, it features 2 serial gaps. The second gap is maintained by 6 parallel electrodes. Simply, two sparks are better than one.


  • The best spark plug is resistant to corrosion and hence it lasts long.
  • It is quiet fuel efficient.
  • The spark plug is resistant to gap wear.
  • The seal of the spark plug prevents the leakage of combustion fuel.


  • No con is known yet.

10. NGK (8691) FX58 Premium Spark Plug Wire Set

Specifically designed for noise suppression and superior conductivity, this product is constructed from some durable material. The NGK Spark Plug wire set is a reliable and quality product. The wire sets are build of high quality EPDM and silicone coverings so that it can resist heat, oil and chemical damages. This resistance increases durability of the product.

The durable material of the wire set enhances the strength and provides a super strength backbone which forms the different layers of the wire assembly. Ignition wires are fitted with positive locking and stainless steel is fitted on its end to make it corrosion resistant. The steel terminal enables tight fit and has maximum resistance to vibration, separation. The coil wires are color coded and numbered.

The numbering helps in easy cylinder identification and color code helps in easy and correct installation. This product is best known for its outstanding durability and consistent performance.


  • These wires can be installed very easily.
  • It is quite easy to detect that which wire went where.
  • A great quality and durable product.


  • Absolutely none.

Buyer’s Guide

On the base of the review of best spark plugs it is clear that one should look for some specific points before buying a spark plug for your car.

  • Brand: Always go for a well-known reputed brand.
  • Size: Before buying a spark plug, do check if it fitsin your vehicle or not.
  • Do check for anti-seize and anti-corrosion properties.
  • The spark plug should have needful gapping in factory settings.

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