AMSOIL vs Royal Purple vs Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil Comparision to know the Best Synthetic Oil

(Last Updated On: October 29, 2018)

The world is being a better place each day for several things and one of these things is the motor oil that you use in your vehicles. Motor oil is used in combustion engines so the internal parts of your vehicles work smoothly. Some years ago, it was all about traditional or conventional oils but now people use synthetic oils more.

You may be thinking that what can be the difference regarding performance between the synthetic and conventional motor oil. Well, there is a big difference in both of these oils when it comes to performance. Conventional oil is an old form that used to be produced using crude petroleum directly from the ground and then manufacturers used to refine this until it meets the right qualities or it becomes usable for your vehicles.

On the other hand, synthetic oil is like auto-filtered motor oil that gives you the best quality. Petrochemicals are used to produce synthetic oil and this way the molecular qualities come adjustable in synthetic oil. It is not just to drive like conventional oil but synthetic oil also helps with materials like detergents, rust inhibitors, and other useful products.

Synthetic oil review
Review of the bestselling synthetic oils available in the market.

Now, when it comes to synthetic oils, there are many brands that promise to be the best for your vehicles. Here the real problem arises because you do not which one you should go with and which factors you should compare to recognize the best oil brand. Well, among all these oil brands there are three brands that always stay in the competition named as Amsoil, Royal Purple, and Mobil 1.

This article is made for the purpose of brush off all your confusions about these three brands so you can decide the best one. Let’s start this fight among Amsoil, Royal Purple, and Mobil 1.

AmsoilVs. Royal Purple Vs. Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

Amsoil Review

amsoil 5w30
Amsoil Synthetic Oil Review

Let’s start with knowing Amsoil motor oil and get to know if it is the best for your motorcycle. Well, Amsoil can be considered as your next synthetic oil if you want something that can reduce the friction and heat effects while driving your vehicle. Amsoil works best for this purpose; it is designed in the way that it keeps the internal system secured even when the temperature rises like hell.

The oil is perfect for bearing with maximum pressure too so whether it is about the high heat or a great amount of pressure, Amsoil works best in amazing both of these factors. Let’s get to know some of the characteristics that make it reliable to use.

#1 Controls Tough Situations

The oil works like a protector against all the odds, it has the power to stay stable even when it seems a situation of trouble. It keeps up the flexibility in the mechanism that is the internal parts of your vehicle and helps you by controlling the tough part. It ensures your vehicle a long life with a great amount of power where all the machinery works efficiently just because of the Amsoil. It prevents the engine from breakdown and ensures you minimum damage.

#2 It Withstands The Heat Very Well

Amsoil works best even for the racing events because it withstands the heat very well. When you are on the racing track you expect the maximum speed and due to this speed, the engine gets the maximum heat level. By using Amsoil as your motor oil you keep the engine from any fall and let you win it.

This capability and the superior performance do not come with just any conventional oil and so Amsoil deserves the place among the best motor oils. With this synthetic oil, your vehicle lives a trouble-free life because it has that extra security layer that stays heat-resistant even when it is an ultra-scorching condition in the engine. Also, it is a great help when you think about less fuel consumption even in the worst riding conditions.

#3 Bear In The Extreme Pressure Conditions

Just like the heat constant, pressure also arises when you ride at an extreme speed. An ideal oil always protects in these situations by controlling the pressure. Amsoil works best for this purpose and so you don’t have to buy any extra chaincase lubricant. The oil works well in any severe mechanical case and acts like a gear lubricant while keeping your engine from creating extra-pressurized activities.

#4 It Provides The Best Protection Against Rust

In the long term, your vehicle can develop a crusty layer on different parts and it may cause failure in that roller bearing, compression, and other parts. When you use Amsoil motor oil, it restricts all the possible rusting and offers you a smooth riding experience every time in the long run. Also, it protects against any possible acids so the internal machinery works well even when it is not in use.

#5 Increase The Efficiency Of Clutch Performance

Another problem that arises in vehicles is the clutch and it happens when you ride heavily or like most of the time. Clutches tend to stay immersed in the oil where friction and pressure both perform their part and hence it creates a rubbing like the situation between the clutch discs and plates. Later, it leads to slippages and overall it reduces the clutch life.

Well, the case does not remain the same when you use synthetic oil like Amsoil that limits the friction and pressure very much and as a result, you experience less rubbing between the clutch discs and plates. Hence, the clutch gets a long life and serves you efficiently.

#6 AmsoilAlso Helps By Offering Higher Viscosities

When it is about Amsoil, it is not only an expert in controlling bad factors like high heat, pressure, and rusting; it also helps you in achieving great viscosity. Viscosity means the state of cooling down the fluids in the vehicle or the flowing resistance of a fluid that stays thick and sticky to give you a better engine life.

Amsoil seems to provide a higher viscosity rate than other conventional and synthetic oils. This way, it eliminates the needs of buying additional supplies to protect the engine separately.

Pros Of Using Amsoil

• It offers a secured transmission and protects the chain cases
• It contains the anti-rust features that offer you a rust free experience
• The oil improves the lifetime of the clutch and lets it work efficiently
• It allows the engine for a relaxed and smooth running
• Overall enhances the life of the engine and internal parts

Cons Of Using Amsoil

• It is not supposed to be mixed with other oils else it reduces its benefits and life
• The drain interval does not work for modified engines

Royal Purple Review

royal purple 5w30
royal purple oil and its review

The next one is about Royal Purple that also claims to be the best one among all the synthetic motor oils. Royal Purple is mainly useful if you experience highly stressed engines and want to extend its life and improve the overall performance. Now, it is synthetic oil, so the functioning remains almost the same, but there are some factors that vary as compared to other synthetic oils. So let’s get to know about them-

#1 It Is Fully Synthetic And Functional In Several Aspects

When it is said that oil is fully synthetic, it means that there is no part of the manufacturing that used the crude oil. So it is purely a synthetic oil having adjustable values as per the uses. As it is a synthetic oil so it is designed to increase the mileage values while reducing the odd situations like extreme heat and pressure as much as possible.

This valuable protection is the reason that makes an oil expensive because it has the desired chemical values. For the viscosity, it operates very well and keeps the rating 20 when it is cold and at normal temperatures, it is 50 that is a good number for viscosity. Oil’s viscosity rating is 20 in cold temperatures and 50 in normal temperatures. Also, the oil is manufactured as an anti-rust and anti-corrosion agent, so if this is your issue, then you can consider buying Royal Purple as your synthetic motor oil.

#2 The Oil Adds Up The Proprietary Technology

The oil works perfectly if you want to use it for the 4-cycle engine that gets air or liquid cooled. The oil contains a Proprietary technology as an add-on that means an extra layer of protection as compared to other average synthetic oils. If in your case, the vehicles contain a wet-clutch transmission then the oil is beneficial to that as well.

#3 Keeps It Cool

Other than the extra layer of protection, Royal Purple offers a great amount of heat protection too. It keeps issues like overheating at bay by reducing the temperature while giving the proper stability and oxidation. To get minimum friction even when the horsepower is increased it is the best solution for all. This way, Royal Purple is an incredible agent to prolong the engine’s life for the lifetime.

#4 It Offers Extended Oil Drain Intervals

Drain interval means the need to change the oil because the longer the oil gets used the more contaminated it gets. So after a certain time interval, this motor oil needs to be changed with new oil. This value in Royal Purple is extended and that means you can use the oil for longer periods without feeling the need for replacement. Also, it stays safe for these long intervals.

Pros Of Using Royal Purple

• The motor oil is really effective in 4-cycle engines that stays air or liquid cooled
• It enhances the viscosity rate by improving fluid consistency
• Keep engines from overheating and acts as a stable motor oil
• It can be used with both mineral and synthetic oils
• Extended oil drain intervals than many average oils
• Improves clutch efficiency and offers a longer life
• Overall makes the engine’s life longer and functioning efficiently

Cons Of Using Royal Purple

• The price may seem expensive when compared to other synthetic motor oils. However, it is not a complete con when you can afford any oil for the best engine servicing.

Mobil 1 Review

Mobile 1 0w-40
Mobil 1 performance review compared to Amsoil and Royal Purple

The last one ion our list is the review about Mobil 1 that has satisfied millions of customers worldwide. Let’s get to know more about it and what special it has to offer you. Mobil is a synthetic oil that is made by taking it through the distillation process that is purifying a liquid by heating and cooling method.

The synthetic oil can be bought in a 5-quart container that seems very handy so you can eliminate the thirst of yore engine anywhere on the go. The container comes with a design that holds very well in your hands and the nozzle lets you pour the oil right into the hole. Another advantage of using the container is it comes with an extra seal that lets you store the oil for a longer time without getting evaporated.

The oil is completely safe to use and for the pricing matter, it is fairly priced and that makes it affordable for vehicle owners. Some other benefits are-

#1 It Is A Complete Synthetic Formula

As I told you earlier, the oil is completely synthetic and that means manufacturers designed it very well to serve the automobiles. The oil does not allow any kind of build up or it remains minimum than other normal oils. There will be a rare amount of dust and debris and this way the oil is a cleaning agent as well.

The fluid maintains the consistency too and therefore it creates a thick coat among the moving parts so they work unstoppably and without coming in contact. The lubrication is the main part that oil should take care of and Mobil 1 does it incredibly well.

#2 Excellent Stability And Viscosity

Stability and viscosity are two terms that any synthetic oil focuses on. Mobil 1 does it in the best way possible by limiting the oil change interval and enhancing the performance.

#3 It Makes The Engine Start Even At Low-Temperature

Even when it is about a start in cold weather, the oil lets the engine cooperate with the outside environment well and it starts instantly. It totally supports cold weather and reduces the stress on starting parts.

Other than giving a spike to engine in cold conditions, it also maintains the heat levels and controls the temperature to minimum Fahrenheit. This controlling of heat saves the engine’s life that happens when the engine serves for a longer time.

Additionally, it eliminates situations like leaking that happen due to high temperature in the internal parts of your vehicle.

Pros Of Using Mobil 1:

• Controls high temperatures and make the engine start in cold weather
• It keeps the engine from freezing and give it in an instant start
• Keep the engine from building residue over time
• It is fairly priced and therefore it is economical

Cons Of Using Mobil 1:

• It is not compatible with gasoline and diesel
• It is made for automobiles only not for the aviation industry

Amsoil Vs. Royal Purple

You have got an idea about pros and cons of using each oil. Here I’ll take you through the features of all these three synthetic oils so you can decide which one is better or which you should go for. Let’s start with Amsoil vs. Royal Purple-

Amsoil Features

• It is best for long terms lubrication while reducing foaming
• Amsoil keeps the engine clean and lest you use the oil for an extended period
• You can comfortably use it with other synthetic and conventional oils
• Every pack comes with Amsoil limited warranty

Royal Purple Features

• It is made especially for stressed engines that need a better oiling support
• It can enhance the life term of rusty engines
• It works very well with issues like rust and corrosion
• Keeps every part of the internal machinery clean and hence offers a longer term of protection

Final Thoughts On Amsoil-

Amsoil is an excellent choice if you want it for heavy-duty vehicles like york racing motorcycle. It has the powerful specification that allows it to withstand heavy levels of heat, friction, and other troubles. Thus fro an extreme amount of protection Amsoil can be owned and used.Other than heat and friction, it is a superb agent that drives that rust away and keep it corrosion free always.

Another important term is viscosity and using Amsoil; it is ensured that you will use it for a longer time.

Royal Purple Vs. Mobil 1

Now, continue with the royal purple vs. Mobil 1 features together and get to know both of these side by side.

Royal Purple Features

• Protects engine from long-term effects
• Improves the life term of your engine
• Especially for engines that need a high amount of lubrication
• Expert as an anti-rust agent
• It does not need any flushing

Mobil 1 Features:

• It is an economic or almost a cheap option to buy
• It is handy to use while putting oil in the vehicle
• It fulfills almost all the aspects that a synthetic motor oil does

Final Thoughts On Royal Purple

You have read out the pros and cons of Royal Purple synthetic oil. The oil serves as an excellent lubricator for the engines of the automobiles. The motor oil is best for air and liquid cooled engines and manages the temperature without foaming. For the price, it is an economical choice too because the drain intervals are longer of this oil so you do not feel the need of replacing very much.

Amsoil vs. Mobil 1

The last comparison for features is Amsoil vs. Mobil 1.

Amsoil Features

• Amsoil is an excellent synthetic oil that provides your engine the lubrication
• Cleanliness is another great aspect of this oil
• The oil life is longer than you expect from less expensive oils
• Those who need 20w-50 motor oils can own it without any doubt
• It goes well with both synthetic and conventional motor oils

Mobil 1 Features

• It can be bought for its price which remains cheap that other synthetic oils
• It is a great option for any beginner
• The container comes easy to use and reuse
• It is easy to carry along

Final Thoughts On Mobil 1

Mobil 1 claims to be free from toxins and it stays safe from evaporation. Due to being a cheap option anyone can afford it and expect a pretty good amount of protection. Additionally, it also helps your engine from getting dust and other composites, so it surely helps your engine for serving a long time.

Price Factor For All Three Oils

You have read out all the features these three oils offer but the important factor always remains the price. Here in the following table you can have an idea about the price of these oils so you can decide easily which one you should choose finally.

The price mentioned here is per quart for AMSOIL, Royal Purple, and Mobil 1 and as synthetic always remains higher in price than conventional does not mean that you cannot get a synthetic one at a fair price. These prices mentioned here are not fixed and may differ from time to time. You will also get to know about the viscosity as a bonus.


Here I finish the article with a fair amount of information on the trending motor oils. I hope you will like the information and share it with the needy ones. All the three oils AMSOIL, Royal Purple, and Mobil 1 are excellent to use, it is just the different level of pricing, viscosity, and overall protection that you can consider before making your decision.

Note: always check the viscosity of your vehicle before going for just any motor oil to keep your vehicle from lower mileage or any other type of damage.

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