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Interstate 4 Sound Walls (completed January 2006)

Project Description

Financial Project # 258665
Project Length: 4,220 total linear feet
Construction Cost: $2.75 million
Contractor: State Contracting & Engineering Corp.
Start Date: September 9, 2005
Completed: January 31, 2006

About this Project
The Florida Department of Transportation's contractor installed 3 sound barrier walls along Interstate 4 in Hillsborough County, Florida. The walls are approximately 20 feet high and finished on both sides. The side facing traffic has a pattern; the non-traffic side has a smooth finish. The color on both sides of the walls and posts is "Sandalwood." These barrier walls feature precast posts and precast panels that were inserted between the slotted posts.

Wall Locations

  • Wall 1: Along westbound I-4 from the top of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard entrance ramp for approximately 2,500 feet west.
  • Wall 2: Along eastbound I-4 from approximately 1,500 feet west of the ramp to southbound I-75 (Exit 9).
  • Wall 3: Runs parallel to Wall 2 for approximately 220 feet just south of the eastbound I-4 exit ramp to southbound I-75 (Exit 9).